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Just Give Me 10 Days ~ Round 138



  • quiltingjainequiltingjaine Member Posts: 3,455 Member Member Posts: 3,455 Member
    @CamandJarvis I noticed that my belly wanted food 17 hours into my fast. Once I got past that hump it was clear sailing. I intended 42 hrs but went 43.5 and only ate a little then because I had an appointment. I should have skipped dinner-I really wasn’t hungry. Ate some shrimp and cauliflower. Ate salt later because I had a neck ache.

    @SModa61 I’ve had a “spare tire” for as long as I can remember but when I started this WOE, it deflated fairly rapidly. Now I’m hoping to reduce some of the subQ fat and loose skin through longer fasts.
  • Tesha231Tesha231 Member Posts: 358 Member Member Posts: 358 Member
    @quiltingjaine Interested in the benefit you get from longer fasts. Sounds like reduced bloating and fat reduction more so than pounds, right? So do you only drink water during the fast periods?
  • playhardkf2017playhardkf2017 Member, Premium Posts: 563 Member Member, Premium Posts: 563 Member
    SModa61 wrote: »
    @quiltingjaine Thank you for your insights. As for Keto, I tried it and liked it, but it was the last straw for my problematic digestive system and I ended up with a hemorrhoidectomy in Dec 2018. Even last week, where I was eating "correctly" from a digestive point of view, I got constipated and risked damaging myself again. It was pretty nerve-racking as that is only the second time since the surgery that I have had an issue, and the first time had a clear cause of trying a single day of iron supplement. Unless I solve my system, diets like Keto cannot be in my future. As for IM, it's intriguing. I would have to figure out how to have my diary hit all my goals. But worth thinking about. Sorry if that was TMI. :P

    I swear by inulin if you gradually work your way up with it. It helps keep me healthy digestion wise. It's lightly sweet, so I put it in yogurt or tea or whatever I'm feeling that day. It's a soluble fiber and helps feed the good bacteria in your it can also make people gassy if they eat too much and their gi tract isn't used to it. But I love it and my stomach is unhappy without it.
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