July 2021 - Daily/Weekly Accountability Check-In



  • dawnbgethealthy
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    hank you for keeping us going @nikkit321
    Love the accountability and camaraderie.

    I am Dawn, 60, 5'2"
    MFP start weight 191
    UGW 110-115

    June was a bit of a bust, up 1.3 pounds.
    Hoping to touch the 120s this month.

    Thursday July 01 - 131.8
    Friday July 02 - 132.9 - Had Ribs last night, the gain could have been worse.
    Saturday July 03 - 131.7
    Sunday July 04 - 132.3
    Monday July 05 - 133.2 - Argh
    Tuesday July 06 - 132.4
    Wednesday July 07 - 132.1 - at this rate I hope to be back to my month's start weight tomorrow
  • Zoomie402
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    @langstontl If Pizza is wrong.....I don't wanna be right lol! Seriously though, I bet you were burning through those calories pretty quickly with moving. Hopefully unpacking is going well for you.

    @bardwere I bet it probably is just water weight and your body adjusting to the rest days. I'm willing to bet that will come right back down again.

    @Chalmation How frustrating! When that big whoosh happens, remind me that it's just a stall because I know I'll be feeling that same way.

    @nikkit321 I just left SW Florida on Monday night. Glad you're still getting movement in though.