Women 200lb+, Let's Be Fang-tastic This October!!!



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    @PennycillinEQ- don't fret. That 4.5 pound weight gain is probably at least 4 pounds of water. You ate later at night and you ate more carbs than you were use to - both of those things will lead to temporary weight gain. A couple of days of buckling down will send that water weight right through you.

    Regarding wrinkled, crepey skin - taking a diet break won't solve it. If you still have subcutaneous fat and extra skin, gravity will cause the fat to continually stretch the skin, preventing the skin from shrinking. Only way round it is through it - you have to lose the extra fat, then eventually the skin can start returning to normal - or so I'm told by others who have been through this. I'm still in the wrinkly skin phase. Check back with me in two years. :smiley: Another alternative is surgery. Personally, I'd rather be wrinkly for a couple of years.

    I'm with you on the no surgery. I like to think I am past the point where vanity steers my health decisions. With winter coming I will be out of shorts and tank tops so I think I will quit worrying about it for six months and maybe by then a little more of the subcutaneous fat will be gone. Thanks for the insight.
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    Good morning everyone (at least its morning where I live)!

    The scale for me has been stuck at the same number all week despite diligent logging and pretty darn good food choices (for me, anyway). I've not been having any alcohol and have really watched the snacking. I'm at that point where once again the feelings of doubt come in: I can't do this, this doesn't work for me, I can't get past 205, weight loss isn't possible after 40, blah blah blah.

    I have experimented with adding back in exercise this week, but it's been pretty minimal. I have done yoga twice and also two treadmill workouts that were short runs (20 minutes). Nothing that should cause weight gain. I'm always fairly active. I do have a desk job that I am telecommuting with right now, but I also live on a farm and have two young kids - my steps average about 13k a day without really trying.

    I know that it's just a weird scale thing and the number is just a data point. I know that I NEED to keep up what I'm doing.

    Today's goals:
    1. drink plenty of water, keep that water bottle filled up and next to me.
    2. practice mindful eating and log everything
    3. yoga
    4. keep my head in the big picture and not focused on a number on the scale

    I hope everyone has a good day!
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    Thanks for the helpful tip @remedieigotcha
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    Age: 41
    Height: 5'3"
    SW (8/10): 208.6
    Aug end: 205.6
    Sept end (9/25): 204.6
    10/2: 206.4
    10/9: 204.0
    10/16: 202.8
    1st GW: 200!!
    UGW: 140

    Goals so far:
    Log my food every single day, good and bad
    :heart: Still going strong!!

    Drink at least 64 oz of water daily
    :heart: This week's heatwave has helped tremendously!! LOL!! I have absolutely no problem drinking water when it's hot outside. I lose count how much I drink.

    Workout 5 times a week, but also I want to increase the time that I workout each day from 30 minutes to one hour (gradually).
    :heartbreak:/:heart: I so didn't have the energy to workout on Tuesday, but I am pretty close to doing one hour of exercise!! I think the most I did this week was 55 minutes? Also, for the past two weeks now, I've been including 7 lb dumbbells into my workouts. To think I started out using water bottles as "dumbbells" back in August. :)
  • @Ketokairalie: Just wait til puberty, and there are All The Feelings. (wry laughter)

    I have either a head cold or an allergy outbreak, cause from all my medical friends have told me, COVID doesn't make you sneeze all the time and give you nasal congestion. Which is a relief, but I still don't feel all that fabulous just now. (sigh)
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    @Ketokairalie: Just wait til puberty, and there are All The Feelings. (wry laughter)

    Why would you wish that upon me?! lol
    My oldest is 11 (almost 12) so were getting close hahaha

    Feel better!
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    @changeforeverlj I find it mind boggling the things that people think are somehow okay for them to say. Sorry that you have a manager like that! You look younger than 49 to me based on your profile pic! :)
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    Hi 👋🏻. New here.

    SW 272
    CW 218
    3 month goal (Mid December) 203.

    I’ve been averaging 5lb-month so doable. Surreal. I turn 41 on Dec 31, wouldn’t that be a great birthday present?
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    Oh my goodness @changeforeverlj - in the United States, you'd have grounds to file a harassment complaint for that comment. That is really beyond the pale. But Yay you for being such a rockstar at running!
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    @changeforeverlj that is so rude! Glad you are not letting her get to you. No one ever died of a few extra wrinkles!
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    @alisampm You can definitely achieve your goal! Just take it one day at a time, log everything and keep checking in here! Goodluck!