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Women 200lb+, Let's Be Magnificent This March!!!



  • goal06082021goal06082021 Member Posts: 810 Member Member Posts: 810 Member
    @BeastlyMaple LOL thanks, you're too kind! This is all very good info - I dunno about anybody else but I sure appreciate it! I'm surprised about the band around the knees making a squat easier, although I guess that makes sense if your knees want to fly out to the sides as you lower. I know my hips are happier with a wider stance for squats, a band might help with training a narrower stance.
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  • SpotteddingoSpotteddingo Member, Premium Posts: 59 Member Member, Premium Posts: 59 Member

    I am very sorry to hear about your mom, I know it is very difficult. I lost mine when I was 22.

    I think 9 pounds is doable and it sounds like you have a good plan!

  • girlinkazgirlinkaz Member Posts: 18 Member Member Posts: 18 Member
    Hi all!

    Height 5’6”
    Age 30
    SW 222.1 (Feb 21)
    March SW 212
    March GW 202
    UGW 170

    Goals this month are to stay active 5-6x/week, track 100% of what I consume (1 month down, a lifetime to go! 😉), stay on a low carb, no sugar meal plan, and consume 3-4L of water every day. I have low thyroid so as soon as I add fruit or carbs, I stop losing weight so I try to only add those in when I’m at maintenance. I have a cheat day planned for my birthday this month but other than that, I want to stay focused on my goal.

    Let’s gooooo March!
  • Angief05Angief05 Member Posts: 88 Member Member Posts: 88 Member
    speyerj wrote: »
    Angief05 wrote: »
    * Stop putting myself down( that is going to be a hard one)

    That's a really, really important goal and I'm glad you picked that one. You are doing amazingly well. You have already lost more than 5% of your starting weight and your body is already feeling the difference. I hope you can too.

    One way to work on that goal is to catch yourself when you have a negative thought and challenge the validity of that thought. Turn the negative thought on its head and replace it with a positive statement about yourself, even if you don't believe it in the moment. Say it anyway, out loud if you can. Keep repeating words of self-love until you believe them. It's such an important step in our recovery.

    Thank you for reaching out to me. I will try what you suggested.
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