My Doctor Suggested Weight Loss Surgery



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    @wunderkindking Thanks for the great advice! I'll remember to jump off when I'm going to fall. I'll post pictures when that day comes. They should be pretty hysterical. I hope you didn't have too many bruises. I love kayaking and that doesn't seem to hurt too much. :)

    It's very similar to a kayak without any sides. So, I think you'll be fine. The balance thing really is just a learning curve but it's not a steep one. Just a matter of figuring out where you need to be. ...bonus: My dogs LOVE it.
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    @wunderking I hadn’t been to this thread before and just read through all of it. From your attitude at the beginning, to your acceptance of tough love, to your commitment to learn from your mistakes and from others, to all your hard work, you are a shining example of success. Congratulations and continued wind in your sails. Proud to be here with you.
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    Reading your story and progress is just GREAT! You've gotten lots of great advice and support which is wonderful. There is one question you asked months ago about could you make this lifetime commitment so many talk about and the answer is "yes you can!"
    At age 61 after many serial starts on weight loss (lost the weight...kept if off for some time and then gained it back) I woke up one day at least 70 lbs overweight feeling hungover and just bad. Had had way too much to eat the night before and said "enough is enough" and made some decisions. Knew after years that going on a diet didn't work because ultimately I'd off the diet. I knew tracking my for worked and I'd been doing it but not paying attention to staying at my calorie goal. I knew exercise was just plain good for me and wasn't doing anything regularly.

    It was mid October 2011 and I made some decisions: I'd track my food AND stay within my calorie goal of 2,000/day (at 5'8" I figured that was bout 500 cals less/day than I'd been eating). I'd choose to eat healthy most of the time. I'd find ways to move more. I'd forgo the wine during the week and be moderate on Friday & Saturday. And accepted that this was for life and I'd make small sustainable changes. Figured I could do this until the New year.

    Well I did and I saw progress and recommitted for the next 8 weeks continuing to make small changes. There was no rush and no goal to lose x lbs by some date. Long story short I did lose over 80 lbs and kept it over for over 8 years. One big life event (a heart attack in 2013 after losing 50 lbs) got me to keep losing the weight and make exercise a daily event.

    Over time all the healthy choices I made have become just the way I live my life. You can do this! Yes you can!
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    Thank you so much, MJ. There is nothing like being surrounded by people who are where I'd like to be. All of the vast knowledge and experience here has helped me every step of the way. Congratulations on your success. I plan to follow in your footsteps. :)
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    I'll always bet when people regain it's ALWAYS because they stopped being consistent. It's a given. You seem to have spurts of doing well followed by inconsistency for awhile. So you just gotta ask yourself: How bad do I really want this to happen? Because for just about anyone dedicated enough, it happens.
    Your doctor telling you you should consider weight loss surgery basically states that they don't believe you have the ability to do it on your own. So what you need to do is really assess yourself and figure out how you want to lose your weight. Whatever path you take, it's going to be challenging.

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    Thanks @ninerbuff I'm almost halfway there and feeling great. It's been a struggle some days, but I have way more good days than bad. Feeling confident that I can do this.
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    Oh, hell yeah!!!!

    This makes me all teary eyed.

    You are AWESOMENESS personified!!!!!!
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    You are one of my mentors, Spring!! Thank you my inspirational friend. Now I just need to figure out the ice cream thing. :)
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    I am following in your footprints. You are an inspiration and soon I hope to join you in all your glory!
    Thank you for posting.
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    You've got this!! You are so welcome. I'm glad it's helpful and can't wait to celebrate with you!!
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    @coblujay, the utter fabulousness of this update cannot be overstated. Congratulations, and respect!

    I'm another getting a little damp around the eyeballs while reading it, and I'm usually not the woman who goes there. But this: So good!

    I wish you nothing but happiness and more success going forward, and I know you'll achieve those goals, too.

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    @coblujay Oh, my gosh. I somehow lost track of this thread, but I recently turned "notifications" back on, and look at how flippety well you are doing!!

    I am so happy for you and thank you so much for the uplifting update!

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    Congratulations!--an inspirational story for sure! There is a lot of life to live. Go!
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    @cmriverside Woohoo! What a cutie! Kitoko is amazing. I'm headed back to Africa soon. No gorillas this time, but plenty of other wildlife. I can't wait! Thank you for all of your support!
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    @snowflake954 Thank you!! Haha! There is alot of life to live and I'm running with it...or swimming...maybe hiking...but definitely moving!!
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    First time reader, same starting weight and same strategy but only 11 weeks in. I’m on track with your journey at about 1.5 lbs lost per week. I read every word of this thread and very glad to see the journey through Jean sizes that I have in front of me! :) So nice to think of the extra energy. Thank you for sharing.
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    This is a wonderful thread. The inspiration of the maintainers is just awesome. And you are doing great!!! Please update on your doctor’s visit!