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Women 200lb+, Let's Be Magnificent This March!!!

RavenStCloudRavenStCloud Member Posts: 179 Member Member Posts: 179 Member
🍀Happy March, ladies!🍀

☘️We are now firmly into 2021! What are your goals for the spring? Or for March specifically? Is there anything new you'd like to incorporate into your routine? Or a habit you'd like to kick to the curb?

☘️If there was one piece of advice you could share with women who are just starting out on their weight loss journey, what would it be?

🟢If you've never been here before, please know you are welcome to join at any point in the month. All you have to do is post something, and then BAM! you're one of us.

🟢In this group, we post our weekly and monthly goals and provide support and motivation to each other as we share our triumphs and our struggles. This group is all about accountability.

🟢All women are welcome and, if you think you belong here, you do! No matter how much you currently weigh or how you measure (or don't measure) your weight, we'd love to hear from you.

🟢Victories, both scale and non-scale, are great to hear about, but, conversely, we know that weight loss isn't all sunshine and roses. If you're going through a rough patch, please feel free to be honest and vent your heart out. The struggle is real and we're all here to support each other!

🍀Let's be mightily magnificent this March!🍀
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  • ama3387ama3387 Member Posts: 200 Member Member Posts: 200 Member
    Age 34( on Wednesday)
    Height 5’5”
    Starting weight 275.6

    3/1- 267.4
    3/8 -
    3/15 -
    3/22 -
    3/29 -

    Weight Loss Goal for March: 8 pounds
  • BeastlyMapleBeastlyMaple Member Posts: 38 Member Member Posts: 38 Member
    Name: Kat
    Age: 30
    Height: 5' 7"
    Starting weight: 257lbs Dec 2020
    Goal for March: 230
    Current goal: 145 to hit healthy bmi. Anything below 180 would be wonderful for me.

    March 1st: 235.8
    ( my weigh ins to track are tuesdays but I weigh daily)


    Mini goals for this month:

    First full month with an at home workout program, ( 3 different res bands, body weight & dumbells). Never done this before, and will be doing wall mounts outside. Kinda nervous, I've never done proper workouts.
    Hoping to do more cross rope ( weather permitting)
    Sleep more!
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  • goal06082021goal06082021 Member Posts: 807 Member Member Posts: 807 Member
    I'm thinking about getting some resistance bands, maybe I'll order them from Zulily since I don't need them urgently. There's always some kind of fitness equipment on offer. What kind of bands do you have, @BeastlyMaple? Are they the wide flat ones, or the ones that are like little tubes with handles?
  • BeastlyMapleBeastlyMaple Member Posts: 38 Member Member Posts: 38 Member
    @goal06082021 I'm overwhelmed by how many I have now, lol. As someone who's never officially worked out or stepped into a gym, it's scary, lol. However, the bands make me feel like this is achievable. I bought myself the "mini bands". The flat thin rubber ones. I really liked those, they are perfect for simple upper bodywork. However, they were too tight for leg work. The boyfriend gifted me the tubular ones with optional handles, which I'll be using when I can buy wall mounts for the outside. ( small house, so going to try the brick outside). He also bought me the super thick rubber ones that are really long. Those ones are really versatile and can basically do everything that you would find in the gym with machines. I've only used my mini bands so far, but I do see good potential for the others. Each set has 5 different weight ranges, so there's so many options. I'll be using mine for mostly physio until I can build up strength. I did find I do a much better job using bands than dumbells, because you're always under tension. So it helps me maintain form a lot easier without getting sloppy.

    Tubular and the big flat rubber ones ( pull up) are " The Fit Life" on Amazon. Which for me, being Canadian was the most affordable for quality ( plus 10$ off), we're limited to our options. There is SO many really helpful youtube playlists for all of these too, I feel excited because it looks like something I will enjoy and be able to maintain. I hope any of this helps!
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