What are your favorite diet hacks?



  • AshHeartsJesus
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    Anabolic french toast is going on my meal prep when I get more pumpkin cream cheese 😊
  • digitalsierra
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    Cauliflower rice - I fry this in a non-stick pan without oil. With flavorful toppings (tomatoes, onions, peppers, meat, etc...) I can't tell that I'm not eating rice. It really fills me up as it's high in fiber.

    Shirataki noodles - My favorite brand needs to be refrigerated. The non-refrigerated brands of shirataki noodles are hit & miss. The difference in calories is huge compared to wheat-based noodles and the difference in texture is minimal. It would bother me if I'm having plain noodles but I always use noodles as filler adding it to meat and vegetables.

    Lean meats - I tend to gravitate more towards poultry and fish than to beef as they're generally lower in calories. I usually add sauerkraut to my ground meats to add filler and because the high fiber content makes me feel full longer.

    Erythritol - I usually just have a coffee for breakfast and this low-calorie sugar is perfect for me.
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    Meal prepping is everything for me. There is zero guess work as to what I will eat and I seldom veer from my planned meals. That is tremendously helpful for me. I pre-portion snacks so that if I have a snack I don't overindulge. I use protein drinks to satiate any wayward cravings. For only 130 calories I get 30 grams of protein that will easily satisfy me for hours. My favorite is my breakfast high fiber spinach/berry/chia seed smoothie that more than satisfies my diminishing sweet tooth. Lastly, I don't have anything after 7pm except plain water, flavored water or lemon water.
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    Workout for 45minutes - 1 hour fasted.
    Then eat 1/2 a cup of oatmeal mixed with whey protein within the hour of finishing the workout. (breakfast)
    Eat 8 oz package of edamame and your favorite vegetables (lunch)
    Eat 4 oz of chicken breast seasoned the way you like along with another package of 8oz edamame, vegetables, and whey protein shake. (dinner)

    DRINK lots of water throughout the day.

    I know it's very low calorie and it's not sustainable over a long period of time, but it helps to drop a few lbs quickly and keeps me full.
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    I have a soda stream - (it's a thing that makes club soda) I make the club soda and add some fresh lemon juice to it. I drink about 6 cups of that throughout the day. It seems to fill me up. I also drink regular water throughout the day. Probably 8 to 10 cups a day total
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    I just started baking with psyllium husks. I'm thinking about grinding them in a coffee grinder to make powder. A couple tablespoons of them added to my pancake batter let the batter absorb more water and give me more volume - and fiber - with no more calories. I get the kind that has the same number of fiber grams as carb grams so I don't count the calories from it. I've also added them to muffins the same way you'd add bran.
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    - Pre-logging meals when I can helps tremendously in getting a visual of what I have to work with, calorie-wise
    - This "hack" is cross-posted somewhere in food too, but I've found creating a "dip" with my chocolate protein powder to use with fruit is a fantastic way to help meet those protein macros while keeping me from drinking my calories; much better mouth-feel
    - I aim for 12 cups of water a day or more. My 32 oz water jug is super helpful with this.
    - I'm too spontaneous for meal prepping, but I do always keep a few items in the house for myself ready to go: eggs (both hard boiled and not), sweet potatoes, bags of steamer veggies, easy to eat berries and apples
    - I've swapped out a lot of bread for high fiber wraps or bell pepper cups
    - For a girl who loves her saucy pastas, konjac noodles have been great at keeping me from over-indulging; Plus, I can use them for easy, low-cal stir fry
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    I order pizza and scrape toppings off and put on low carb 35 calorie wrap and that is my pizza.
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    I"m new to it all, but these first 3 weeks I've been super high protein and low carb, and it has made a real difference. I agree with planning ahead, and now I cook a mass of chicken, pork chops, low sodium bacon, etc a couple times a week. I use RX Protein bars as a snack, and if I'm going to have a few beers on the weekend, that has to go into the calorie counter right away, so I can see what I have left.
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    Antiopelle wrote: »
    Afternoon snack: 400 cl of soy milk heated with 25 gr of vanilla pudding powder and stevia. It makes a big bowl of hot vanilla custard with exactly 175 kcals. This satisfies my sweet tooth and keeps me full until dinner.

    After dinner / tv time snack: a fresh pomegranate: supertasty and low cal and it keeps my hands and mind busy for a good half hour.

    Can anyone tell me what the American conversion ratio would be of this recipe? I would like to try it.
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    Slice Bell pepper into boat shaped slices, slather a bit of cream cheese and sprinkle Everything but the Bagel seasoning. So Satisfying!
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    Egg whites! You can make a very satisfying low fat, low carb, high protein omelet by using one whole egg plus3/4 cup egg white. Use any number of veggies (onion, mushroom, spinach, zuc...) You can make something like a wheat free bun out of whipped egg whites folded into cream cheese and baked. You can stretch lean ground meat when making things like meat loaf or meatballs by adding egg white and minced veggies.

    Also, intermittent fasting, where all of your eating is done within a window of time daily. I have a 8-9 hour window that closes at 6 p.m., after that it's only water or herbal tea.

    Walking more is one of the best things you can do for your body. Birds fly, Fish swim, Humans walk.

    And, I can't stress this enough: make sure to get good sleep. In 2020 I developed insomnia, I'm sure from stress, but I've recently begun to correct that. Improper sleep can lead to hunger and metabolism slow downs which is the opposite of what we want.
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    Diatonic12 wrote: »
    Take a shower and Flip the Switch.

    It aids in breaking all kinds of habits.



    Replace Your Old Habits with New Similar Ones

    Finding something similar to your bad habit can help you easily replace it. If you only have the choice to give into your habit or stay at an equilibrium, your habit will likely influence your choosing. If you have two choices, one new choice and one old choice, you have a better chance at picking the new choice that will help you form a positive habit since it puts you at an elevated level compared to where you were before.

    @Diatonic12 I love you honey, but nothing on Gods’ green earth could compel me to take a cold shower.


    Ditto! On the hottest day, I'd never take a cold shower.