July 2021 - Daily/Weekly Accountability Check-In



  • dawnbgethealthy
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    I am Dawn, 60, 5'2"
    MFP start weight 191
    UGW 110-115

    June was a bit of a bust, up 1.3 pounds.
    Hoping to touch the 120s this month.

    Thursday July 01 - 131.8
    Friday July 02 - 132.9 - Had Ribs last night, the gain could have been worse.
    Saturday July 03 - 131.7
    Sunday July 04 - 132.3
    Monday July 05 - 133.2 - Argh
    Tuesday July 06 - 132.4
    Wednesday July 07 - 132.1 - at this rate I hope to be back to my month's start weight tomorrow
    Thursday July 08 - 133.0 - Nope
    Friday July 09 - 133.2 - Wrong direction
    Saturday July 10 - 133.5 - 2 full days off, more time to work out, create healthy food, work in my garden. I got my second vaccine yesterday, so I will be fully protected in 2 weeks : - )
    Sunday July 11 - 133.9 - I got indulgent, I will have to work this back down.
  • dawnbgethealthy
    dawnbgethealthy Posts: 4,964 Member
    Yayy to the new decade!!!!!!!
  • dawnbgethealthy
    dawnbgethealthy Posts: 4,964 Member
    Zoomie402 wrote: »
    @Chalmation check you out! Nice job!

    @deepwoodslady ice cream is hard to turn down. I bet tomorrow you'll see that number go down.

    @dawnbgethealthy I find I do my best when I have a couple of days off too. I'm not sure what you do, but I work 12 hour shifts, and I'm noticing the days I work, my weight creeps up. The days I'm off, it comes back down again. I'm able to workout on my days off which probably has something to do with it.

    I had 5 jobs and hadn't had a day off since May 14th until last Saturday.
    I quit 3 of the jobs and got a waitress job which I love (could never do a sitting job) and I also work for Foster Grant servicing fixtures in retail stores.
    I actually went a bit hog wild on my day off and celebrating my second vaccine after work on Friday. Lots of activity, but lots of indulgences too. I will settle into this new lifestyle I am sure. Much better plan for today's day off, starting with a hike before it gets too warm out.
  • nikkit321
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    July starting weight: 184.8
    July goal: 182

    7/1 - 184.8 a new "low" on this journey down. A little scary starting the month with a low as I bounce up and down many times during the month.
    7/2 - 185.2 slight bounce up, but it's ok. Fireworks tonight!
    7/3 -
    7/4 - 187.0

    7/5 - 188.0 ugh daily jumps but back on track today. It's fluid retention but it'll still take all week to shed.
    7/6 - 187.0 off to the Y today for a run and some weight machines. I think dinner is going to be a hunk of meat and a veg.
    7/7 - 186.2 my silly scale gave me 185.2 2x, then on the 3rd jumped up a pound and stayed there for 2 more times. So I'm going with the higher even though I liked the first number much better. I go with whatever number displays 3x, first lol. No run yesterday, the lovely FL hurricane is affecting air pressure, which bothers my 4 and 6 year old fractures in my left foot and leg...didn't even know I hurt until I tried running. I did walk though, and used the rowing machine. Will walk again today, either on the treadmill or outside if it doesn't rain.
    7/8 - 185.4 didn't walk yesterday, worked too late. Still struggling with putting myself higher on the priority list. Raining today, still achy...
    7/9 - 185.4 I'll take it as a win today. TGIF!!
    7/10 - 185.4 at least I'm being consistent and not bouncing lol Happy weekend!!
    7/11 - 187.0 guess I got slapped for yesterday's comment lol

    7/12 -
    7/13 -
    7/14 -
    7/15 -
    7/16 -
    7/17 -
    7/18 -
  • anm586
    anm586 Posts: 80 Member
    July Start weight: 181.5
    July End Goal: 175
    Week of 7/1 -> 7/7 loss: 2.2 lbs

    7/8: 179.5
    7/9: 180
    7/10: 178.6
    7/11: 179.0
  • skelly6902
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    July starting weight: 221
    July goal: 210

    07/01 - 221
    07/02 - 220.4
    07/03 - 220 (a slow 🐌 start but in the right direction 😁)
    07/04 - 219.4
    07/05 - 221.6 (one bad day 😒. Got to get back on track today👣)
    07/06 - 221.4
    07/07 - 220.6
    07/08 - 221.6 🤔
    07/09 – 219.2 😁
    07/10 – 218.4
    07/11 - 218.4
    07/12 - 219.6 whoops 😮
    07/13 -
  • dawnbgethealthy
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    I am with you about not making a mess.
    I now prep everything, and if I don't I eat stupid things.
    I use my George Foreman Grill almost every day (simple wipe with a paper towel) and generally prep 2 days worth of veggies. I started trying to up my carbs a few years ago, so will fill a rice cooker and then freeze it into 1/2 cup containers. I take one out in the morning plus a chicken breast or some piece of meat, put one of my rubs on it, wrap it back up and put it in the fridge to thaw until dinner. I cook a yam in the microwave which lasts me 2 dinners, this is what I cut up and mix with the rice. I boil brussels sprouts (my fave) enough for 2 days, and my brocolli I cook in the microwave because of all of the methods I have tried it seems to cook it the best without losing the colour or the nutrients.
    I generally log my food for the day in the mornings too, while I am checking into the forums.