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January 2021 - daily or weekly check-in



  • deepwoodsladydeepwoodslady Member Posts: 4,063 Member Member Posts: 4,063 Member
    stephtra49 wrote: »
    MFP starting weight: 183
    GOAL WEIGHT: 160

    January starting weight: 178.2
    January goal: 170 or more!

    1/3 -178.2 , back with a new attitude & ready to do this.
    1/4 - 177.8, today was soooo long! First day back to work after my surgery 3 weeks ago. But I made it through it, I did really good with my food choices too. I’m wiped out & ready for bed. Hope you all had a GREAT DAY!
    1/5 - 177.4 Happy with this considering I ate chocolate last night.
    1/6 - 177 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 Happy with this! Doctors appointment went well yesterday! I get to start at home physical therapy today & in 3 weeks on site PT! I’m ready to be back to normal. Not being able to use my right arm is a pain.
    1/7 -
    Week One: -1.2
    Week Three: +.2

    1/17- 177.2 Well it has been the crappiest few months for me, with my dad’s passing, my shoulder surgery and then COVID-19. I haven’t been keeping track of my eating habits since 1/7/21 because I ended up testing positive for COVID-19! Good thing about it I didn’t gain weight. I am back feeling well and ready to get back down to a happier weight! I think the only thing that helped me during the past 10 days is the fact that I could not taste or smell anything. I still can’t taste or smell very good, hopefully they will return sooner than later! Stay healthy and safe my friends!😷🙏🏼

    @stephtra49 So sorry to hear that you had to go through the Covid-19 virus. However, I am glad to see that you are okay now and getting back to healthy.
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