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    Does anyone else here struggle with bingeing? The only "good" thing in the house are protein bars and I can sit there and eat 6 of them. I asked my husband if he could take them and put them in the trunk of the car which goes to work with him workdays, so I can't get to them. He looked at me like I was nuts :) Maybe I am! If it's in the house I will eat eat it. Anything. It's embarrassing and rather immature for an almost 50 year old, non?

    Yes, I must confess to being an all or nothing kind of guy. It doesn’t matter whether it’s good choices like protein cakes or bad choices like milk chocolate digestives, if I eat just one then I’ll go on to consume half the packet! And I’ll have to agree it’s embarrassing and immature for a …..63 year old. Hangs head in shame…..Anyway, let’s keep going with this!

    Me too!! I have zero will power so try and keep everything out of the house that I shouldn't be eating to the bottom of the bag. :(