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  • kelMee2kelMee2 Member Posts: 150 Member Member Posts: 150 Member
    @rmh2021 yes you just share here how you're doing and update your weight. I definitely find that logging food and exercise makes such a difference, when I lost the weight before I stupidly believed I could maintain without logging but I was wrong and gained the weight back plus more. I think for me logging food and weighing myself will really need to be part of my life forever because the minute I stop doing it the bad habits start and I gain weight which is something I definitely don't want to happen again. We can definitely do this.
  • roz0810roz0810 Member Posts: 485 Member Member Posts: 485 Member
    Welcome to all. Yes to join you just comment here with how you're doing, any weigh ins etc
  • rmh2021rmh2021 Member Posts: 10 Member Member Posts: 10 Member
    @kelMee2 I agree with the logging. When I log the good and see exactly what I am eating it makes a huge difference. I also reset my setting so I was tracking my carbs and fiber and protein... to watch what I wanted to specifically. It's great you can fine tune it.

    Btw today it's already 5 and I have not exercised yet. I am dreading riding the bike. For me exercising comes easier in the am. Tonight it will be a chore!
  • annaboobie1annaboobie1 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    Hello everyone!! I'm so in! I'd love to loose around 50 to 60 lbs! But it's so hard to do! Fingers crossed that I can do it!!
  • kelMee2kelMee2 Member Posts: 150 Member Member Posts: 150 Member
    Starting weight 220lbs (08.03.21)
    April 9th 208.4
    April 16th 206.6

    Really pleased with this week's results, have started strength exercise to try and tone up my flabby arms, have also been drinking more at least 2 litres but some days I'm managing 3. Next week I'll be adding in more walking and more strength exercises as well as sticking with the bike and hopefully things will keep moving in the right direction.
  • rmh2021rmh2021 Member Posts: 10 Member Member Posts: 10 Member
    Ok so I am closing out the work week having worked out every day! It's too soon to see movement on the scale but I feel good. I am going to weigh myself 1x a week. I have a digital scale that reports to my phone in an app called Feelfit and it tells me my weight, bmi, body fat, etc. Where I am not liking the data now I think it will be helpful to watch those metrics go down over time. What I know I need to work on is drinking more water (I hate drinking plain water) so that's something I need to force myself to do. I wish I could drink 2-3 litres like @kelMee2. (well done you!) But overall I am excited for sticking this out and getting active feels great really. My mood is better, my sleep is better, and I am starting to feel energized by exercising instead of dreading it. Here's to sticking to the plan for the weekend and into a new week! Good luck everyone!
  • kelMee2kelMee2 Member Posts: 150 Member Member Posts: 150 Member
    How is everyone? I'm looking forward to Monday for the first time in a long time, tomorrow is the first step towards normality for me, my kids go back to school full time for the first time since December and I will actually have some free time so will be able to add in some more exercise. I might actually be able to get my house organised as well cause at the moment it resembles a school, as that's basically what it's been for months.
  • rmh2021rmh2021 Member Posts: 10 Member Member Posts: 10 Member
    I did not exercise yesterday. I'm disappointed in retrospect but I felt exhausted and just was lame. Today I am back at it. Riding the bike for 30 min hiit and a 30 min hill walk after which I have to tackle soon before it is too hot. I started no dairy today. I'm trying oat milk which is not bad. I can't wait until the day I don't think about what I am going to eat so much. Right now I give it too much thought. I'm going for 6-8 bottles of water each day starting today too. Good luck everybody.
  • healthygirlintransithealthygirlintransit Member Posts: 146 Member Member Posts: 146 Member
    I'd like to join. I need to lose about 110lbs. My goals this month are:
    Walking 30 mins. a day
    Strength train 2x a week
    Drink at least 64oz of water
  • roz0810roz0810 Member Posts: 485 Member Member Posts: 485 Member
    Welcome everyone.

    @healthygirlintransit Great goals. You got this!

    @rmh2021 I also have Bluetooth scales that tell me all sorts of things, I've had mine since around last October and I love them.

    @kelMee2 I'm glad it's finally starting to go back to some sort of normal.
  • WandaMcAlary1WandaMcAlary1 Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member
    I’m so discouraged! I started a 60 day workout challenge, doing the PiYo exercise from Beachbody. It’s hard, but I love it, and I admit, I’m getting stronger, but I’m done my first 30 days and I’m only down 1 lb! 1 losey lb! And I’ve also used My Fitness Pal to log my weight, and kept within the limits. I know muscle weighs more, etc, and I have seen a slight change in inches... it up I’m still grossly FAT! And I’m walking every day for 20-30 minutes. WTH?
  • kelMee2kelMee2 Member Posts: 150 Member Member Posts: 150 Member
    @WandaMcAlary1 sending hugs, try not to lose motivation, if you've lost inches take it as a non scale victory, you could also be retaining water as your body repairs all the muscles you're using in your exercises and might just suddenly get a whoosh and a good loss. Make sure you're eating enough and not underestimating calories burned, I made this mistake and was burning more calories than I thought and not eating enough and my body held on to the weight until I upped my calories then I saw a good loss.
  • rmh2021rmh2021 Member Posts: 10 Member Member Posts: 10 Member
    @WandaMcAlary1 I could not even do a beachbody workout. It's been a minute but I bought one of their programs and my knees were screaming so if you have done 30 days- you are an olympian IMO. Sometimes our bodies can protectively hold onto fat if you are cutting too many calories so make sure you have enough protein. Increasing water intake can help too. And keep going- your body is a machine and your hard work will get results. Rooting for you!
  • bonitabeach33bonitabeach33 Member Posts: 35 Member Member Posts: 35 Member
    I have 80lbs to lose. Just at the beginning of the journey and hope I can still with it. I tend to yo-yo up and down and never get back to my ideal wight. I am hoping that with willpower and some friendly support this time will be different. Not sure how I see other posts but I am here for anyone who needs support and cheering up when it gets a little difficult. Good Luck to us all.
  • nevergiveup812mfpnevergiveup812mfp Member Posts: 12 Member Member Posts: 12 Member
    Hi all. Lost weight now gained it all back and much more in pandemic...stress eating too much alcohol not much exercise. Keep waiting to start...want to but can't seem to get started again. Need to lose about 60 lbs.
  • kelMee2kelMee2 Member Posts: 150 Member Member Posts: 150 Member
    @nevergiveup812mfp That's exactly the reason I'm here, lost the weight 2 years ago put some back on then during the last year put the rest plus more on. So back to start again, my starting weight was 220lbs on the 8th of March this year, that's the heaviest I've ever been, looking to lose between 60 and 70lbs to get me to where I want to be. I'm making progress but still have a long way to go so hoping all the lovely people here will help motivate and support me to reach my goal and I'll do the same for all of you, together we can do this.
  • ladychr0nicladychr0nic Member Posts: 79 Member Member Posts: 79 Member
    @roz0810 Nice thread! I've seen you around here, you seem so motivated! It's inspiring :)

    I haven't set a goal weight, I'm just trying to get to onederland first. I probably have about 50 pounds to lose, then go from there. I'm not trying to get super skinny or anything, I sill want to have some wiggle room for beer and pizza haha. I've been keeping pretty active. I went on my first run yesterday in a long time. I took my dog and he did so well! He's going to be the best running buddy. I was going to wait till I lost more weight to start running, but I found this epic trail by my house, so I figured trail running is lower impact. I'm going to try and keep it up. Between dog walking, running and bike riding hopefully I'll find a groove.
  • kitkat7818kitkat7818 Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    Hi everyone, im in... I need to lose around 70lbs, i lack motivation and would really appreciate any tips, tricks, or even a helpful push in right Direction.. X
  • kelMee2kelMee2 Member Posts: 150 Member Member Posts: 150 Member
    @kitkat7818 Best advice I could give is log everything you eat and try and drink at least 2 litres of water. I found that by logging everything I could see what changes I needed to make which has really helped me to eat better and make better food choices.
  • CariTJRCariTJR Member Posts: 328 Member Member Posts: 328 Member
    Hello everyone, I'm not new to MFP, but I'm starting from scratch. I had real success on MFP and lost a lot of weight a few years back, I was running 3-4 times a week, had joined a local running club (safety in numbers for those dark evening runs), was doing yoga and feeling really good. Then, I had an accident and fractured my back and it was a long slow process to get back to some sort of normality again. In the mean time I gained back all the weight and then some. So here I am, 197lb as of today with about 60lb to lose. I could use all the support I can get, and will happily cheer on everyone here too. 😊
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