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    For February, breaking it down now.

    THESIS at least 4h per day weekdays now, write 30 pages, rework plan correct, send, and prep March 15 min presentation. Better early in day, as things come up and the earlier it's done the better chance it gets done;
    -Alot at least 4h per day on non-teaching days to working on this on weekdays
    -write 30 good pages
    -rework plan
    -prep for good presentation on March 6 well in advance.
    -get writing corrected and send to teacher in end of February
    -get feedback from someone higher up or more advanced somehow in late February
    -try going to phd students office 1x a week (I usually work in café or elsewhere sometimes, but it's not possible and won't be for several months)
    -Make one article proposal
    -call T about director's letter
    -try to speak to M about director's letter
    -write to D about director's letter
    -send training time request to schools 3 by registered letter if no news by Monday . they asked for quick version by mail and then hedged, once I sent it. If I don't have official signed proof of reception the request is not valid. (time off for thesis in school 3 next fall).
    -look into organising exhibit in usa for teachers in my school (sadly that is often what is done to get in good standing at our school)

    -Look at "in-house" ads I dowloaded and sort which ones are conceivable in view of my profile -Do rough application (CV and other docs) for those my ap is possible for
    -check deadlines for those jobs (in a couple of months I think)
    -If reasonable time investment mprove profile if possible relative to requirements in common months, without excess

    2.Follow up current teaching work

    -Grading done Feb 1
    -All corrections sent by Feb 1 if possible, Feb 5 at latest
    -Write class description Feb 5 at latest
    -contact P about partnership Feb 2-5 (may need a few calls)
    -contract people in charge to find out who is replacing me for time off for writing
    -contact students to let them know who'll be replacing me
    -write to m and m to ask about what they did with their extra hours (so I can have it down)

    Follow up on legal issues related to worker’s rights
    (which can have effect of increase in rate of pay without changing jobs)

    -School B
    Prepare next legal answer in February (many pages) PLANNED FOR MARCH
    15 min 2-3 times a week working on file (ver complex and long)
    -Collective work
    1 meeting in February
    Write agenda
    Update some online documents
    Follow up on which letters have been written and which are to write
    Write rough letter for all petition signers.
    Keep professional but friendly distance with colleagues (especially guys) there is no monkey business but it's more that keeping distance might be helpful in maintaining respectful professional space

    -make sure website is still ok

    just keep going out for walks for coffee and try to go to someplace else to work at least 1x a week (school library or school office)

    -try going to school cafeteria
    -get school cafeteria card activated
    -try lowkey online app thing 1x (see how high my motivation is?lol)

    -aim for 24 BMI by end of month
    -TRACK EATING & CALORIES Current MFP proposal. 1220 cal net per day. Enter activity, not consume it all.
    Aim for 0-2x a week max foods with sugar cane.
    Aim for 5 different types of veggie per day (soup?!)

    -30 min/day walk 6x a week, any pace
    -at least 20 min 2x a week on stationary bike (?), at high HR
    at least 2x 20 min upper body stuff (weights, stretches, twists, etc.), during cycling or not.
    -aim for at least 3x 20 min at upper half of target HR (115-138 BPM)
    -15-60 min/day pottering at home

    Send crown estimate to insurance
    Send them message saying I want them to start in February not January 1

    Get blood test
    Contact haematologist mid February to ask for results
    Go to appointment well prepared w questions and information

    See health insurance.
    Get 2 crowns
    Appointment with osteopath (good when doing dental work I find)

    Get progressive glasses if time

    get blood test

    make appointment(s) and go

    Cancel February transfer MONDAY AT LATEST
    Keep budget, and register expenditures MIMO (money in, money out)
    15 min per day on financial stuff

    Meditate at least 15 min per day 5 days a week
    Aim to be offscreen at least from 1 am to 6 am.

    7. HOME GOAL
    Tidy 15 min per day in 1 area per week
    call expert and make appointment about painting bathroom
    buy (or acquire) 2 plants for balcony

    15 min per day on non-financial paperwork

    *** daily things are meant to be 5-6 days a week!
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    ok today! cleaning so it's ok in home (dishes, put away laundry, pick up floor make bed.maybe uncluttered one are 15 min or more..)

    correct some papers and send to students, establish student grades and write to those who haven't sent their writing.
    if time, prep some mails to go out on Monday at 8am.
    if time send mail to insurance pertaining to Friday dental appointment
    if time cancel February transfer
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    Machka9 wrote: »
    exermom wrote: »
    exermom wrote: »
    Meg – I must have missed it, what is “home confinement”. Why is your husband just now having to do it? Those ravioli sound delish

    Michele NC

    And why did "home confinement" involve going out for a meal?!?!

    M in Oz

    I think she forgot a word in the sentence -- I believe she meant that he is now off or out of home confinement and they went out to celebrate.

    What a journey you have been on Meg, but you are on the other side. It is a testament to your good will and faithfulness. Congratulations!

    Willamette Valley, OR
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    I make appointments all in one day when I can to get it all over with at once. Maybe it’s because I don’t really do anything except work and home I actually enjoy when I have something to do.

    Machka - an assessment here is a long waiting process, we waited almost 2 years for Mom’s and watched her fail more and more. I thought it must be a NB issue, but my friend just got her mother’s here in Alberta and it took 18 months. Her mother needed to go somewhere right away. It’s not a very good system.

    Kelly - glad you have having a more peaceful day.

    Heather - congratulations on the jabs! I had the Pfizer vaccine too and had to have the second dose within a 21-24 day window. You have to wait months? I wonder why it’s different in different countries.
    Garlic is one smell that I really dislike. Almost every morning when I first walk into work all I get is a strong whiff of garlic and/or onions because the kitchen is making soup or sauces. It’s a terrible smell to start the day off with.

    Kylia - nature always amazes me.

    Katla - are pharmacies going to be administering the vaccine there. I know that here the Pfizer vaccine needs to be refrigerated at -75 and there are only 6 units in the whole province that have that capacity.
    We think one must be at our airport because we see small planes with the Alberta Health logo going on a regular basis several times a day. We think they are flying the vaccine to other communities.

    I don’t have any grand plans for the day. I am incredibly bored and i think it’s more that I’m lonely. Rodger has to fill his days while I’m at work and it’s too cold to be out in the shop so he has started binge watching shows. I wish he wouldn’t do it when I’m home, but it’s not worth arguing about. Truthfully I think I’m starting to feel depressed and I need to figure out how to stop it. I just want to see my girls and grandkids and I know it’s going to be at least 9 weeks now before we are allowed.

    Tracey in Edmonton
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    Tracey - The government has decided, because of our terrible, awful death rate and our overcrowded ICUs, that it's best to vaccinate as many as possible with a first dose. This would stop most serious cases which go into hospital and the medical consensus seems to be that the delay will not make a huge difference. Figures are varying from 33% to 54% efficacy 12 days after a first dose. Some say more. We are told 12 weeks gap now. I am happy not to be running the risk of serious illness. I would like my second earlier, but the NHS is really doing a brilliant job and all the volunteers, some standing outside in the cold, are so heartwarming. Like you, I so, so want to see my grandchildren. But it will have to wait a bit longer. I may risk an outside 'accidental' meet up on the seafront in 2 weeks time. Spaced, of course. At the moment we are not even allowed that.

    I'm sorry your marital communication has gone awry. That is so easy to happen. He has got used to you being away such a lot. Why don't you pick a moment this coming week to suggest something you might do together next weekend. Say it when you are not angry and make it sound like spontaneous fun. You could ask him if he had any ideas. One thing we have to remember is that men are not mind readers and assume the status quo is just fine. ;)

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Tracey- Depression is REAL. We all have bouts of it. Mine was bad October-December. I think knowing that you aren't alone or weird. Take time for you. Cry. Laugh. Soak. Read. Craft. Cook. We are all holding you up.💞🦋👣
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    Debby thank you for explaining. I have dense tissue which is why they always did ultrasounds after mammograms. I asked why they didn't just do ultrasound. Answer, insurance company won't pay until after mammogram. Now, in my mind, that seems like a waste of money. I am happy we now have 3D as the normal. Wishing good thoughts for you.
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    KJLaMore wrote: »
    I have been using my pressure cooker a bit more. I do make yogurt in it almost weekly, but I could just as easily make it on the stove; as my pressure cooker doesn't have a yogurt function. Anyway, in addition to yogurt, I use it to cook those veggies that take a long time to cook (potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots). Last month I got a creamy veg soup recipe from some one and I have been making that almost weekly because it is so easy. (About three medium white potatoes, four sweet potatoes, six carrots, four ribs of celery; steam for 8 minutes in the pressure cooker, then add about 32 ounces of veg or chicken broth. Blend with immersion blender or in a regular blender, until smooth. You can add a bit of cream if you like, but really not needed) Tim has been eating a big bowl of this soup every day and it makes me very happy, because he is NOT a veggie eater (unless it is dipped in something not healthy). One thing I want to try in my pressure cooker is pasta. I make pasta for the kids every Tuesday and I am not a patient cook. Waiting for water to boil is the WORST! I still make my roasts and a lot of meals in my slow cooker (not the pressure cooker, although it does have that function). I also use my stovetop and my oven daily. Christmas present/toaster oven gets used about once a day, by Tim to warm/toast his rolls. lol If I wasn't afraid of hurting my son's feelings, I would have that toaster oven packed up and put away until I am too old and too tired to cook big meals in real appliances.

    Woo-hoo! Woke up to about a foot of new snow in my driveway! I love it when it snows a lot on the weekends. There is no great rush to get out there and get it done, then I can linger over one more cup of coffee when I get back inside from shoveling! Right now it is dark out, but I can see the plows moving up and down the road (they all seem to congregate on the little dirt road across from my house. I am sure they are planning on depositing all of the snow at the end of my drive!) Anyway, this will be a good 600-800 calorie burn (depending on how heavy it is)!

    Well, I think I should put this book to bed. lol I have a lot to do today, since I was a slacker and did almost nothing yesterday (which felt fantastic)! ttfn xoxoxo KJ (Kelly)

    I cook pasta in the pressure cooker but tend to like to have extra water in and drain it. I haven't mastered just the right amount of water so you just add the sauce. The rule I have seen and use is cook it half minus one on the time shown on the box of pasta- so, if it says cook 10 min- it would be 5-1 so 4 min. Just be very careful with the quick release because it will spew a nasty mess all over if you are not careful- I tend to wait a min or two then do a slow release. I need to make some pasta again soon. I got some, cooked it up but then split it in threes so all three of us got the sauce we wanted. Usually I just split it two ways- one for husband one for son and I just eat a little of husbands(need to save extra for son, that is a mom thing I guess- can't have my boy hungry). White sauce for son, red for husband and green(home made pesto) for me. It was the combination of a really good pasta(got free from helping at the food program with mom) and my home made sauce. I actually went back for seconds- haven't done that in almost two years.
    Make son's mac and cheese in there too- big batch so he has it for two days(a full pound of pasta)
    We got rid of our toaster oven when we got our air fryer(ours that we have now looks more like a toaster oven, not just the basket like some air fryers) that has two racks- that thing is used daily by all of us- the only appliance my husband seems to know how to use.
    Both appliances were gifts from husband for Christmas. It took a few months to use the air fryer the first time(he used it first) and over a year and a half to use the pressure cooker- now they are used all the time.

    Napa Valley,Ca
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    Heather - thank you. I find it so interesting how each country is handling this pandemic. It’s truly amazing really. I like that idea of getting some protection for everyone.

    Kylia - thank you. I have suffered from depression three times in my life now. The first time was postpartum after our youngest was born, I didn’t know that was what was wrong until after I had gotten through it but it almost tore our family apart. The second time was after my Dad passed away, I recognized the signs and got on meds quite fast. The third time was after our financial disaster. I think this time is just the whole mess we are all in. I miss my grandkids and girls.

    Rodger listened to me and has spent some time with me today, our eldest is also stopping in for a quick minute after work to borrow our printer. When she asked if she could I told her to bring a crowd. She’s not, of course. I went and bought the rest of her birthday present and bought a little surprise for the Grands for her to take home with her.

    My husband keeps wanting an air fryer and IP. I don’t like everything on my counters so keep putting it off.

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    Peach1948 wrote: »
    That was an amazing weight loss. Congrats!

    Debby in VA
    Prayers for you and your daughters!

    My husband is getting his first vaccine tomorrow. It was hard to find a place nearby so he will have to drive about an hour away to get it. But, I'm so glad a spot opened up.

    Carol in GA

    thanks- trying to figure it out- worked so hard to loose, not eating, tracking, walking,etc to gain or stay the same then when I stop all of that, six weeks later weight is down. Hoping it isn't because of the virus- do NOT want that again.
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