What are your favorite diet hacks?



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    Afternoon snack: 400 cl of soy milk heated with 25 gr of vanilla pudding powder and stevia. It makes a big bowl of hot vanilla custard with exactly 175 kcals. This satisfies my sweet tooth and keeps me full until dinner.

    After dinner / tv time snack: a fresh pomegranate: supertasty and low cal and it keeps my hands and mind busy for a good half hour.

    Can anyone tell me what the American conversion ratio would be of this recipe? I would like to try it.

    14 ounces of soy milk with about .9 of an ounce of vanilla pudding powder. If you get a food scale many of them go between grams and ounces pretty easily. :)
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    My food scale is my hack. I have a very hard time with portion control. Water is another good hack since I hate drinking water but it helps filling you up. I do drink plain tea if I can if not I add 1 stevia packet. I only eat fresh fruit, veggies and meats.
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    Fat free yogurt or skyr, thinned out with a liquid of your choice, flavored with cookies&cream Protein powder (I use MyProtein), and solidified with gelatin. Serve with fruit and/or (powdered) peanut-butter. Easy, nutritious Panna Cotta.
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    - Pre-logging meals when I can helps tremendously in getting a visual of what I have to work with, calorie-wise
    - This "hack" is cross-posted somewhere in food too, but I've found creating a "dip" with my chocolate protein powder to use with fruit is a fantastic way to help meet those protein macros while keeping me from drinking my calories; much better mouth-feel
    - I aim for 12 cups of water a day or more. My 32 oz water jug is super helpful with this.
    - I'm too spontaneous for meal prepping, but I do always keep a few items in the house for myself ready to go: eggs (both hard boiled and not), sweet potatoes, bags of steamer veggies, easy to eat berries and apples
    - I've swapped out a lot of bread for high fiber wraps or bell pepper cups
    - For a girl who loves her saucy pastas, konjac noodles have been great at keeping me from over-indulging; Plus, I can use them for easy, low-cal stir fry

    I'm a huge fan of prelogging!
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    This is not a diet hack more of a mental hack. If I am really craving dessert or chocolate after dinner at night, I tell myself I can have it for breakfast. Then at breakfast, I never want to eat a dessert of course.

    I would love to do this but I LOVE cake and sweet things for breakfast so this would backfire on me
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    Powdered peanut butter. What is this sorcery? I've just had a stack of protein pancakes full of chocolate-flavoured peanut butter for 410 calories. Does not compute xD

    Oh yeah, I love peanut butter powder! It's amazing mixed with cinnamon as an apple dip. Yesterday I put some with soy sauce and hot sauce and made a spicy peanut sauce for some spring rolls.

    My favorite dessert is now a protein bar - Built bars are absolutely amazing and each one gives 17 grams of protein and about 6 grams of fiber at 130-180 calories depending on the bar. I buy them direct from the manufacturer at this point.
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    I have to say it.... Actual Keto Bread that tastes just as good or better then actual bread (I'm sure no-one will believe that unless they tried it... but it's true). And the exact same amount of Calories.

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    Two things I have done is making a variety of things to have with each meal. I don't like just eating a salad or one big item. Ill put together things like slices of turkey and cheese, some fruit and carrots for a meal.

    The other thing I do is to tell myself that I can have the sweets and junk food I want. By not telling myself "I can't have that" I'm less likely to eat or drink the bad stuff. while I still drink the occasional soda, I drink it SO MUCH less often.