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    We are around the same weight! How do you work on hormones and candida?

    A lifetime of reading about it, and now doing the work that I know I need to do.

    My favourite books are:

    - The Hormone Cure, by Sara Gottfried
    - The Yeast Connection, by William G Crook (an oldy, but a goody - I don't agree with everything he says [with the food options] but still...)
    - The Candida Cure, by Ann Boroch (I kind of trust this one a bit more)
    - Allergies: Disease in Disguise, by Carolee Bateson-Koch (has a good section on it as well)

    I've also worked with a naturopath to help with this before.
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    I fast twice a week, on Wednesday I do 36 hours so basically I eat dinner on Tuesday and then I don’t eat until Thursday for breakfast....on Sunday I have been doing 24 hours so I would eat breakfast but then not eat again until Monday breakfast....I find Sunday harder for myself but I do not want to do two 36 hour fasts a week, I want to be sure I am getting enough calories a week!...I am actually considering dropping Sunday as a fast day and just keeping the Wednesday....I know fasting isn’t for everyone but I actually feel great after my 36 hour fast and surprisingly if I make sure I drink plenty of water/tea I’m remarkably very energetic on those days despite not eating 👍

    I have a couple friends who do long fasts too, and love it. Dr. Fung has some great info on YouTube about fasting. Because of my hormone issues, longer fasts just aren't for me... at least while trying to balance them, because it can raise cortisol, and high cortisol can steal progesterone and convert it to cortisol, leaving the body in a state of estrogen dominance (my personal nemesis). I have done some 14:10 fasting, and really enjoyed that! I was thinking about doing it again now, since I'm eating less... Might be more filling to eat less in a shorter timeframe... (Still thinking about it...)
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    Goal for June: Learn alternatives to stress eating.

    I love that!! What are you trying so far?

    For me, I try to journal about my worries instead of eating, so I can figure out how to deal with my stressors. This has been EXTREMELY helpful to me over the past month. I write down what worries me until later, and then I try to only spend 30 mins or less writing about them, what's going on, and how I'm going to deal with it.

    Also, for me, a big cause of my stress eating is procrastination, and then worrying about all the things I need to do, so making sure I have an action plan on how to meet my goals, and get stuff done is also super important. Also, knowing what goals are actually important, and setting boundaries with everything else.