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  • Twinkles9876
    Twinkles9876 Posts: 14 Member
    This year I want to make peace with food and maintain a comfortable weight. I need this group to help me be accountable.
    I want to
    1. Eat a healthy diet with mainly fruits vegetables healthy grains and proteins.
    2. Be able to enjoy treats without feeling guilty and resulting in “all or nothing” thinking
    3. Exercise daily to prevent joint and back stiffness, maintain heart fitness and just feel good.
    4. Manage my stress without food

    I will do this by weekly weigh ins, Pilates twice a week, and walking 30 mins at least 5 days a week
  • lmtroake834
    lmtroake834 Posts: 11 Member
    My goal for 2021 is to not give up until I have at least 40 lbs off my body and gain confidence that turning 50 is okay and I can put all the info and resources I've ignored over the years to good use and become a healthier, happier, more energetic version of me! Been here before but my focus and determination this time will not tolerate anything less than success for me! I do this to live forever for my granddaughter and any future grand babies!😊
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
    Megan_smartiepants1970 Posts: 31,516 Member
    My goals are to stick to strict keto (just came back to it on the 1st after upping my carbs) and eating things that gave me headaches/migraines ... be active at least 6 days a week ..drink 120 ounces of water a day .... I am looking to be pain free this year (I start physical therapy tomorrow for my hips...(I was born with hip dysplasia) I would love to lose 50 lbs this year since I just turned 50 on 12/29 :)
  • TheRedQueen1981
    TheRedQueen1981 Posts: 266 Member
    I really want to work on lifting weights and gaining some definition. I also nee to lose more weight but I am on the right track. I also want to be more consistent with my exercise as I have been slacking with it, here I am at 07:00 having done 3 short work outs already. One at 3am, the next at 4am and the last at 5am. I will do one more at 9am...this won't be what I do every day, but I am working my way into a new schedule so just trying a few different things.

    I also intend to up my salt intake as I believe I haven't been getting enough
  • Frodobaggins29
    Frodobaggins29 Posts: 70 Member
    To learn to put myself first, I’ve given up everything to raise and care for my family, forgetting to take care of myself. So now it’s time to find myself again and be the best I can be physically and mentally stronger and healthier 👍

    Happy new year all the best 🥳
  • Dull1
    Dull1 Posts: 6 Member
    I find myself in the same loop over and over and this year I have decided not to focus too much on the weight loss, but rather on my happiness. Soooooo...I have decided I will try to keep to these guidelines as best I can and see what happens haha:

    1. Put myself, not others or my job first. The past year I really drowned myself in work and got nothing for it. It's time to focus on what's important to me.
    2. Start painting, drawing and reading again.
    3. Faithfully logging my meals every day even if I didn't have a 'good' day :-).
    4. Getting in some exercise at least 3 times a week even if it's just a walk around the block or 10minutes on the elliptical. I really want to move my body more.
    5. Spend time with people I love and trust and avoid people who stress me out or who make me feel bad about myself.

    Let's see how it goes! Happy new year to everyone!
  • 212ackley
    212ackley Posts: 431 Member
    Starting weight:230
    Goal weight:200
    Current weight:230
    Total weight lost:0
    This week's successes:just starting Monday 1/4/2021
    This week's challenges:initiating new eating rituals for the workplace

    going to try to use the treadmill for at least 30 minutes 3 times a week and stay away from fast food unless its a salad- gotta get myself in check - and i do best when i log faithfully.
  • murphtang88
    murphtang88 Posts: 35 Member
    So, I'm terrible for actually managing to commit and make my goals achievable. I always have some nebulous goal, and then almost feel like I have too much to do and get overwhelmed and panic and do nothing (mmmm yay anxiety). So, my NY Resolutions, and how I'm going to achieve them, are below:

    1. Lose weight and get healthy. I'm going to set myself goals on a monthly basis, and then break them down to a weekly basis. I want to lose weight, but I'm not setting myself weight loss targets. I have a goal in mind for how much I'd like to weigh, but my goals are much more focused on changing how I'm living. So, my goals for January are to not smoke, count calories every day, and do physical exercise every day. This makes it really easy for me to check off and be successful on a daily and weekly basis - just count calories, move a little bit, and don't smoke. One day at a time.
    2. Improve my drawing. My goal is to spend at least 10min every day drawing. I've got myself an iPad Air and Apple Pencil, so I'll be getting back into digital drawing. It will be so easy to do then - I can sit on the sofa and doodle. Even if it's nothing good, I will have no excuse (in theory haha).
    3. Finish 6 Craft Projects. Finish a project every 2 months. Right now I'm working on knitting myself a jumper, which I've been working on for ages. But I want this damn jumper to be finished haha. I'm also making a list of all the projects I want to start/have ongoing so I can reference them and schedule them in.
  • sjberg1169
    sjberg1169 Posts: 1 Member
    Happy New Year to everyone. My name is Susan, I've used MyfitnessPal on and off for a few years. I purchased the premium today and I am going to use every aspect of it. I am a Type-2 Diabetic and have Hypothyroidism. I have been managing my diabetes without medication and I tend to keep it that way. I have a huge goal set for me, however, I'm going to reach it 5 lbs at a time. If I focus on the big goal, I will get discouraged. I'm watching my calories and fats. I also want to get my A1c back done to the non-diabetic range and keep it that way. I do have a question regarding the Fats, I know saturated is no go, Trans and Mono are good. If packages only list Saturated and Trans, how can you figure out the Mono fats? My next struggle is exercising, ugh, that is the tough part. I get bored very easily with exercising. Any suggestions on to overcome boredom with it? I set pretty much 8 hours a day at a desk job. I want to have more energy and feel my best, weight-wise. The only way to do this is to track my food and exercise. Here are my goals for this year, track food, find ways to not get bored exercising, staying positive, food prep for the week, get on a sleeping schedule, and trying new foods.
  • rnschnelle
    rnschnelle Posts: 1 Member
    New years resolutions:
    1. Get off insulin
    2. Exercise 3 to 4 times a week
    3. Make healthier food choices
    4. Forgive myself if I make mistakes
    5. Journal more
  • LunaTheFatCat
    LunaTheFatCat Posts: 237 Member
    This year I want to learn more about macros (so far my only focus was calories) and I want to get rid of my sugar cravings - I reckon those two items are related anyway, but need to do more reading up on this.

    Oh and those last 5lbs will be gone, I don't care if it's slow.
  • tinkerbellang83
    tinkerbellang83 Posts: 9,056 Member
    This year I want to learn more about macros (so far my only focus was calories) and I want to get rid of my sugar cravings - I reckon those two items are related anyway, but need to do more reading up on this.

    Oh and those last 5lbs will be gone, I don't care if it's slow.

    Open University have several free courses that explains the basics pretty well.

  • Jvictoria0525
    Jvictoria0525 Posts: 1 Member
    1) Make small goals and take it one day at a time
    2) Eat more, healthy calories for Breastfeeding
    3) Get my Postpartum Depression under Control
    4) Enjoy my Marriage again ❤️
    5) Be confident in my new mom bod
  • LunaTheFatCat
    LunaTheFatCat Posts: 237 Member
    I'm so sorry for your losses @Ahatmaker74 , you've been through a horrendous year :(
    I love your No new year's resolutions, hope this year will be better for you.
  • xcazax
    xcazax Posts: 42 Member
    My 2021 goals are:
    1. Focus on mental wellbeing and reducing anxiety
    2. Run a marathon
    3. Read more - aim for 12 books this year
    4. Take up swimming lessons when the pools reopen
  • MzMujera
    MzMujera Posts: 6 Member
    1. Workout 5x a week
    2. Run 3x a week
    2. Be consistent

    My why is
    1. to lose the weight I gained and to get healthy. Lower my blood pressure, not be pre-diabetic
    2. To run a few half marathons this year
    3. To make this my lifestyle and not just to reach a few goals and stop

    I have a history of meeting my goals and then stopping what got me there. Lifestyle change.