January 2021 Monthly Running Challenge



  • Teresa502
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    January Goal – 100 miles
    1/1 – 3.1 (New Year’s Wake Up and Run 5k)
    1/2 – 10.07
    1/3 – rest + yoga
    1/4 – 5.12
    1/5 – weights
    1/6 – 5.35
    1/7 – exercise bike (12 miles)
    1/8 – weights
    1/9 – 10.03 miles
    1/10 – exercise bike (16 miles) + yoga
    1/11 – 5.11 miles
    1/12 – weights
    1/13 – exercise bike (11 miles)
    1/14 – 5.11 miles
    1/15 – 5.19 miles

    This morning the temp warmed up a couple degrees to 30F. Yesterday it was 28F but we had that freezing fog to run through so today seemed much warmer.

    Thanks for the well-wishes on my ankle. @quilteryoyo I had not mentioned it on here. I think I was in denial and putting it in black and white made it not be real! BTW, glad you are doing so good with recovery.

    @skippygirlsmom – so glad you are doing well and have such great caregivers. Between the anesthesia from surgery and medicine that you aren’t used to, it can really mess up your body. Hope you get the dizziness under control soon.

    @kgirlhart – gotta love new shoes!

    @polskagirl01 – if you decide you can’t do without winter, I will be glad to send you mine! Nice views from the top of that hill. Hope you enjoy running in the new place just as much. Are the kids stressed about changing schools and leaving their friends behind? I remember it being hard to be the new kid in school.

    @brittanystebbins95 – welcome back and those puppies are so darn cute!!!

    @katharmonic – that’s a great idea of being “hosts” when the challenge comes to our area!

    @SummerSkier – I’m more of an early morning runner also. Thankfully, I can usually find someone to run with that keeps me accountable on those cold mornings when I don’t want to go out in the cold and darkness.

    Upcoming Races/Challenges:
    CRAW (Circumpolar Race Around the World)
    Run the World Challenge
    Desert Storm 218 Miler Challenge (Jan 17 – Feb 28)
    Peyton’s Wild n Wacky 50k (March 13)
    Cooper River 10k (Sept 25)
    Marine Corps Marathon (Oct 31)
    Cade’s Cove Loop Lope (Nov 14)
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    You are invited to join the Run the World 2021 challenge. The code to join is MFPRunners2021

    Run the World 2021
    Jan 1, 2021 12:00 AM - Dec 31, 2021 11:59 PM
    Team Challenge
    Run, Virtual Run 24,901 Miles in 365 days


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    @Cricketmad88 and others, you can find the code to join the RTW challenge in the spoiler note above. Thanks again all!