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Zero Carb eating



  • sarah7591
    sarah7591 Posts: 415 Member
    Now that you have explained it this makes sense to me why you eat this way. I am curious if you will lose weight with this amount of calories...i hope you will report back. I guess if you are losing weight now it is water right? I wish you the best.
  • MargaretYakoda
    MargaretYakoda Posts: 2,889 Member
    lunch will be a lb. of chicken thighs.. skin & bone included.

    youre going to eat the bones?

    mmmm yummy.
    Boil them for a while and make a soup.

    thats not what OP said though...

    you know me and that i live on a farm. you know im not going to let good bones go to waste. but im not going to EAT bones. use them, but not EAT them....

    I’ve boiled chicken and turkey bones long enough for them to completely disintegrate.
    Probably won’t work for beef or lamb.

    But ya. I get what you’re saying.
  • T1DCarnivoreRunner
    T1DCarnivoreRunner Posts: 11,502 Member
    I just have one question. How do you get enough fiber on 0-5 carbs to allow your digestive tract to function?

    Those of us who have been carnivore for years know fully well that fiber is only necessary to process plant foods. When eating only meat, there is no need for fiber. There is often less waste volume, but this is different than being constipated or "backed up."
  • russellholtslander1
    Results for day 2: I lost 2.8 lbs. So far 7 lbs. My blood sugar reading for yesterday were 113, 133,and 116. This morning, it was 126.. so still a bit higher than I would like, but since I am not eating many carbs, there isn't much I can do. So I am 273.6. I took some pictures of me, but my new phone is giving me issues when I try to transfer to my computer. Maybe someone younger can figure it out for me.

    Since I only get 4 grams of carbs from my eggs.. I get NO fiber. This isn't a problem for me. I have been eating mostly LC for a decade, under 20 gms. of carbs, under 5 gms. of fiber. What you really want to know, is if I get constipated. Not once in all the years that I have rarely had much fiber. The only other issue I might be concerned about are things which could happen, IF I had trouble with constipation. So those aren't a problem either. Diabetes mgmt. from more fiber, is something I am doing without fiber.. as is weight mgmt.

    It makes sense that since there are NO essential carbohydrates, and fiber is a carbohydrate, that it is also NOT essential. Most people like carbs, and get fiber when they eat carbs, but that is a choice, not a requirement.

    Thanks for the concern, but I do fine without fiber. In fact, when I do eat fiber, I get cramps, and feel unwell. Probably temporary effect, and I would adjust, but never had the same issue, cutting fiber. The truth is that back before 2010, when I ate more carbs, I didn't eat much fiber then, either.. just lots of carbs. Only on LC, when I added carbs, did it include more fiber, because when I do add carbs, it's now veggies, not pizza. I think most people eat well below the RDA for fiber, but they do so, on a diet people think is normal, even if they do so in an unhealthy way. Anyways, the change isn't that drastic, since I didn't leap from the SAD to ZC. I worked my way up to trying ZC, after years of cutting carbs, and other plans.. so these issues came up long ago, and were answered.

    Breakfast was 6 eggs and 1/2 a stick of butter. Lunch is 1.35 lbs of whole chicken thighs baked, and dinner is a 9 oz. thin sirloin tip steak and 1/4 stick of butter. 2,505 calories.. 1% carbs, 24% protein, and 75% fat.

    Wunderkind: I do not PROMOTE anything. Everyone here talks about the diet they consume, but no one thinks they are promoting anything. So why do you assume I am promoting anything? I am simply talking about my experience, while trying out a way of eating. The same as anyone else. Don't panic. ZC is NOT going to explode, based on this one thread. No one is going to start ZC, based on whatever happens to me.

    Have a great day people.
  • kshama2001
    kshama2001 Posts: 28,032 Member
    Yes, there are quite a few carnivores. Some of us have been doing this for years.

    @T1DCarnivoreRunner: What are your thoughts on the importance of including organ meats?
  • T1DCarnivoreRunner
    T1DCarnivoreRunner Posts: 11,502 Member
    kshama2001 wrote: »
    Yes, there are quite a few carnivores. Some of us have been doing this for years.

    @T1DCarnivoreRunner: What are your thoughts on the importance of including organ meats?

    There are many who say that organs are necessary because they contain more micronutrients, but I have never seen any evidence of that. To the contrary, I have seen evidence that beef muscle meat contains more than the RDA of micronutrients except vitamin C, for which the RDA can be argued is too high for carnivores because we get better uptake of what we do get. This is also why many opponents use the go-to line "OMG, carnivores are gonna get scurvy!" It's because Vit C is the only lacking micronutrient, based on RDA's. The counter argument is that carnivores have better uptake due to lower insulin levels (Vit C and insulin use same channels for uptake). There are lots of carnivores that have done it for years and decades, with zero cases of scurvy... so I'm not all that worried.

    As to my own opinion? I'm sure my ancestors evolved using the entire animal and it won't likely hurt to include some organ meats... I can't stand tripe / intestines and some other stuff, but will gladly add some liver periodically. It probably isn't required, but can't hurt to add some of those nutrient rich organs if you don't mind eating them.
  • russellholtslander1
    Actually, I was doing LC when I thought I was going to have to have emergency heart valve surgery back in 2016. During the primary ( politics ), I ate terribly, going out to lunch with the kids I worked with. I was up to 304 lbs. again. and spent 3 days at my local hospital, which puts me on the " diabetic " diet, then gives me large doses of Insulin to drop my blood glucose, after they make sure it is elevated.

    Then I was driven down to a specialist in Detroit for another 13 days, and got a second set of cardiologists, who are better at doing heart valve surgeries.. one of the 3 best in the region, and when they asked me what I wanted to eat, which was a new experience, I said normally ate low carb, but hadn't been doing so. They let me eat real eggs, with real butter, although they did make me eat turkey sausage. My meals were things like chicken, and green beans. When I spoke to my main cardiologist about diet, he said that he wished every one of his patients was eating a high fat diet, because those were the only ones seeing health improvements. He didn't care if I ate ANY carbs, said the health benefits outweighed any risk, which could be monitored by my regular doctors.. which I do. My heart valve improved as I lost weight, and instead of emergency surgery, they say the can wait until I hit 210 or less.

    They are perfectly fine with me eating 75-80% fat, from butter, mayo, tallow, lard.. whatever.

    Now, I have my normal doctors, and they of course, recommend the SAD, but my specialists.. the cardiologists, which is my major health issue think that as long as I stick to it, very LCHF is my best option available. They DO know about what I eat. I didn't start LC, without speaking with my doctors, much less ZC, which is only a little bit more restrictive than what I have been eating when on plan. The only issue now, is consistency.. if I can't stay on it, and reach a healthy weight, then I probably shouldn't stay on this.

    If your tests that your cardiologist is giving you, are improving, then whatever you are doing is working, kshama200, and that is great for you, I found something that is working for me, and by every measure my cardiologist can test, is positive. They love my results.

    I track my menu every day, and give my doctors a copy with every doctor visit, along with charts showing my weight, BP, and 3 blood sugar readings per day. Include a not on how I feel. In other words, I am not sneaking around on my doctors, who are unaware of what I am doing.. that would make having doctors useless.
  • russellholtslander1
    Three days down. I've lost 4.2 lbs., 2.8 lbs., and now 1.2 lbs.. down to 272.4. Yesterday, my blood sugars were slightly out of whack. Morning was 126, and I had eggs and butter, and it was 151 before lunch.. pretty high. I ate 1.35 lbs. of chicken thighs, and it was 147 before dinner.

    The only explanation could be that when I filled my pills Sunday for the week. I put my Januvia in the morning, instead of my Glimiperide. Usually I like the Januvia at night, because it gives me longer coverage, but not a huge drop, like Glimiperide does, because I also take 15 units of basal Insulin at night. I worry about low blood sugars. So maybe I didn't get the big drop from the Glimiperide. Januvia tends to not work as well for me, but works all day long.

    Anyways, it is something I will need to watch. I'm hoping to get back off meds, and haven't had any carbs but eggs in 3 days, so they normally would be down below 100. We'll see if it drops now that my meds are being taken at the right time for each. Maybe it's a 1 day issue. The only other thing that might be an issue is that my protein is much higher on ZC.. protein can be converted to glucose, BUT, it shouldn't make more than the body needs, so shouldn't spike the blood sugar, certainly not above 125.

    It has only been 3 days, so we'll see what happens in the next 3 days, before I actually do anything, besides continue what I have been doing.

    Today, I once again had 6 large eggs, cooked in a 1/2 stick of butter. Lunch will be 3 cans of tuna, mixed with 6 Tbsp. of mayo. Dinner is a 9 oz. sirloin tip steak, cooked in 2 Tbsp. butter.

    In 3 days, I have a 3-4 day trip. So I will be driving a few hours on Friday, then eating there that night, Saturday, and Sunday( just breakfast & dinner ), and then Monday, I'll have lunch and dinner.. since I will be coming back in the morning. Should be a nice test to see if I can follow the plan when not at home. There are 2 steakhouses within 1/4 of a mile of the hotel.. one is in the parking lot. The hotel serves real eggs, and beef sausage for breakfast, but I already called a local diner there, and they say I can buy 6 eggs over-medium for $6, if I don't like the hotel breakfast bar. I called a few national chains in the area, and they said I could pay for 2-3 meals to get my eggs. I will NOT be using them. So eggs w/ sausage or bacon ( or both ) for breakfast, and BIG steaks for dinner. Maybe some 1/4 lb. patties from McDonald's, if that isn't enough.

    Hoping to be in the 260's by the trip, because there is going to be a lot of walking on this trip. I will take my testing supplies, and test my blood sugar twice a day, but won't have a weigh-in, until I get back.