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    <3Heather, sorry your German call was such a disappointment

    :)Barbara, no doubt, the heat was a huge contributor to my sinking spell. Also, I rarely take a nap and figure that walking the dogs will wake me up, but walking was horrible due to the heat. The balance class in my neighborhood started up two weeks ago but I opted to not go. The room is not large, and my not going allows someone else more space. Since I am dancing two mornings a week, and walking the dogs, and working in the yard, I figure that I have my bases covered. My dog walking friend has been going and says that it is well attended and fun.

    <3Lisa, so sorry about all your recurring health challenges

    :) I plan to work in the yard as soon as I finish walking the dogs so I can take advantage of the shade and cooler temperatures and then hide out in the house for the rest of the day except for another round of dog walking.

    <3 Barbie in toasty warm NW WA

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    Barbara the females will have a small bulb shape at the bottom. I have quite a few plants and most have only the males right now. Once they start growing they can get big quickly. Since I have them in pots I plan to harvest them from small to med size.
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    Barbie-- The weather forecast here is for HOT, HOT, HOT. It is 68F now, at 6:49 am, and is predicted to reach 105F this afternoon. It “cools” down to 96F by 8PM. I may open doors this evening if the forecast holds up. We have all of our windows covered this morning. Our windows face the sunrise, East NE. Tomorrow is predicted to be even hotter unless things have changed since I watched the weather news yesterday evening. YIKES!!!

    Machka-- Your hive box looks very fine. I am unsurprised that your work building it as a first timer is absolutely excellent. :flowerforyou: I love your beautiful photos.

    Barbara-- All of our near neighbors have air conditioners. Down the road from us is an RV Park that is owned by the local marina. All of the RV’s there have the ability to use AC to run their air-conditioners. The vast majority of the RV’ers there are longterm residents. :star:

    Lisa-- I like, and admire, your attitude. DH also has need of a special diet and has been following fodmap practices for several years. He learned about it from a local doctor. It has been an excellent choice for him. Fodmap was developed in Australia for people who have difficulty digesting gluten in wheat-based bread and pasta. I don’t know whether this would be right for you, but it is likely worth your while to read up on it if you haven’t done so already. :heart:

    KJ-- We have had hot spells before. One was a few years ago. This is likely to be the hottest spell in local history. Tomorrow is supposed to be worse than today. I have closed all of our blinds to keep the morning heat out of our windows. Our air-conditioner will be working hard for the next few days. I can hear it running now, at 7:58 am. :ohwell:

    Katla in NW Oregon
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    HEATHER sorry your call didn't work out.

    Weather is good now, a bit cloudy but with sunny spells. Walked to my son’s house, took him some lettuce from our garden. Half hour walk each way, cup of tea and a chat.
    Having salad for my tea with chicken. Tom having steak, onions potatoes and veg. Do the steak in slow cooker with the gravy, he doesn’t like it fried or grilled.

    Kate UK ❤️
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    Morning or afternoon ladies
    Well i had a great time yesterday.. my friend is up with her DH from North Carolina and we got together ,Thursday night and yesterday we got togethee with a bunch of the family and Sues kids and grandkids and played a game called 4 corners.. Mason who is 8 wanted the family together and playibg a game rather than going to a dinosaur park..ww all had a blast,then met other friends at the local brewery,i didnt drink but we had a wonderful time..tomorrow i am going to a friends celebration of life and will make peanut butter brownies to take with me
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    Lisa - (((Hugs))) to you. I do hope you are able to heal your gut. I'm sorry for what you have had to endure.

    Karen in Virginia
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    Lisa ... you have every right to be frustrated, mad as hell, sorry for yourself, and then some ... I'm praying for an answer and then complete healing.

    Margaret ... after posting my potted zucchini plant ... the leaves are now turning yellow! The zucchini are growing fine and are not marked in any way. Suggestions? I'm thinking that they're either not getting enough (it's in a full sun/hot area) water or the nutrients are depleted from the pot.

    Barbara ... the first pot in my post is mint and basil, which I need to do something with this weekend. Making pesto, I think and then I have a Farro Salad that uses both mint, basil and arugula. Then we have a jalapeño pepper plant in one pot and a red pepper in another. The remaining four pots are tomatoes ... sweet 100's, early girl, rutgers and an heirloom brandy. This pot planting is a big experiment for me, based on "square foot" gardening. I'm hoping it produces because it's been incredibly easy to this point.

    Machka ... your photos are absolutely beautiful ...

    Question ladies .... I have been on statins for several years for what my doctor considers high cholesterol (190 -220 while on statins). I am not in agreement with my doctor. I believe that cholesterol is necessary for brain health. Anyways, I have finally convinced my doctor to take me off statins for a while and see what I can accomplish with diet/exercise alone. So here's the question ... do you have any recommendations diet wise to assist in keeping cholesterol within normal tolerances? It wasn't too long ago, for example, that my cholesterol was in the 160s ... and I also ate oatmeal everyday. (I'm making a pot of steel cut oats as I type).

    Beth near Buffalo
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    Happy Saturday everyone! Started great, getting up early. Lee opened all the windows, and we have the fan going. Being under our grove of tall trees is a blessing. Had a gal cone get some wooden stamps I won't ever use, plus my avocado plant that was looking a wee bit sickly. She needs a lot more sun than I can give her. Plus her pot is too small. I just didnt want to spring for a bigger pot plus another bag of soil. Did I say I don't have a green thumb, though my pinkie sometimes show a hint green to it.
    I took a pic of our house for the gal coming. She was elderly so giving her the pic seemed better.

    She was so happy, and said my plant didnt look too bad. She has a relative that has an avocado plant growing all over the house!
    I made a small bowl of coleslaw, and will have that with some fish fillets in a small tortilla. I use pepper jack cheese to wrap around the fish, so its like glue to keep it in the tortilla, then just put coleslaw on top. Might add a pickle. Then have a small bowl of grapefruit. Then coffee and a cookie. And that's my day. Easy peasy. Today I eat at noon and it will be 20 hours fasted. I used to think that was a long time, but I guess my body is used to it.
    Oops need to take out the sheets from the machine, and make the bed.
    Have a good day ladies!
    Hugs Rebecca

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    That looks heavenly Heather!
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    Machka9, Your photos are beautiful! Where are you running? I dream of going there.

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    Stats for the day-

    Walk w/family- 1hr 26min 13sec, 37elev, 3.65ap, 93ahr, 116mhr, 5.23mi= 476c
    Strava app = 634c
    Zwift home spin bike- 19.29min, 19.09min mi, 130ahr, 154mhr, 174elev, 136aw, 58arpm, 6.20mi= 196c
    Zwift = 153c
    Walk to gym- 10min, .52mi= 52c
    Strava app = 63c
    Treadmill jog- 20.20min, 10.10min mi, 5.7-6.5sp, 152ahr, 183mhr, 2mi= 210c
    Standing crunches- 4min, 25#, 5sts of 10ea24c
    Other- ball toss 1st of 5 and 180# tire toss, 1st of 5, 45c
    Walk from gym to stores then home- 27.02min, 1.35mi= 146c
    Strava app = 165c

    Total cal 1119
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    Beth— I wish you luck with your effort to reduce cholesterol. I have no personal experience. My dad had heart disease and took many different pills daily. He worried about cholesterol for many years but did nothing to manage his dietary intake of foods containing cholesterol. He took lots of pills. I have heard that oatmeal is heart friendly. ❤️