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    @quiltingjaine Thank you for your insights. As for Keto, I tried it and liked it, but it was the last straw for my problematic digestive system and I ended up with a hemorrhoidectomy in Dec 2018. Even last week, where I was eating "correctly" from a digestive point of view, I got constipated and risked damaging myself again. It was pretty nerve-racking as that is only the second time since the surgery that I have had an issue, and the first time had a clear cause of trying a single day of iron supplement. Unless I solve my system, diets like Keto cannot be in my future. As for IM, it's intriguing. I would have to figure out how to have my diary hit all my goals. But worth thinking about. Sorry if that was TMI. :P

    I swear by inulin if you gradually work your way up with it. It helps keep me healthy digestion wise. It's lightly sweet, so I put it in yogurt or tea or whatever I'm feeling that day. It's a soluble fiber and helps feed the good bacteria in your it can also make people gassy if they eat too much and their gi tract isn't used to it. But I love it and my stomach is unhappy without it.

    Thank you for the suggestion @playhardkf2017 My CRS has me on daily Miralax and Benefiber for life, and I still managed to get constipated last week. Just crazy. I'll definitely check out the inulin. I have heard that magnesium and Vitamin C are also both natural add-ons that I should incorporate.
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