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    Happy Birthday! I too had a difficult time when 70 came. Being 50 and 60 did not bother me, but, turning 70 made me realize that my life was flying by way too fast.

    We actually had a trick or treater come. The front light was not on and he did not seem to have a parent near by. DH said he looked to be in 2nd or 3rd grade.

    The other day I complained about my 2007 Honda Accord dying. DH got a new battery and it has come back to life. So happy I can put off buying a new car for a while. It needs a good cleaning but drives like a dream.

    Carol in GA

    Exactly, Carol, that is what I am overcoming this morning. Seeing that 70 is so strange. Most of my friends from the younger years are dead. With all the things that have happened in my life, I still feel I must experience more wonderful things and time is short, and no time for procrastination.
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    Fae: & Heather?:

    New ways November:
    Nov 1:
    New things I want to do this month.
    🔹Explore abstract art
    🔹Join Travel Book Club on Zoom
    🔹Revisit winter wardrobe and declutter it
    🔹Write some new poems



    Absolutely! We must all become warriors and let our scars strengthen us. Thanks for that meme.
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    Heather 70 last year, wow! And that birthday photo is awesome. What a babe you are and no wonder the DH submits to your grueling maneuvers. I joined this party on July 15, 2020. I love that guitar player strumming the G chord in the back! What kind of music were they playing? I love the tiara and your DH, may God bless his dislodged crystals, is very dapper and you are very beautiful. My day will be quiet with lunch with a friend having Tilapia fillet sauteed in red hot tomato, garlic, and olive oil sauce with a traditional coastal Mexican avocado salad with shrimp cocktail, and Cadilac margaritas. Fried ice cream for dessert.

    I think some are thinking about our stunning babe Kelly "KJ" that is turning 54 sometime this month but the actual day has not been revealed yet.
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    Thanks for starting us off yet again Barbie!
    Well, October 31 started off a bit rough for me! I have a clock radio (yes, I'm still one of those people! not yet tied to my phone for everything!) Anyway, our power was off for a few hours yesterday morning, but my clock radio has battery back up, so when I went to bed and it told me the time, I didn't question it, even tho it seemed to be later than I thought it should be, just figured I spend too much time catching up with you all. So this morning I roll over and look at it, it says 6:30, I snuggle down for anther half hour. Get up at 7, get washed and dressed, head downstairs, go to put my frozen berries in the microwave and notice that the clock there says 6:45. My poor brain is confused. I look at several more clocks and then my phone and they all say 6:45, which is 15 min earlier than when I thought I got up! Apparently my clocks battery is not charging properly, so the clock is just thinking of a time and going with it. I'm going to be going to the recycler's with it! lol On the bright side, I got my kitchen cleaned up and spent a few minutes farting around on the computer, so not a total waste of time. sigh.
    So nice to see all the pics of the littles in their "finery"!
    Not much to say and too tired to say it anyway. Work was crazy busy, end of the month, so.... And of course I missed out on some sleep so need to pack it up for the night.
    Hugs for those needing them, congrats to those celebrating and welcome to the newbies!
    Oh and a really quick way to convert celsius to farenheit is to double it and add 30. So, 20C would be 70 (double 20 = 40, plus 30 = 70). Easy to reverse from farenheit to celsius to, subtract 30 and divide by 2. This of course, is a rough calculation, but gets you close enough to get a good idea.
    Evelyn, Vancouver Island who had no trick or treaters, but also had the blinds closed and lights off!

    We locked the gates so no trick or treaters but the neighbor across from us on the corner had a party going until sometime after 11. They are across in front and I could hear it clearly in the bedroom which is in the back of the house(window open for the cats to go in their catio)

    the clock I need to fix is my computer!! Each time we have a time change, it doesn't move an hour, it moves TWO!- right now it says it is 6:49AM instead of 7:49(and all the other clocks haven't been changed yet so they are at8:49)
    I woke up 15 min before my alarm. I set mine as a back up to make sure son is up for work. Beings I was wide awake I made him a big breakfast(sausage,hash browns, English muffins and orange juice-none for me, just tea)
    They had him come in an hour earlier than he has been(so no extra hour sleep), or so I thought-
    Start to wonder why he isn't leaving and then he tells me he doesn't have to leave til 8, not 7:30.I could have laid in bed another 30 min. Oh well.
    I will get some computer work done before getting ready for church. First time in many months that we are actually going. I am a bit uneasy but want to go. If they are doing the 6ft apart/every other pew, it will be fine but if not and see how many are wearing their masks. I can not chance getting sick and passing it to my parents or my mother in law- no matter how I feel about her, don't want her to catch anything from me

    Darn scale is creeping slowly up and getting frustrated. I track just about everything I eat(and because I don't track every single nibble, still keeping at 1000 cal. I have added in 60-90min of walking with a friend 3-4 evenings a week the past two weeks. Need to clear off the treadmill. Need to add in more walking on it now that the time change and weather is cooling down.

    This afternoon I will do some sewing- need to make a few more masks for my son- he keeps loosing them and the last one was Halloween so can't wear that one anymore.(he has at least 4 others someplace that I made him) and also want to find and start making some slippers for Christmas gifts(using super soft fleece) plus work on former mother in laws Christmas tree wall hanging. I got the lights on it and more of the ornaments done. I want at least 10 moveable ornaments, using the velcro) plus some glued on with glitter hot glue.

    Have a great November 1st everyone.

    Napa Valley,CA
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    Machka9 wrote: »
    For those of us who are still making our way through ...


    I was nearing the 12 months without ... I was starting to feel hopeful ... but nope. Still going.

    M in Oz

    That's pretty much everything that cold happen on any given day...just because I'm aging.

    Tina in CA
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    Happy November! And thank you Barbie for keeping us going each month.

    We had between 40-50 trick or treaters last night. My husband made a large sign that said we weren't answering the door, but to take an egg from the lawn. He and I stuffed Halloween eggs with candy, and my 14 year old placed them (and replaced them as needed) in the lawn. Hubby did some minor outside decorating, and we had fun watching people from inside the house. No door bells. No knocking. Our sick dog was so much more relaxed. (He freaks out whenever anyone comes to the door.) We decided that, even though the dog likely won't be with us next Halloween, we may do it like this every year. Touchless trick or treating!

    Back on track, thankfully. Lost 6 pounds last month -- hoping for another 4 or 5 this month. Ultimate goal -- 30 pounds down from today's weight. Trying to take walking seriously -- walked for an hour yesterday, 3.5 miles.

    For new people and for reminders, I am 59, still working in Oregon, married with three boys -- 24, 20, and 14 -- all of whom are currently living with us. My 24 year old is an EMT (drives ambulances as a job) working on his paramedic degree; my 20 year old works nights at a home improvement store, stocking. My 14 year old is an 8th grader currently attending a charter school via distance/online learning. We have an 11 year old dog who is in the last stages of congestive heart failure (we think he does not have long, days, perhaps) and a 4 year old cat who is very confused why her brubba won't chase her around the house anymore. :cry: I also have 5 step children and 5 step-grandchildren.

    Take care everyone.

    Willamette Valley, OR
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    Good morning! <3

    Barbie- thanks for getting us set up in a new month. Already, wow. :)

    Love all the photos of the littles and their Hallowe'en costumes. <3

    Machka - thank you for putting 2020 into perspective. Last century, countless families were impacted by wars. This virus is a war of sorts, but the vast majority of us will survive and learn from it.

    I found Tim Spector on Twitter yesterday, and he's moved from researching the microbiome to Covid. It's fascinating, for me, to read about what's happening in the UK with lockdowns and how the virus is acting there. Looks like they are working on predicting who gets the "Long Covid" (takes a long time - sometime months- to recover, major medical intervention) - and who gets over it quickly with mild symptoms, and in between. Kate and you gals in the UK probably get this info on your nightly news.

    Discovered this weekend we have some distant relatives who caught it a couple weeks ago. Husband is 74, breezed right through. His wife, 63, also caught it and breezed right through but then suddenly took a turn for the worse and has now been in the ICU for days. So I'm hoping the research Spector mentioned will shed some light on this. Digging into that will be my project today.

    Fae - Happy Birthday!! Your new top is super cute, love the backdrop in the photo. The mighty Columbia. B)

    Patti in OKlahoma, welcome. And welcome to all new ladies who have come aboard recently. <3 Keep popping in, you'll get tips on just about everything including strength training, exercise, Keto, CICO, intermittent fasting, and others. Hopefully you can find something you can use to tweak your programs if needed. :)

    Just finished turning the clocks back, now have to convince the dogs they are on a new feeding schedule. Not, lol.

    Make it a fabulous day! <3

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State

    I think it will take a while for the cats to learn that it isn't feeding time yet- They were ready at 7:45(which would have been 6:45) For them, if anyone goes in the kitchen, they think it is feeding time. That is husband's fault because he gives them food/treats every time he goes in- They do NOT need treats that often and it is showing on a few of them.
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    Back in January, in the before times, my husband and I booked a week of vacation in Fiji for the first week of December. That trip was official moved this week to February 2021. We are expecting it to continue moving out, and my husband is hoping it just moves around the calendar to December 2021.

    So, we booked a replacement December trip to Kauai, Hawaii, for seven days, two weeks before Christmas. We have to have a COVID test three days before flying, the flight is direct from PDX to Kauai, and we cannot leave that island, so no hopping to other islands. We are really boring people, generally, so our plan is to hike, bike, snorkel, hang out on the beach and stick to our room. No bars or fancy dining in our vacation future. Our hotel room has a kitchen, so we are planning to eat in as much as possible.

    Just to get away together and get some sun will be really nice.

    Willamette Valley, OR
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    (((MinOZ)))- Sorry that you’re disappointed that menopause is still part of your life. Everyone’s biological clock runs on its own sweet time. :heart:

    Fae- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Celebrate! Regarding turning 70—You are still you. If you take good care of your health, you are likely to live to be old. 70 is a lovely year to be youthful and adventurous. So is every day & year after you reach 70. It takes a bit of time to adjust to a wonderful group of friends who live in many different time zones and seasons. Some of us celebrate Christmas in mid-summer, and others celebrate in winter. Some celebrate Hannukah, others Ramadan, or the summer and winter solstice. December 21 is next on that calendar. Some celebrate the fact they wake up every day. Hopefully we all get to celebrate our birthdays. :heart:

    Kelly- You have set out some very useful strategies. I am impressed with your planning & think it will improve things for you and Tim. :heart:

    Lanette- I am interested in your research regarding CoVID. I hope you’ll keep us in the loop as you find both new questions and new answers. :flowerforyou:

    Heather- I hope your DH has fun making the Christmas Cake and is pleased with his results. :star:

    Luci- It is great to see you! :star:

    Barbie- Thank you for the wonderful suggestion that I start a blanket with the convection that it will eventually find the right home. :bigsmile:

    Peach- We also had only one trick-or-treater. Now we have loads of candy. We’re thinking about donating it someplace but we haven’t figured that out yet. DH suggested the food bank. I’m not sure whether that is a good choice. Those people need nutrition & candy is not nutritious. :ohwell:

    Terri- I love this- ‘When something bad happens you have three choices. You can either let it define you, let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you.“ Brilliant!

    Flea- I left a pail full of candy at our door. Only one trick or treater came and I now have a load of candy. We’re talking about donating it to the food bank. I have serious doubts that it will be welcome there. The clients at the food bank need healthy food. Peanutbutter cups & M&Ms are likely not on the healthy list. Advice welcome!

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    Katla49 wrote: »

    Flea- I left a pail full of candy at our door. Only one trick or treater came and I now have a load of candy. We’re talking about donating it to the food bank. I have serious doubts that it will be welcome there. The clients at the food bank need healthy food. Peanutbutter cups & M&Ms are likely not on the healthy list. Advice welcome!

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon

    I am taking our leftover eggs to work and giving them to my students. I will see about 50-60 students tomorrow, so I should have enough eggs for anyone who wants one.

    Willamette Valley, OR
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    Luci - So happy to see you! <3 I have been wondering about you and hoping all was well. How is that gorgeous baby,who must be walking by now! :D

    Fae - The company asks you if you would like to be serenaded at your table, as not everyone does. B) I especially decided to celebrate on the cruise as I was relieved of any necessity to organise anything. They do it so beautifully. :) It was our 4th cruise with Saga, so we knew what to expect.
    The waiters come to your table and sing a Filipino version of Happy Birthday with lots of instruments. It's very catchy and enormous fun! :D
    I was lucky in that my actual birthday coincided with a Britannia Club party, (for repeat sailors) and a formal evening. I was totally prepared to walk out in all my cheap bling on a normal casual evening! :o

    Before we left we had a little tea party with the grands. My DDIL invited my elder son, which threw me a little, as I wanted to keep it very low key, and not have to entertain anyone, but it all turned out fine of course. :)


    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx

    Your meal sounds PERFECT! <3
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    Halloween decorations are boxed & ready to go into the garage attic. I am already planning Christmas decorations. As the days get shorter I have to work at staying upbeat. My brain craves light so adding Christmas lights is an excellent way to stay upbeat & happy. ❤️⭐️❤️⭐️
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    Barbie - thanks so much for a new month. I have plans for the first two weekends already and before you know it you’ll be starting December. For such a tumultuous year it sure has seems to go fast.

    Barbara - Rodger is starting projects which will keep me busy as well. Happy to read Joe is feeling better.

    Kate - I agree that we are all living through history everyday. It would be interesting to read back what we thought about different things. I don’t think that’s political, just life and history.

    Machka - it sounds like a lovely ride, I’m so happy for you and hubby that you get to have some free time again. On a side note, for some reason you name kept trying to autocorrect to Nachos today in my notes app. 😂

    Thanks for sharing the menopause symptoms, I’ve only made it to a 3 month stretch so far, but only a few symptoms although I noticed headaches on the list in the green, I wonder if that is what is causing my constant headaches lately.

    Fae - happy Birthday

    Kelly - Hugs to you, I understand the feeling of being used up. On Tuesday when I had my migraine and could barely think, DH kept asking me what was for supper. My first response was I’m not eating. Thinking he could figure out something for himself. Then he said are you going to order something for me or make something? I said, I’m not cooking. He said, what are you ordering for me? I was stunned. My response was, I’m not eating you decide what you want and I’ll order it. I don’t know what will happen to him if something happens to me, he used to do things for himself but not anymore. I handle all the finances and everything. My other concern is if I need help who will do it?

    My eldest daughter, married with the Grands thinks Halloween is the best holiday even over Christmas. Christmas stresses her out because of all the expectations of perfection.

    Flea - that was a great way to handle the treats.

    Margaret - Hugs to you. Words always fail me when the matter the most. I think about you and your family often though.

    We had a total of 5 trick or treaters last night, all about 11-12 years old. They each received 2 mini chocolate bars so hubby and I only have 20 pieces to deal with. We’ll snack on them this week and then they’ll be gone.

    My Mom’s nursing home has been closed to visitors again as there is one case in a town 20 miles away. I am glad they are being safe. Meanwhile at the nursing home I work at we are being beat up on a FB post because we aren’t allowing enough visitors in and we have 18 cases here. I find the differences striking.

    I talked to my MIL today and I am fearful she has some health issues that are more serious than she is letting on.
    In 1995 she had stents out in her legs as she had blockages. She is having terrible pains in her right leg again and has to go for an ultrasound on Friday where they put dye through to see what is going on. The doctor has told her that if she requires major surgery they will not do it due to her age. She said she didn’t realize she was that old. She will be 77 on Dec 2nd, but has had two heart attacks in the last 6 years.

    Well I should get off here and do some dusting and cleaning, the sun is shining in and it is reflecting my lack of housekeeping duties.

    Tracey in Edmonton
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    My Grandchildren deemed the scavenger hunt, Halloween food and movies the “Best Halloween ever”
    They had “mummy hot dogs”, little mini pizzas with cheese cut in bat and black cat shapes, a pumpkin that was oozing a green dip with Tostitos.
    The two little girls, the witch is my Granddaughter and Elsa is her best friend. (Their Moms have been besties since grade 7)
    The sloth and old lady are my Grandson and his best friend since Grade 1. This was the first time they have seen each other since March.

    I would say they had a successful night.




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    Why was the coronavirus/sars2 once called a novel virus?
    It was called novel because its sequence could not be explained as a naturally occurring virus or a mutation of another virus. It was unusual or novel. It is no longer called novel by scientist that have studied the sequence and have no political agenda to accommodate. The good news is there are at least two effective therapeutics and at least one vaccine soon to come. The other good news is it is weakening and will be easy to control. The reason scientists have been able to develop therapeutics and a vaccine in such a short time is since they understand the virus is lab formulated as its sequence proves, it is much easier and quicker to alter or stop that process. https://zenodo.org/record/4028830#.X58CwohKjIU

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    Heather - I keep forgetting to mention what a great job you've done getting in shape. It's fun to see those old photos and compare them to how you look and especially how you feel now. <3

    Tracey - it has taken years but my DH has finally figured out when I say I don't feel like cooking, he's on his own. I think we had to have the "what if something happens to me" conversation to get him to realize he'd better be able to figure out some things for himself and start practicing now. You are a lot younger than me, perhaps they catch on with age. ;) Gosh that puppy was cute, but you're right, not meant to be right now.

    - update on microbiome and covid studies. First, here's a link to "American Gut" research which, up until covid, a person could send in a poo sample and get a readout of what microbes are living down there, similar to the UK microbiome study. Here's the link: http://americangut.org/ I took a quick glance at the blog and there's lots to read there. I hope they'll send me an email when they are back to checking gut microbes.

    You'll see they've temporarily discontinued the microbiome study and it has been replaced with a "citizen scientist" covid study! Unfortunately, I can't download their app onto my fire tablet and I'm hesitant to add it to my smartphone because every time it goes through an upgrade I get massive apps I don't want and it's just a hassle so I try to keep the minimum on there. But it appears the data results are available for all.

    Here's the info on the Long-Covid: https://covid.joinzoe.com/post/long-covid. The blog posts here are good too.

    It's a fabulous sunny afternoon so I'd better get moving. Have a great afternoon ladies!

    Lanette B)
    Beautiful SW WA State