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    My sweet Bruce passed early this AM. He was a proud USAF veteran and lifelong lover of military aircraft, so appropriate that he chose Memorial Day for his final flight.

    Thank you for all the gracious comments and virtual hugs. I'm heading back to bed to catch up on sleep and possibly get back on the exercise wagon later today.

    with tears flowing
    Colorado Foothills

    My condolences Rori. :heart:
    And my admiration for the way you've handled the whole situation.

    M in Oz
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    Good morning! Got up and got walking (with the dogs). Excited to be going back to the pool tonight. Hopefully, it will be a warm day, and the pool will warm up a little after a weekend of cold rain.

    About half-way finished with getting my used curriculum ready for a sale in 2 weeks. Just have to label everything, and get the sets tied together. I have about 3 additional boxes of things I'm going to post "free" here in a bit, and piles of stuff in the dining room. Hoping that between this sale and my "free" items that I'll have a nice bit of space cleared out (Still have a bunch of shelving to put up, as well as decorations and curtains that have been sitting around for a year, but one thing at a time).

    My bathroom is nearly torn out. So much rotting wood we have to replace. It's rotten under the other bathroom floor, too -- so that bath may wind up getting done sooner rather than later. It's a tiny full bathroom, so we decided to move some of the electrical and put in a pocket door. It will take up so much less floor space. The spot behind our toilet has a vent pipe going up to the roof -- so I am re-working things in my design a bit. At least our bath will have insulation after this (the insulation in the ceiling was literally still in the rolled-up bat, and half the insulation in the exterior wall was missing. No wonder our bathroom was sweltering in the summer! We also discovered that in the first-floor exterior wall, there is also missing insulation. You can see the brick and daylight where the mortar has chipped away. Guess my idea of going room by room and pulling the drywall off and re-insulating was a good one (as well as insulating the attic spaces). It is another huge project, but our heat/air system should be able to be downsized once everything is said and done. And, with the cost of electricity heading up, controlling those expenses is going to be important.

    Well, I need to get going and get started with my day. I have writing to do, and emails to send. Have a good day, all.
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    I am wondering whether Barbie is okay. She usually starts us off on a new month. Today is June 1.
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    :) Here is the new thread for June. I look forward to spending June with all of you


    Katla - She posted the link yesterday. Perhaps you overlooked it?

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    Good morning! Looking forward to a new month and hopefully the return of sunny weather. We've had torrents of rain here in North Texas, which I'm sure I will be missing before too long.

    Had a quick 15 minutes on the bike before logging in to work, then a veggie & egg white omelet. Hoping to catch another 15 and maybe some strength training when I break for lunch. The university where I work will be going back to full time regular hours and days starting Aug 1, and I sure will miss the flexibility of working from home. I miss my work buds, though, so I'll just have to keep my creativity flowing!

    I hope everyone has a good day and week ahead
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    @dlfk202000 wow, that sounds like a nightmare. do you see your mother in law often ? do you think this Sophia is a con artist who was not really a friend of your BIL ?

    My MIL lives about 5 minutes from us. I see her at least once a week. DH sees her almost daily.
    Yes, I do think Sophia is a bit of a con artist- BIL and her worked at the Post office together. We never heard him mention her. She just showed up with another co-worker. MIL believed what they were saying. I think the connection to her favorite son over shadowed anything else.
    She doesn't live in our town, thankfully. She comes over about once a month- MIL complains about her coming over because she either has to cook for Sophia or pay if they go out to eat- She started all of this and Sophia is taking advantage of it. Then after she leaves, MIL is on the Sophia kick - believes everything she said, etc and we have to listen to her. DH is just so tried of all of it. He says he is ready to turn all the bank accounts over to Sophia and be done with it but I don't think he really will- sure hope not.

    No, my former hubby did not come. He did text me, to say he was thinking about me and he was there if I needed to talk then checked on me that evening.

    The service was nice- SOOOO many people.. No real drama with the sisters- older sister ignored me completely. I think she might have said hello one time when they came out Saturday night(after mom told them they couldn't come with the dogs). Sunday they came out again, needing a shower- They had told mom they were staying with a friend while they were out but instead they slept in their van with their dogs at least two nights- not sure what they did last night. They were coming out to the house this morning but I left before they got there.
    I have no idea what dh is feeling. He got to the service late and had to sit in the other building(I had seats saved but someone else took them- He was totally fine being in the other room with his friend that came from Vegas just for the service. I was fine with it. I haven't really talked to him. I got home this morning, he was sleeping after working all night.
    Not worried about him- more concerned about mom-
    She is getting overwhelmed with all that needs to get done in the garden, all the people who said they would be there to help and none are showing up- saying she just getting depressed.
    I will be back up in a couple weeks and try and contact some of the ones who said they would help, remind them and let them know she needs the help now.

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    I missed Barbie’s new thread yesterday evening. I had several things on my mind and missed the new thread. Thanks for helping me find it today.
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    Rori- so sorry for your loss
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    Poerava14 wrote: »

    Still Going with the Flow
    Colorado Foothills

    So sorry to hear what you are going through.
    (((Hugs))) and prayers 🙏🏻 🙏🏻🙏🏻