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    Evelyn: I seldom visit facebook these days. I would rather call the people I care about on the phone., facetime with them, or zoom. I will go there to contact two or three special friends that I rarely hear from. :star:

    Machka: I love I before E—it put a smile on my face this morning. Thanks! :bigsmile:

    Sue: I do need Arrow time, and he might be needing my time, too. DH has been needy and that has kept me home for a while. Arrow has had a foot problem. He needs to be walked, but not ridden. I would love to go out and walk him in the arena. The road to his home has recently been blocked due to trees across the roadway. I don’t know whether that has been cleared up yet. :ohwell: I ’ll give my friend a call later this morning and find out whether the road is open. :star:

    Pip: I am delighted for you that things are coming along. :flowerforyou:

    Beth: I agree with Karen in VA. Your son will be so much better cared for when he is home with you. The puppy is a charmer. :flowrforyou:

    Allie: Our dog goes to the groomer this morning. I am grateful that we have such a good and patient groomer. :heart:

    No vaccine yet. The health department says they’ll call us when they get some vaccine. Their message is clear- “Don’t call us. We’ll call you.” :grumble:

    Katla in beautiful NW Oregon

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    Beth: prayers and hugs. So, sorry for what you are going through.
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    bananas: As a former dental hygienist (29 years), I would definitely recommend you going to a dentist who will answer your questions, as this is an important part of patient-care. I wouldn't trust anyone with my teeth who isn't willing to explain what their treatment plan is.
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    Carol - I hope your husband's health problems get cleared up with ease. <3 My ex MIL had all her parathyroid removed. The only ill effects were a serious case of vit D poisoning. In the 70s they didn't check these things properly. They told her she was only saved by drinking so much tea!

    Penny - I feel quite sad that you are moving. :'(<3 How long is it that you have been living there? However, it could be that a future cruise takes us to Tromsö, so I may get to see you again! How do you feel about it? You must have mixed feelings.

    I'm currently trying to interest DH in a cruise for March 2022. He is not biting yet. This would be to the Mediterranean, taking in Sicily, Sardinia, and Tunis. He is worried about his vestibular problems, plus the viability of Saga after the covid layoff. :#:s
    If he can't contemplate a cruise I may decide to go alone, I haven't made my mind up. We would pay the deposit with a credit card. The company is currently looking to refinance their debts, but they say they are viable.

    Zoom was good, with a few connection issues. Nice to see them though.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    bananas: As a former dental hygienist (29 years), I would definitely recommend you going to a dentist who will answer your questions, as this is an important part of patient-care. I wouldn't trust anyone with my teeth who isn't willing to explain what their treatment plan is.

    I agree. I have had several crowns within the past few years and none of them contained metal (they have gone away because it expands and contracts and causes more issues). If you are not comfortable with his responses, switch. Dentists are expensive. You need to know what you're paying for and what they are doing to your body.

    Tina in CA
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    I somehow twisted my ankle, not badly, but just enough that I can't do squats or lunges, stairs are a pain and my indoor marching in place is unlikely. I have to remember that injuries are an expected part of an active life, and not a catastrophe. I've wrapped my ankle even though it felt like overkill. I want to give it a reason to feel better tomorrow.

    Hugs to those who need them, probably all of us these days!

    Annie in Delaware
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    Hung out 1dt pic in the spare bathroom and the curtain is up
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    Starting to put stuff in
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    Instead of towel rings for the bathrooms, I found these on OfferUp.
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    Beautiful sunny day here and dry. Thanks Carol. I had to scrape ice and snow off my car and truck windows this morning so I could move the vehicles for the hay delivery guys. We now have fresh hay stacked in our barn to get us through to late spring. The dog got to run out in the pasture this morning and only got her paws wet. Going to see if I can get some paper work done this morning and then maybe work in the yard a bit this afternoon. Taco soup in the crockpot for this evening.

    Katla - Hope the road is cleared and you can find a little time for you and Arrow. I also am waiting for a call on the vaccine. The clinic is calling patients on their list and prioritizing the ones needing it most. I don't know if they have had trouble getting vaccine or not.

    Beth - That is one cute puppy.

    Pip - Things are looking good.

    Debbie - Hope things turn out well in the garden.

    Everyone take care, Sue in WA
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    Well i took a walk outside a tad windy but 50 degrees it was beautiful..
    I did rest some today i just cant help it,with nothing really to do .will have to get busy with something
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    Vicki - hope things work out with the co-worker. Sounds like you have a Plan B if it all goes south.

    Pip - You have a terrific eye for decor. Love the bathroom stuff, that shower curtain is awesome, and love the towel hanger. Might steal that idea...

    The snow last week helped the snowdrops bloom - they didn't bloom at all last year, as it just didn't get cold enough... but a week of sub-freezing weather coaxed a few of them to pop up. Always makes me feel better.


    I seem to be in the minority regarding the vaccine--but I feel as if every single person who gets it before I do means that I'm less likely to get the virus, as they will be less likely to spread it. The powers that be are just beginning to give the folks that are over 70 the vaccine here, and first responders, and I'm not bothered. Every immune person makes me and my family safer.

    Finally, got a yogurt bread to rise well and bake well. Turned out slightly bland, but that's easily fixed on the next try. My first effort turned out like hockey pucks. Was afraid to feed them to the birds in case they weighed them down too much to fly!

    Later, y'all,

    Lisa- what recipe do you use for yogurt bread? I got two quarts of plain yogurt when I helped at the food program at church- no clue what to do with it. I will try making a smoothie for husband with the mango puree we picked up last week- I am not a fan of smoothies. Tastes ok but cold drinks cause instant asthma attacks and I don't want to drink hot tea along with the smoothie(that is what I do when I eat anything cold)

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    Looking wonderful Pip! Love the Asian bathers💖.
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    Lisa ... I'm with you. I won't likely get the vaccine till near the end of the list. I figure August at the earliest. And I am OK with that. :smile:

    M in Oz