Women 200lb+, Let's Be Fang-tastic This October!!!



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    @torih941 I know how frustrating that can be! I have been in this place myself for months now... and yeah I try to be positive for others, too. Sometimes I try to think about encouraging myself the same way that I would try to encourage others, and that helps. It's amazing how sodium affects the scale. I have eaten Chinese food and seen gains of over 5 lbs the next day! I try to stay off the scale after eating a high sodium meal now, for my own mental health. I know you'll get there- to the 230's and beyond. Just stick with it and keep your eye on the prize.
    Also, good job making it to strength class this morning!
    @iloveeggnog that is a good idea about reorienting your thoughts to all that has been accomplished so far.

    I am not worrying about exercise right now, I am just thinking about my food- but I'm really looking forward to adding back in the exercise when I can. I've been stuck in the pattern too long of exercising regularly and then eating everything in sight. It's hard for me not to exercise because it makes me feel great, but it's also kind of nice not to worry about fitting it in. I am working from home and homeschooling my kids right now, with little help because my husband is super busy at work and doing lots of traveling. So, not worrying and stressing when I can't find the time to hit the treadmill has been a nice mental break for me. I'm just trying to fit in at least 10k steps throughout the day and squeezing in yoga when I can.

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    Thank you, @torih941 . Nice work going to strength training class! (And I know about getting on the scale after a high sodium meal the night before. Why do we do that, knowing what the likely result will be?!? I guess that's part of being human, lol.)
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    My fingers are crossed for you KeriA! I hope its a great fit for you.
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    @Making_Impossible_Possible I think your new goal to be in onderland is achievable. I post daily too when I can. I remember those at work temptations. I won’t have to deal with that until next year. Since most jobs I am applying to are remote.

    @hap2go I think I may have a bit of Plantar Fasciitis too

    @AlexandraFindsHerself Hope you settle back into your calorie goal.

    @shorepine glad you kept up regular exercise. Now you should do fine with weight loss

    @MuttiNM Congratulations on getting to Onderland! You know I have always done fine losing when I am not working. I hope I don’t have to wait till I retire to lose this weight. I just might get this job. I need to make sure I get exercise and adjust my calories this time. Have a great end of the week too.

    @RavenStCloud great job meal prepping. Hope the exercise goes well.

    @torih941 I know what you mean about staying within the 230s when you fluctuate. That is where I am with the 240s. Yay for going to your class!

    @iloveeggnog I love the looking at your weight loss chart thing. I do that with my phone app. But lately it feels like the charts for the pandemic. I seem to be flattening the curve a bit lately and I need to keep it going down!

    Thanks for the good wishes @speyerj.

    Why is it so hard to balance food and exercise? Anyway I am concentrating on food today and tomorrow exercise and food. I don't usually push exercise on the weekends yet but with this past week I may push it on Saturday.
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    Age : 30 Height 5'5”
    Highest weight: 214.3 (8/23)

    10/1: 212.6
    10/8: 210.6

    I’ve been trying to get back into a routine - walking to and from work, meal prepping my full work week of meals with 1-2 external meals that will be eaten with friends socially, and going to the gym on my way home. Just need to keep this up!
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    Thanks, @KeriA. It's good to hear your latest interview (and your day surgery) went well. Hope you hear about the job soon!
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    @KeriA, sending good vibes for the job!!
  • MuttiNM
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    @KeriA (whispers) Congrats!!!
  • @KeriA - I hope it is! And congrats on the promotion!

    I made it onto the treadmill today. Walked for 30min while listening to music and reading. I love reading when I walk on the treadmill because it makes time go by so fast! I wasn't down much this morning, but down is down and I'm happy!

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    @RavenStCloud I love yr mantra 'Just because you can, doesn't mean you should' speaks volumes about our journey! It's all about daily discipline over time!

    @MuttiNM what a win for you to reach below 200! Well done! Having the coping mechanisms in place to handle your depression is definitely what will get you through your ups and downs without having to lean on food! In the meantime be kind to yourself, and enjoy your victory!

    @Making_Impossible_Possible I love bagels so much I allocate them into my daily intake. I make a batch of sourdough bagels once a week and can have one at lunch with healthy toppings, its definitely a highlight!

    @shorepine Hi! The food is definitely the most important thing to focus on! Good luck with your goals!

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    Height: 5'7"
    Highest Weight: 254
    End of December: 246.7
    End of January: 244.7
    End of Feb.: 242.2
    End of March: 240
    End of April: 240.4
    End of May: 235.6
    End of June: 236.2
    End of July: 236.4
    August/Sept: Break
    End of Sept Weight: 236.9
    10/9: 237.5 (+0.6)

    I haven't done well to start the month but am aiming to get on track starting today! Making a grocery list as we speak.

    Found out earlier this week that my grandmother, who has been very ill for months, is not expected to recover. My dad along with his siblings are going through the house getting it cleaned up and ready to sell. Dividing everything amongst family members. Once again triggered my comfort food eating along with sugar. I am definitely an emotional eater.

    My sister is coming to visit me in three weeks, so my goal is to get back on track and lose a few pounds before she arrives.

    Goals for remainder of month:

    Drink at least 60 ounces of water daily
    Stay within calorie goal daily - track and post
    Reduce sugar intake
    No fast food
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    10/1: 238.8
    10/9: 239.2

    🎃 October Goals 🎃
    *log everyday, accurately and honestly: yes! Definitely too much sodium this week.
    *workout 3-5 times per week, preferably 4
    *be kind to myself: hit my goal of 4x this week with two in the morning. I always feel better after a morning workout because it’s done and out of the way.
    *become more creative with food choices/options: yes, I’m trying to switch it up a bit more.

    So, a slight gain, but I’m also down from where I was in the middle of the week, so I guess that’s a positive? At least it’s the weekend 😊