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    Barbie- I could do that but the cottage is big and old and I feel creeped out being there by myself.. and Jean makes its clear I have to get permission to go up.. yes it is unfortunate that its ok for some but not others to bring there dogs..
    I have decided not to go because Sean and Jean are both sick and unvaccinated and i dont know if There friend Joe or Shane and Morgan are vaccinated, so i dont want to put myself or Tal in Jeopardy..
    Tracy went to OB this morning and sent more ultrasound pictures.. such a cute lil.nugget,so excited for them
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    I put my bookcase from DH'S study, that we emptied of books, on Freecycle. A very nice couple have just been and taken it. She has just moved and has a new cake making studio to furnish. Win, win. It was very big and heavy, but they had a van. More space in the garage for us.

    I felt soooo tired this afternoon thst I almost felt sick. Had a nap for 30 mins after my rowing.

    I think I might have found a language partner in German, from the Polyglot club. Her name is Julia. We will see if it works out. I have suggested Saturday morning on WhatsApp. It's harder to find a German partner than a Spanish one, as most young Germans speak good English already.

    Love to all, Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Numer1ca wrote: »
    @Whidislander that is so cool! Is this a young person or your husband?

    This is my eldest Navy sons' hobby.😁. I go into his bedroom periodically and look at any changes.
    Its crazy all the LEGO he owns. When we moved from one rental to another back in June 2019, thank goodness it was just a street away. He loaded up his van and drove slow!
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    Back on my regiment! Eating window between 12 to 2pm. Fast the rest of the time, so its a 22/2 in intermittent fasting speak. Today I am going to create a tortilla bowl and use up the taco meat, some refried beans and veggies. Then have 2 molasses cookies with coffee.

    This morning I pushed myself on the treadmill doing 2.9 and 2 on incline. Imagined I was just climbing Mt Fuji😁👍. When I arrived I took my resting blood pressure 128/74. Then I took it after 45 minutes on the treadmill, 107/73. What? I did rest the last 5 minutes walking a mere 2.0. Kinda strange.

    Wrote my youngest Navy son a long email, since I got his ships email address from the Chaplain. I was positive, just an update on everybody. I wrote that I hoped he wasn't too annoyed I had connected with Chaplain, but it had come from a place of true care, and concern. We'll see if I get a reply.🙏👍

    I hope you hear back from you son soon and the times in between emails are very short from now on.
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    Stats for the day-

    Walk w/family- 1hr 33min 48sec, 70elev, 3.26sp, 88ahr, 107mhr, 5.09mi= 458c
    Strava app = 616c
    Zwift home spin bike- 45.06min, 453elev, 121aw, 63arpm, 127ahr, 156mhr, 10mi= 553c
    Zwift app- 316c
    Walk to gym- 10.30min, .52mi= 52c
    Strava app- 64c
    Treadmill jog- 9.52min, 6.0-6.5sp, 122ahr, 173mhr, 1mi= 113c
    Other- hanging knee to waist crunches, 2.50min, 5sts of 10ea, 112ahr, 129mhr= 25c
    Rope pull- 5min, lvl5 out of 7, midset, 104ahr, 164mhr, 513.5ft= 70c
    Walk gym to store to hm- 15.21min, .76mi= 75c
    Strava app = 92c

    Total cal 1346
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    @cityjaneLondon cheese is a major weakness for me too. Good job controlling you drinking. I know it can be hard!

    @Anniesquats100 did you decide not to go and are helping out or are you planning on attending?

    @Vickil57 ugh, I’m sorry your friend has a thief for a daughter. Sometimes I feel like letting parts of my family go. Friends we can chose and then they can become our family.
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    @Whidislander wow! One of my sons was pretty creative with his legos, then he got really into D&D and I guess that filled that space for him. The other isn’t very creative that way. They both did LEGO robotics though. That was super fun.

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    My aunt said she wants us at the service so we will go to that. I'm not sure yet about the picnic afterwards. That might just be for the out of town guests. I'm still sort of waiting to be directly invited. Even if the invite happens at the service. There's a bottle of wine we can bring last- minute.
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    That sounds like a good plan.
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    Worked today so no formal exercise. The plan for tomorrow is to do a Body Attack DVD and then maybe go for a walk. Went for a walk this evening.

    Cut the grass so no walk this afternoon

    Guess what was in our skimmer?

    Allie – what exactly is it that Faith has. Not covid, I hope.

    Went to this place yesterday to see about holding Rummikub there. Seems that we would have to lease the space from them for use in the evening, which I’m sure Newcomers doesn’t want to do. I have to draft a letter to them saying how unless they can reach an agreement with this place, I’m afraid Rummikub in the evening will have to be disbanded. To be honest, I’m really not upset. I sort-of got used to not having that commitment. I’ll tell them that if Newcomers reaches an agreement, I am willing to be coordinator. Seems they need a coordinator for quite a few things.

    Michele NC
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    :)Allie, I understand your not wanting to go to the cabin alone but surely there is some happy medium between that and going with people who are sick or not vaccinated and dogs that scare Alfie.

    <3 Barbie
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    We went out for dinner at a favorite restaurant and enjoyed it. There was live music across the street at the park. Lots of people were enjoying the music & having a good time. What a difference from a few months ago! :)
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    JustJenn68 wrote: »

    I heard a bunch of happy sounds when I drove by the Angry Beaver bar tonight.