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    Totally new to this page, so good to see the encouragement flowing all around this page. We, no matter where we live, all have the same kinds of problems, dreams, fears and successes in our lives and it is great to hear/see some of the best here. Am probably a little older than some on this page but this doesn't matter to me because it is so nice to see the sharing. Have been using MFP for about 4 months and have found faithfully logging in every day is working very well. Down 25 pounds since first of 2020 and now hubby, recently diagnosed with diabetes, has joined me and is already down about 15 pounds (why do men lose weight faster than women...doesn't seem fair, huh?). It makes losing weight much easier if your partner is also watching what they eat as it makes cooking/shopping so much easier. We try to plan foods that are high in vitamins and low in fats. We live in the heart of the Sonoma/Napa wine country where wine is served everywhere with lots of great foods...gave up alcohol completely which really helps in weight loss....but we're no fun anymore!

    One tip: saw someone had posted a list of menopause problems, one was breast pain. I've had breast pain since I was a young woman and had a doctor tell me to take 400 mg of vitamin E every day and it would go away. Tried this and found it to be true. When I have to stop taking it the breast pain returns in a few days, restart the vitamin E pills again and it's gone in a few days. Can make your life more comfortable. Doctor said not to take more than the 400 mg dose though.

    Hope all have a wonderful day today.

    Welcome Neighbor!!!
    Napa Valley, CA
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    :)<3Lisa, happy that you are feeling well enough to post a bit more. Best wishes for continued recovery.

    :) Still no haircut for me. I may have to trim my bangs soon.

    <3 Barbie in NW WA

    Oh, yes. I honestly don't remember the last time I had an actual hair cut. It must be at least a year -- I think it was well before COVID. I have been trimming it myself. Even gave myself some wispy bangs, which I had to trim again this morning. But I do badly need a good cut. For another time, I guess.

    Willamette Valley, OR

    The last time I had my hair trimmed at a shop was 5 yrs ago ;) Right before our class reunion- colored it then too, didn't turn out the way I liked.
    And that was the first time in over 10 yrs(and that was when my friend came here and trimmed it)
    I trim my own- put it in a braid, cut the bottom inch off and done.
    My hair is very long(well past my waist when wet/past the middle of my back when I let it go naturally curly) and very curly,little ringlets, so if I don't cut exactly straight, you can't tell.
    I did give myself bangs ONCE. That was NOT a good idea- with as curly as my hair is, they always went every which way.

    Napa Valley,CA
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    We have a bright sunny day. I would love to go somewhere and do something. Walking the dog is a good idea. On the chore list is putting away Halloween decorations. I’ll feel better when that is done. They’re in the box and ready for the attic, but DH doesn’t want to put them up there until a bit later. The box of Halloween decorations is bulky but not heavy. I will be happy when they’re out of sight. 🙈
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    Sorry you are having a bad day. Hope it gets better after your walk!

    Carol in GA
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    I am in a dither about Thanksgiving! We have celebrated most holidays with my DnL's family and with the virus I just don't think it will be smart as there would be 11 of us! I am praying for a way to break it to my son and his wife and her mother where no one will feel hurt.

    Carol in GA
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    I'm wondering if anyone uses a meal planning app or any other way of meal planning besides MFP? I'm getting frustrated because I feel like I'd like something where I can make sure I'm eating what I need to by food group, not macronutrients.

    Sheri OH
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    Pip- We had 1 trick or treater. We now have loads of leftover candy. I’d rather not keep it in the house. As they say—Once on the lips, forever on the hips. I’m trying to figure out how to donate the candy & have thought about the food bank & Senior Center. Advice WELCOME!


    there are sites that are taking leftover candy and sending to sailors. Let me research the specifics.
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    I am in a dither about Thanksgiving! We have celebrated most holidays with my DnL's family and with the virus I just don't think it will be smart as there would be 11 of us! I am praying for a way to break it to my son and his wife and her mother where no one will feel hurt.

    Carol in GA

    It seems to me that the simple fact of the virus should make it understandable! I certainly wouldn't feel hurt if a family member didn't want to get together because of that. ~Sheri in OH
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    It was so windy Halloween night part of our fence blew down. Someone coming today to see about fixing it.
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    Flea - These are aged 9, 7 and 4. Not huge transmitters at that age. I agree with you that it doesn't make much sense for older children to be still going to school and bringing the virus home with them. I think the government wants people to be able to go to work, plus the kids not to miss out on school again. Locally we don't have much in the schools, but 94 cases in the universities. They are more or less locked down, though they tried to have a rave this weekend, which was dispersed by the police.

    Glad you are reviving Lisa! :D

    Hoping to get a better night's sleep. DH has soaked the cake in brandy. Now to wrap it up and store it until nearer Christmas. DH has been talking about marzipan. I suggested he make his own. :o>:)

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Carol in GA- We are staying home for Thanksgiving because our kids live far away and the risk of catching the virus while travelling is too high. We’ll celebrate together via iphones and/or Zoom on Thanksgiving Day. We’ll schedule an in-person family Thanksgiving when it is safe to be together. We had hoped to bring them all here for our 50th wedding anniversary last March. Covid made that impossible. I’m hoping the anniversary will eventually be celebrated, live and in person. Perhaps next March will be safe enough to celebrate 51. :heart:

    (((Rebecca)))- I hope for good news from your DH’s biopsy. :flowerforyou:

    Margaret- Sorry that your fence blew down in the wind. I hope the people do a great job fixing it. :star:

    Our Halloween decorations are in the box, waiting for me to hoist them back up into the garage attic. In early December I’ll be back in the attic to get the Christmas decorations down into the garage so we can put out our favorites. We have two live Alberta Spruce trees growing in pots in our yard. One of them has been with us for many years and will be decorated and displayed in the yard. The other is newer & will come into the house. It was purchased last Christmas season. Choosing which goes outside and which inside is easy. The original tree is in a heavy ceramic planter. It will stay outside. The newer one is in a light-weight red plastic bucket. I can lift it into our garden cart when it is time to bring it inside, a week or two before Christmas. It will go back outside the day after New Years.

    Katla, planning ahead in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    Good evening all:

    Hadn't realized I missed so much of October. Started getting into a Covid funk and tried other things to keep me distracted. Was just about to the point of giving up on restrictions and Covid reared its ugly head around here big time. My county has seen significant increase in cases and more deaths. So that pulled me out of feeling sorry for myself. I am staying home most of the time. I go to grocery store. Went to Lowes one day to get supplies to paint my new interior doors (keep looking at the paint-will get the motivation soon!)

    In terms of holidays, I won't be going anywhere. Don't believe I feel comfortable with youngest son and his lady friend coming into the house for several hours. They get out more than I do and son works in factory, and while the plant does seem to take precautions cases do pop up. I may see if they want to run over just for the meal (for an hour or so) and we can eat in the garage and get air circulation. My birthday is later this week and that's how I am handling them dropping by for that. Not taking my Christmas trip to Phoenix. Not so much my kids I worry about there but the air travel doesn't seem safe right now. So we will FaceTime or zoom opening presents.

    We also had fewer trick or treaters. I have candy left over. I will see if we are putting any into bags for our foster parents Christmas party. It is usually a large indoor event but we have scheduled it as a drive through-Santa will be there to hand out presents to the kids. Since we can't feed them lunch, I authorized purchase of food gift cards to the business that usually caters it (a local chicken place). That way they get a meal at their convenience and the local business doesn't lose the money. If we aren't doing candy, I will take to our food pantry this month.

    Other than that, nothing much going on. I go into the office for short periods when needed, otherwise work from home. Keeping staff that way until after the first of the year (perhaps longer, it just depends). This way I don't have to do what some county agencies are of bring everyone back, get a couple of workplace cases, send people home and begin again. Our schools all have different approaches so it is easier for staff with kids if they at least know their work schedule. Going to gym three times a week, walking, and visit with my ladies group once a week. We are moving from church yard to meeting in group member's garage. Will use space heaters as needed, but we want a place where we can keep air circulation.

    Sorry for the book I have just written. I am glad most on here are still doing well. While I am not writing much, I am reading! Congrats on that degree Machka! I know that feeling.

    Take care all,

    Ginny in Ohio
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    Stats for the day-

    Walk and jog up hills w/family- 2hrs 26min 27sec, 3.35ap, 90ahr, 146mhr, 8.26mi= 760c
    Strava app = 1000c

    Total cal 750
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    :) I have been enjoying the extra daylight in the morning since the clocks change. I will continue to enjoy it for a few weeks until the days get so short that it will be dark for most of our morning walk. I love the change of seasons and enjoy each day as it is different from the one before. There have been a few mornings cold enough to wear my extra warm red coat that I bought two years ago. It's cold enough every morning for Sasha and Bessie to wear their coats.

    :'( I'm sorry to hear that some of you are feeling down because the holidays won't be what you want.

    <3 Barbie in NW WA
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    Didn’t do any formal exercise today, but got my steps in between work and bowling. The plan for tomorrow is to do a Body Pump video

    Lisa – the “down” mood is certainly lifted. I think it was more that I just felt so sad for the kids.

    Fae – hope all goes well at the docs. Love the things you are thankful for Update: yea for good pressure

    Katla – wouldn’t surprise me one bit if MOW was up and running. Maybe the way they are delivered is different. Even after the pandemic started, the soup kitchen was open all the time. They were considered “essential”. The weather here is changing. It’s colder today (in the 70’s) but it is expected to get warmer by the end of the week. My sinuses are really acting up.

    I need to call to set up an appt to get my hair cut.

    Winsby – welcome! I highly doubt that everyone is younger than you are.

    Lisa – I was thinking of JanetR the other day, too. Congrats on the walking

    Heather – hope you have a good night

    Steve came here. He came while we were at bowling so he took a walk around the neighborhood (he knew that we wouldn’t be home). We went to dinner. The gal who served us was very nice and talkative. Steve paid the bill (that was nice of him) and he told her that she should put her tip on the bill. She laughingly said “$100” and Steve told the guy to put it on the bill. So he gave the girl a $100 tip!!!!!

    Had shrimp stir fry for dinner. Just a bite of this garlic knot, I just wanted to taste it. Had salad (no dressing), just lettuce, carrot strips, cuke, a tomato. At least the stir fry didn’t have a sauce and there were some veges. Shrimp on rice. It was good. Only water to drink

    Michele NC
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    Santa - I don’t remember not sitting in Santa’s lap. The year after we moved out here my Mom sent a picture to my girls of her sitting on Santa’s lap. Santa was actually my eldest daughter’s best friends Dad.

    I guess I’m the odd one out, I love all of the myths of Santa and everything that goes with it. I learned there wasn’t Santa when I recognized my Dad’s handwriting on a tag. My youngest didn’t believe at a young age but carried on for quite a few years for her older sister.

    Lisa - nice to see you posting again. You were missed.

    Have read through but didn’t take notes. I’ve been watching The Voice while reading.

    I put a new wax melt in my melter and it is very strong, may need to discard it.

    Tracey in Edmonton