:) There seems to be a greater than usual anticipation of 2021 than there has been for the new year in the past. For me it is a new page on the calendar and the chance for a clean slate to improve my current good habits or add new ones.

:) I like being able to share my journey to health and fitness with other women on the same path.
If you have goals or resolutions for the new year or the new month, I hope you'll share them with us.

:) I tend to take life one day at a time and try to refine my habits as I go along.

:) Be sure to bookmark this thread so you can find us again.

:smile: It helps if you sign your posts with a name or nickname and a location, general or specific.

:smile: My word for 2021 is "lighten up". It refers to the fact that I've gotten over scheduled and over rigid this year and the fact that I've put on a few pounds thanks to my husband's new interest in cooking and my desire to do what's best for the relationship rather than what is best for my waistline.
Barbie in NW WA


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    Happy New Year 2021!
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    Good Morning, Happy 1st January!

    It was very slippery this morning on our dog walk, quite exhausting really, I was glad to get home in one piece. The fireworks last night didn't go on as long as I thought they would thank goodness. I decided to stay up as I didn't think I'd get to sleep with the noise, but by half past midnight all was quiet. Our poor dog was upset thought (she's been a nervous wreck since Bonfire Night!) and spent most of the evening under Heather's bed.

    Dr Katiebug I'm trying to manage with less "stuff" but not be too minimalistic. I think Dawn from Minimal Mom is very minimalistic and her mantra was always "get rid of stuff - less stuff to manage makes for a decluttered house". I like my kitchen counters to be clear (not always easy) but I do like to see nik naks in other areas of the house. Let's see what the course will bring when we start it today. I think you will be able to access it before me, with the time zone it will be available to me around 4pm this afternoon. I'll probably be out walking the dog at that time though.

    Barbie Thanks for setting us up for a new month and the reminder to bookmark the thread. I'm not thinking too much about goals, I want to continue losing weight and exercising to get fitter - I'm not getting any younger :)

    That's about it for now.
    Viv <3
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    Michele Just wondered how long you keep your trees up. I must say they are beautifully decorated, the time and effort you have put into them, you are very artistic. I'm sure I would not get them looking so good.

    I thought I did quite well with my (one) tree this year, it looked pretty with the twinkling lights, but I've taken it down already. I normally wait until 12th night, but for some reason this year I've taken it down early.

    Mind you if I had your trees I'd be tempted to leave them up for a few months, they are so pretty - and I love to see a bit of sparkle these dark dreary days.

    Viv <3
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    edited January 2021
    Perfume -- when my husband and I were getting ready to go out for dinner to celebrate my grad, I thought I might put a tiny dab of perfume on. And then it occurred to me ... I haven't purchased perfume in years. At least 7 years and a lot of my perfume is even older than that ... decades! I have no recent perfume.

    This is one of the things on my long list of things to chip away at ... getting rid of all my perfume. I am thinking of keeping some perfume bottles but part of me wonders why I'd bother doing that.

    Would you keep the perfume bottles? Is there something that can be done with them?

    Katla49 wrote: »
    Machka: Riding a bike in a breeze is not too scary BUT 35km/h gusting to 50 k is more than most of us can manage without falling or getting off to walk. Yikes! I forgot to ask whether it was a headwind or tailwind. I'm not sure, but I think a strong tailwind might be more dangerous even though pedaling might be easier. :star:

    Katla in NW Oregon

    The 35-50 km/h wind is 18-30 mph, so noticeable but not bad. We rode in a square, more or less, so we had times of head wind, cross wing and tail wind. The tailwinds were definitely better! The headwinds slowed us down and were tiring.

    M in Oz
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    Happy new year everybody Thanks Barbie for link to January
    Afraid I got way behind again, been down again this week, we have gone up to tier 3, doesn’t change much for DH and I. Cheered ourselves up a little by booking 2 weeks in Spain end of May (here’s hoping)

    Had a drink last night to see in the new year then watched a film on Prime, a bit weird🤔

    Will go back to Dec thread and catch up

    Stay safe

    Kate UK ❤️
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    Hallo everyone. I'm a bit down too. Not sure why. I'm sure it's a temporary blip.
    I have a bit of processing to do around my goals, so maybe that's it.


    Going to walk over to the grandchildren today bearing brownies and a calendar that was a duplicate. Hope to at least see them at a distance.

    Much love, Heather UK xxxxxxxx

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    Happy New Year to everyone!
    I fell asleep at 11:30 pm at the latest, of course woke up at 12 with the yelling and some explosions (some illegal fireworks) and went quickly back to sleep, woke at about 6am briefly (it's dark here till past 8 right now) and fell back asleep until...past 10 AM, about 11 h sleep minus the breaks, so at least 10h for me. That's highly unusual in past years. A bit on the late side but I'll take it. Easier to do the intermittent fasting if I'm sleeping for 10-11 hours. :D
    Got up to make tea, take out trash, throw in some laundry, pick up a few things: normal home care.
    It's was quite sunny out, but I missed the window. It tends to be more sunny here in the morning.

    One thing I like about the stationary bike is that now when I once again can go for a walk I can amble if I feel like it and not feel I should be walking a bit on the moderate to fast side if I don't feel like it.

    I sometimes love to go for a slow stroll and take in physical sensation of walking and thoughts, and what's around, and feel a bit open to what's there, something akin to walking meditation, but not explicitly meditation.

    @LisaInArkansas I had never heard of Mexican shepherd's pie. It sounds delicious.

    @Wizzywig I noted down some of your decluttering references.

    That's a major issue for me. I used to follow Flylady. It really helped when I had a country house. I quickly unsubscribed as there were too many mails which tended to cycle and after a few weeks be more or less the same. I was able to stay on top of everything with that. From that I've kept the 15 minute timer sessions and I often go to see "which room they are in" for the week on Flylady. Like last week I worked on the livingroom. 15 minutes per day in the livingroom. Since it was in quite decent shape I used some of the remaining time to hang paintings, mirror, and finish assembling the drawers in the sofa bed. (Which are huge and empty!) I will check out your references. I looked at Minimal Mom. Her issues are majorly different than mine: lots of family, young kids, and much less paperwork, but what I liked is that she is clearly not rolling in the dough to start, as some "models" are: with palette furnishings and decor, and so on.

    I looked at clutterbug and I think I'm a "ladybug" for the most part. I think I have to be more detailed for paper work because I have so much of it to deal with, due to my work, for which I have to be a "cricket", and I may be somewhat of a "bee" for art stuff/work.

    Thanks for those.
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    Happy New Year, my people,

    Barbie - thank you, as always - you keep us oriented on the things that matter.

    The word for the year I'm toying with for now is "still," which has so many meanings:
    • noun: quiet, peace
    • adjective: undisturbed, calm, tranquil
    • verb: quieten, moderate, compose
    • adverb/conjunction: nevertheless

    Still (!) trying to figure out how to leave the drive and focus of work behind and to simply be in my world and enjoy this space we've built. Not sure I know how to do that, but I know it will be done through peace and acceptance, and not in beating my wings against bars that don't even exist, much less restrain. Doesn't mean we won't do the work on the house--just means that we do it when we choose, not under any deadline.

    Julie - On the Mexican Shepherd's Pie, I looked everywhere to find a recipe for the ingredients I wanted to use, and couldn't find what I wanted, so I made up my own. It does seem that if you love all the foods you're putting into a dish, there's a fair chance you'll love the combination. :) I'm a creative cook, but I only talk about the recipes that work! Some are complete disasters...

    Last night dinner was meatballs with marinara over air-fried gnocchi. I made the gnocchi months ago, and froze half of it, because as usual, I made far too much. Sprayed the frozen bits with non-stick spray on both sides, and into the air fryer for about 20 minutes. We always make lots of extra meatballs when we cook them and freeze them in one-meal serving sizes. I put four of those (golf-ball size) in the slow cooker with marina sauce in the morning on low. One meatball, ten gnocchi and a bit of marinara was only 300 calories, even with an ounce of pecorino romano grated on the top. Corey ate about three times that much, but then he usually does.

    I bought the toaster oven-type air fryer nearly a year ago, and we love it.

    Corey's off today for the holiday, and we have zero plans to accomplish anything. Starting the year as I mean to inhabit it--still. And agree with Barbara that once the new folks start coming in, will put together a few paragraphs on my story for an introduction.

    Love y'all, happy new year to everyone,
    Lisa in AR