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    So far all the critters are tolerating the heat although the cats are leaving some of their food which is unusual. I am surviving in the house with the 2 room air conditioners.

    I went to church this morning for the first time since they reopened. Everyone wore masks we were all distanced. I really miss choir but it was nice to see and hear Jim, our organist in person again.

    Everyone take care Sue in WA
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    Afternoon ladies
    Im at Dons memorial.. lots of people forgot my mask but just basically just am sticking with the family who are vaccinated
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    Pip— I love the music! Such fun. 😁❤️
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    So sorry Tracey. Unfortunately, you can't do it for her. She has to want to get help.
    Try to concentrate on your own well being. I know it's hard, but you are not responsible for her happiness. <3

    Love and best wishes, Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Back home and in my jammies..
    Like i said just hung with the family and didnt walk around that much..
    Found out Don was doubly vaccinated but chose to drink 3/4 of a fifth of booze nightly and that did the damage and basically reversed the vaccine..so very sad and such a talented musician.. alot of people were there which was nice but they mingled and came and went ..
    Alfie had a nice time and Elena and Tom got me a couple of potted ppants for my birthday which i thought was very sweet,here is hoping i can keep them alive..
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    Newbie here and need help logging my daily steps. I use an aura ring and don't know where to record my steps. Just found your page today!!! Loving the upbeat posts!!!!
    Dawn FL

    You can log exercise. Click the Exercise link and select Walking ... but you'll need to know the time you took to walk those steps.


    Machka in Oz
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    Feeling moody. ☹️

    Hope you all are finding relief from the heat.

    Annie in Delaware
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    Did Cool It Off DVD today (stretching) then went for a walk. Work tomorrow so no formal exercise

    Cloudy today but, fortunately, not raining. Hopefully, it’ll stay that way and I can go for my walk later today.

    Dawn – welcome!

    It was beautiful outside but I was waiting for Vince to go outside. He finally told me that he didn’t think he was going to go to WalMart, so I went in the pool. Water was 87. Refreshing. Tonight I’ll probably go for a walk and then clean the spa then put my feet in it while playing mahjongg online. Update: Did this

    Speaking of the mahjongg, remember how I told you that they’d voted to play in person? Well, I did send an email to the gal and asked why she and one other couldn’t take their laptops/tablets to the gals’ house where they play and they can play in person but the gal who has a place in the mountains and I can also play? I just heard back from her that the gal whose house they play at is trying to figure out her wi-fi password (??). I guess this means we play. I did ask her to let me know if the gal gets it figured out. Update: they will. I'll take my laptop out by the pool (on the upper patio where there is electricity and lights. That is, assuming the weather is nice. They're calling for nice weather so far)

    Made a chocolate cake for Vince. Just added some water to confectioners sugar for icing. I really want as little as possible in my freezer since the corn will be coming in soon and I want room for it. I know that if I make icing, there’ll be leftovers

    katla – how long do you go before you feed your sourdough starter? Do you bake bread or just feed the starter?

    Michele NC
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