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Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 153



  • playhardkf2017
    playhardkf2017 Posts: 708 Member
    chublet25 wrote: »
    heaviest weight: 225 pounds (Mar 23, 2021)
    current weight: 186.5
    goal weight: 130

    weight lost
    round 150: 3.0
    round 151: 3.0
    round 152: 3.0

    goal for round 153 is 2.5 pounds (looking for 184 on the scales)

    6/11: 186.0
    6/12: 185.0
    6/13: 185
    6/14: 184.5

    6/15: 184 (went for a walk without the dogs yesterday, since it was very hot, too hot for the black chiweenie and the blonde and white girl seems to have a bit of a limp, so I thought I'd give her the day off. She's still tearing around and I can't find anything specific wrong with that foot or leg, so I am massaging it (she enjoys that because she's a big sookie). Found a little gooseberry bush to dig up this fall, and managed to pick up 28 (I am not making that up) ticks all on my own. Also started week 3 of c25k, where one has to "run" for 3 minutes straight for the first time, three times. I thought this would kill me but it wasn't too bad. The third round of a 3-minute jog was definitely harder than the first though! Giving myself the day off today and just going on short dog walks, as it's going to start raining soon and I am just plain tired!)

    With all these ticks, do you wear long pants and sleeves so the ticks are not latching onto you? Ticks give me the creepy crawlies especially with the deer ticks we have in Massachusetts. I would be so worried about the yuck/illness that can come along with ticks.