2021....52 Pounds in 52 Weeks Challenge



  • osier5
    osier5 Posts: 429 Member
    Challenge starting weight: 209
    Goal weight: 150
    Current weight: 202.7
    Challenge weight lost: -6.3
    Highest weight (7/18): 250
    Total weight lost: -47.3

    This week's successes: I added in strength training.
    This week's challenges: Quarantine!
  • tammierlewis
    tammierlewis Posts: 564 Member
    @Theo166 Congratulations on hitting the new century mark! Great job!
  • tammierlewis
    tammierlewis Posts: 564 Member
    62 years old. 5'2". Female
    Highest weight 188

    Starting weight 2021: 144.2
    Goal weight: 130

    12/31: 144.2
    1/7: 142.6
    1/15: 141.4
    1/21: 141.4
    1/29: 144.0
    2/1: 141.4
    2/8: 140.6

    Changing my check in day works. finally seeing the scale get closer to the 130s again.

    This week's successes: focusing on activity while camping. Diet back on track. Prepare lunches for the camping trip helps. Got in a couple of good runs too.

    This week's challenges: Another Camping trip for the next 3 days. Then lunch with cousins.
  • donalowen
    donalowen Posts: 54 Member
    51 year old male
    Starting weight: 266 (at 21st Jan)
    Goal weight: 214
    Total weight lost: 2lb

    Jan 21: 266
    Jan 24: 265
    Jan 31: 264
    Feb 7: 264

    This week's successes: None, I’ve lost nothing, I can’t explain it so I’ll keep going and see what next week brings.
    This week's challenges: I increased my level of exercise, I’m walking 5km a day, in addition to powerlifting 3 days a week.

  • Limsha2
    Limsha2 Posts: 744 Member
    SW 213
    GW 140
    Challenge weight loss 8lb
    Week 1 Jan 18, 211, - 2lb
    Week 2 Jan 25, 208, - 3lb
    WK3 Feb 2nd, 206, - 2lb
    WK4 Feb 9th, 205 - 1lb
    Weekly success, increasing water intake.
    Challenges, impatient for weight loss, despite knowing slower is better.
  • psychoborg
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    edited February 2021
    Joining late!
    I'm 163cm, 23 yo female.
    SW 68 kg
    GW 53 kg

    Jan. 3: 67.8
    Jan. 10: 66.2
    Jan. 17: 65.4
    Jan. 24: 64.6
    Jan. 31: 62.8
    -5 kg!

    Feb. 7: 62.4
    This week's challenge is to stop skipping breakfast! I want to at least have a protein shake after my morning exercise. And not overeat chocolate on Valentine's day!
  • MathShark95
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    Update as of 2/5:

    Starting weight January 1, 2021: 211
    Goal weight:150
    Current weight: 206.6
    Total weight lost: 4.4

    This week's successes:
    I am still losing weight, and my kitty is taking well to his diet. He lost .2 pounds this last week too. Also I got to eat inside a restaurant for the first time in almost a year to celebrate my little brother's birthday!

    This week's challenges:
    I have been super tired and hungry this week, so snacking has been a bit out of control. Also there was a lot of ordering in because I was too tired to cook. Hopefully that will calm down.
  • Fatty2fitty21
    Fatty2fitty21 Posts: 3 Member
    Hi guysss I hope you don't mind me joining late. I previously lost a lot of weight with slimming world however I have since gained all the weight back :/ I attempted slimming world again but it just didn't work and I actually gained weight!
    I'm hoping calorie counting along with the motivation from you guys can get me to where I need and want to be.

    Starting weight 197lb
    Goal weight 160lb
    Ultimate goal weight 140lb
  • goal06082021
    goal06082021 Posts: 2,130 Member
    Starting weight: 247.4 lbs (1/1/2021)
    Goal weight for 2021: 196
    Current weight: 241.4 lbs (2/5/2021)
    Total weight lost: 7 lbs

    7 lbs in 7 weeks? I'm right on track!

    This week's successes: I'm starting to get my snacking under better control. My breakfasts and lunches clocked in a bit light this week so I had a couple hundred "extra" calories to work with, and I successfully resisted buying snacks from the vending machine or cafe at work, instead planning for a treat after dinner and sticking to that plan. My shoulder is also better now!

    This week's challenges: Still working on those snacks. I also need to better manage my time on the weekends to make sure I get all the meal prepping done that needs to be - I nearly didn't this past weekend.
  • BittersweetVita
    BittersweetVita Posts: 745 Member
    I am starting this at 185 pounds so my goal weight for this challenge is 135 pounds. I will post weekly my current weight and my weekly goal rate to keep myself on track and motivated.

    SW00: 185.0
    WK01: 182.1 (184)
    WK02: 183.0 (183)
    WK03: 181.9 (182)
    WK04: 183.0 (181)
    WK05: 181.9 (180)
    WK06: 180.8 (179)

    Last Week's Successes: While a pound behind my goal still, I lost a pound! I also started to wake up earlier as I had planned.

    Last Week's Challenges: Again, I did not get all my walks and PT exercises as I had planned. Still putting others before myself and it's been super cold and icy - both of these were my excuses this week.

    Last Week's Plan: I will wake up earlier to start having some more "me" time so I will not feel the pressure to take care of everyone else's needs instead of my own.

    This Week's Plan: Create a schedule to include my children into my exercising, so I take care of them and me at the same time. Pre-plan my meals for the week.
  • stormywxs288
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    Starting weight: 189 (Jan 1, 2021)
    Goal weight: 159
    Current weight: 179.4 (Feb 12)
    Total weight lost: 9.6 pounds

    This week's successes: Kept the needle on my scale moving in the right direction. Good job of keeping my fasting window clean. Getting dangerously close 10 pounds lost this year.

    This week's challenges: I need to find a constructive way to fight off being cold. My tendency has been to wrap up and sit by my heater instead of getting up and moving. I’m going to move more this week.