July 2021 - Daily/Weekly Accountability Check-In



  • anm586
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    July Start weight: 181.5
    July End Goal: 175
    Week of 7/1 -> 7/7 loss: 2.2 lbs

    7/8: 179.5
    7/9: 179.3
    7/10: 180
  • ccrife
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    Thanks! I'll update you if/when it happens!
  • deepwoodslady
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    My name is Donna. I am 5’ 5” tall, 61 years old and from the Midwest USA. In 2016 I weighed 253 lbs. I am on a journey of health and to get back to the real me.

    Starting Weight (from June 30th): 196.4
    Goal: 191.4 (Five lb Loss):
    Ending Weight for Challenge:

    07/01 – 197.6 After a tummy illness which produced a false low weight, I think this is likely my true current weight. I did very well for an old gal in June. I hope to keep up the progress in July. Let’s make it happen my friends!
    07/02 - 198.6 My son’s birthday was yesterday. High calorie celebrations. Today I will be very careful as I have a very long trip tomorrow and there will be multiple meals out. Gotta get past this madness!
    07/03 - 197.8 I did pretty well yesterday and increased my movement a bit. Travel today. I expect the scale will be up tomorrow, but it will be temporary.
    07/04 - 199.2 I expected this after a very long day of travel. I am really going to have to make some selective choices and watch my quantities today to keep the scale in Onederland. Today is a food-driven American Holiday so I must really tip-toe today but I know I can do it. Happy Independence Day to all my American Friends.
    07/05 - 198.0 Okay then. Now I’m glad I kept the calories low on my 4th of July holiday! It pays off! Lots of stresses this week. Very big ones that is so bad I can barely sleep. By Friday all should be resolved. Praying for strength to stay the course until then.
    07/06 - 197.4 Busy day yesterday with lots of visitors so I didn’t get in any extra movement. Glad to see the scale down anyway. Today I travel and lunch will be Thai food. One of my all-time favorites and such a treat that the town I am going to has a Chinese-Thai restaurant. Scale may swell up from it in the coming days but I know the bloat will only be temporary so I am not going to sweat the small or the temporary. I can live my life and still be victorious. Setbacks make my journey a little longer, that’s all.
    07/07 - 198.0 Travel weight and restaurant lunch showing up on the scale this morning. Tonight will be leftovers so it may affect the scale tomorrow too. I plan on making adjustments to the overall day to make up for it. It rained all night and will be raining all day so outdoors are a no-go. Expecting a worker here today anyway. I will try to use my stairs to get in some steps with extra effort.
    07/08 - 198.4 Uptick due to the leftovers from the Thai restaurant. Temporary weight. I’m not worried. I’ll pee it out LOL.
    07/09 – 196.6 It has been about 9 days since I was down to this approximate weight (June 30th). Finally all my travel weight, the restaurants, the car sitting is receding. Huge stresses this week also that only happen once or twice in a lifetime. Got through them without signing myself into the looney bin. I can’t say that it was completely successful, but just that it is over puts me back in the functional category. Finally 5 hours of sleep instead of 2 or 3 all week!
    07/10 – 197.6 Ouch! I’m not sure what happened. I took a short walk yesterday. My calories were not too bad but I did have some ice cream that was not sugar free. My bad. I’ll make today better.
    07/11 -
    07/12 -
    07/13 -
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    07/19 –
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    07/31 –
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    @Chalmation check you out! Nice job!

    @deepwoodslady ice cream is hard to turn down. I bet tomorrow you'll see that number go down.

    @dawnbgethealthy I find I do my best when I have a couple of days off too. I'm not sure what you do, but I work 12 hour shifts, and I'm noticing the days I work, my weight creeps up. The days I'm off, it comes back down again. I'm able to workout on my days off which probably has something to do with it.
  • nikkit321
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    July starting weight: 184.8
    July goal: 182

    7/1 - 184.8 a new "low" on this journey down. A little scary starting the month with a low as I bounce up and down many times during the month.
    7/2 - 185.2 slight bounce up, but it's ok. Fireworks tonight!
    7/3 -
    7/4 - 187.0

    7/5 - 188.0 ugh daily jumps but back on track today. It's fluid retention but it'll still take all week to shed.
    7/6 - 187.0 off to the Y today for a run and some weight machines. I think dinner is going to be a hunk of meat and a veg.
    7/7 - 186.2 my silly scale gave me 185.2 2x, then on the 3rd jumped up a pound and stayed there for 2 more times. So I'm going with the higher even though I liked the first number much better. I go with whatever number displays 3x, first lol. No run yesterday, the lovely FL hurricane is affecting air pressure, which bothers my 4 and 6 year old fractures in my left foot and leg...didn't even know I hurt until I tried running. I did walk though, and used the rowing machine. Will walk again today, either on the treadmill or outside if it doesn't rain.
    7/8 - 185.4 didn't walk yesterday, worked too late. Still struggling with putting myself higher on the priority list. Raining today, still achy...
    7/9 - 185.4 I'll take it as a win today. TGIF!!
    7/10 - 185.4 at least I'm being consistent and not bouncing lol Happy weekend!!
    7/11 -

    7/12 -
    7/13 -
    7/14 -
    7/15 -
    7/16 -
    7/17 -
    7/18 -