Just Give Me 10 Days ~ Round 138



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    misaraisa wrote: »
    I'd like to join! This is my first mfp group ever. Thank you for setting it up!
    Welcome to the best group on MFP and anyone else who is new also! You picked a great one to begin with! I hope you find us supportive and a place to hold yourself accountable to your goals. There is a January Challenge under way right now that you are also welcome to join in on. Totally optional though!!! Just set an exercise goal that will help get you or keep you moving. We "train" together here even though our goals and activities are widely varied.

    If you want to, right click on the logo and save it to your device. Then place it in your post so we can find each other easily in the thread. It just provides a little extra incentive to move our bodies and try to get more fit. Then just tell us what you did to work toward your goal each day. That's how we train together from so far apart.


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    Hey there, I decided to join in on the fun :) This is my first round

    Welcome 😀