Women 200lb+, Let's Be Fang-tastic This October!!!



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    Thank you. I read your earlier post and can relate to so much. I am still going in to work, but a lot of the evening and weekends I am with the kids more than my husband. He has been working from home since March and while our kids are watched at home by our moms, he is in and out of the office interacting with the kids throughout his work day.

    I cannot imagine how stressful some of your days can be with working and homeschooling! It must be very challenging at times. You are doing a great job!
  • It feels good to be back on my diet but I am having real fatigue issues yesterday and today. I'm glad dinner is just taco salads all round, because I'm going to lie down for an hour before dinner.
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    Sounds great micwrites! Could be a great new lufey
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    Life; not lufey!
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    Life; not lufey!

    Thanks @orangequilt !! I like lufey too!!
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    SW: 317
    CW: 293

    Hey everyone! My name is Quinn and I’m new to the group but grateful I found this thread.

    My food goals this month:

    Follow my Doctor guided eating program
    Hit my water goal
    Be more active

    My exercise goals this month:

    To close my rings on my Apple Watch each day
    30 minutes of exercise , burn my calories and get enough standing in.

    I am currently going through some health issues at 35 and it’s been a struggle to keep positive on the inside for the sake of my family. I’m currently going through a weight loss pre-surgery meal plan because of a neurological disorder has gotten worse due to my weight. It’s rough because I get winded so easy from walking but it’s the only exercise I’m cleared to do right now.
    I’m trying to stay the course but it’s so easy to fall for the ‘come on, this won’t hurt you’ and I have to learn to say no.

    Hi @QuinnDXO ... this is a great group. You will find great support here. Great goals. And yes to learning to say no!!!!
  • I put up the air bed in the sewing room (After moving boxes of fabric and taking down my sewing table) so that Boyfriend can try sleeping in there and see if he has an easier time sleeping in a different bed than usual. What the heck, it might work. (shrug)

    It's been a pretty quiet day. Of course, since I pulled the air conditioners out of the windows, now it's warmed up again, but it's cool at night and it's October, it will be cooling off soon.

    I did a lot of preplanning work, including writing down exactly where all I need to paint and patch in the house, and mudded a couple of spots where that hadn't been done. I can sand the two spots tomorrow, and with any luck tomorrow I can get the master bedroom done, because if I leave the airbed up he can go nap in there if he needs to during the day, and won't have to deal with paint fumes.

    Tuesday Girlfriend and I have eye appointments, so we'll go together and have Boyfriend drive us because they might dilate my eyes and I cannot drive if they do that. I get a raging migraine almost immediately. Thank all the gods that only has to happen once a year. Then Wednesday he has an ENT appointment in the morning and then a telemedicine appointment for PTSD therapy in the afternoon. And Friday he has his own eye appointment, to which I will drive him. I'm really not planning to get much done this week beyond maintenance level cleaning in the house, because he's dealing with a lot of flashbacks and triggers and the anniversary of the incident that gave him the PTSD is coming up, and he's needing a lot of support from me. But with any luck he'll click with this therapist and we can get him some support through the next couple months.
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    Hello lovely ladies! Monday here! I did my 2 x 8min runs, done and dusted. Next is a full 20 min run, that's a big milestone, I'm so excited, I know I can do it! We had our Chinese meal birthday celebration, honestly, the food was quite greasy and not as wonderful as I remembered!

    @AlexandraFindsHerself1971 Goodluck for this week, looks like you have a tough one ahead!