August 2021 - Daily or Weekly Check-In



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    My name is Donna. I am 5’ 5” tall, 60 years old and from the Midwest USA. In 2016 I weighed 253 lbs. I am on a journey of health and to get back to the real me.

    Starting Weight (from July 31st): 192.4
    Goal: 187.4 (Five lb Loss)
    Ending Weight:

    08/01 – 191.4 Didn’t have much time to eat yesterday and dinner was very late (within 1 hour of bed). No water here since yesterday morning due to well problems. Seal was fixed (???) but no one can get the pump primed. Perhaps the check gauge went out when it was turned off? IDK but this is horrible!
    08/02 - 189.6 I am likely dehydrated due to low water consumption while the well is broke and no water is coming into the house. I’m being very conservative for sure! However, I did have a very good day yesterday with over 2600 calories burned overall. All my fitbit circles were green and completed. I was in the green with my calories on MFP. So I am hoping that at least part of this new weight number will stick.
    08/03 - 190.4 Finally clean beautiful water flowing out of my well again. I expected this uptick when I rehydrated. I was so hungry yesterday! After losing weight 2 days in a row my body decided it wanted the fat back! I caved in and ate some cheese pizza (I threw the crust away). Clearly, guzzling water and eating pizza is not a good combo! I stayed within my calorie and carb goal however. It was a good day overall. I managed to avoid some serious temptations and I am hoping to get back into the 180’s now that I’ve touched them Even if I touched them shriveled up and dry as a bone and I move forward all plump with water, I will do it! !
    08/04 - 191.6 Traveled yesterday and ate a rich meal. Brought home half and will finish it today, but without the long travel today I should get in more movement and more water. Dr. appointment tomorrow so you can be sure that today will be a carefully planned day that I shall tiptoe through.
    08/05 - 191.2 Down a bit from yesterday so that is good. My well went out again yesterday morn so I am living in a nightmare right now again. I hope they can fix it right today! I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon so I am going trick or treating in a little bit to beg for a shower from a neighbor. Better days ahead I hope.
    08/06 - 191.0 That is an unexpected drop after making some bad choices yesterday. I ate all my calories back from exercise. Although I was in the green, it showed only 79 calories left (I ate about 1690). I must stop eating my emotions! So disgusted with this well situation although he finally came by yesterday evening and got it going even if it is loud and kind of rattling/banging. Now, this afternoon he has cancelled the replacement appointment for this weekend saying his schedule is busier than he thought. He is aiming for next week. I pray this prime on this well pump will keep the water flowing until then. Last time it last about 1 ½ days. My mammogram and oncology appointment down in Ann Arbor Michigan (about 4 hours from home each way) is coming up next Thursday. What I weigh now is very close to what I weighed last time I saw them (pre Covid). Thank goodness I reigned it in. Keeping my weight down is actually key with the type of breast cancer that I have (in remission). All the more reason to just keep going……
    08/07 - 190.0 A nice little drop that I was hoping for after I overindulged the other day while traveling. Aiming now for the 180’s. I briefly touched the hem of it once recently.
    08/08 - 190.6 Self-Sabotage kicked in last night at 3:00 AM. I ate today’s lunch (my leftovers) and ended up in the red by 46 calories. Yes, I felt hungry for sure but could it have been psychological? I am famous for making my own journey harder than it needs to be. Kicking self in butt today but today should be easier to stick to plan since I’ve failed and not succeeded. Sad but true!
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