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    When you have seen me report my total calorie burn for the day in the past, this includes NEAT. It's the natural burn doing your everyday things. Not planned exercise. It is a good idea from Ashley that I try to increase my NEAT with extra gardening, housekeeping, even toe tapping. Things that will not cause me to become breathless and lightheaded until I know more. This could still cause a larger overall calorie burn for me for the day. Of course, real planned exercise with exertion would burn much more and much quicker (like fitness marshall), but until I get answers I could still do things to help increase the burn somewhat. I hope the article above explains it more a bit.

    Yes, the heart is a muscle and needs exercise to function (you don't use it you lose it theory). Finding things to keep the blood pumping will be challenging in your present state, but there are probably lots of ways.
    Like you said though, they likely only burn 1/10th of the calories of dancing.

    So how many calories in your light breakfast? How many calories in the lasagna and garlic toast. You mention that you thought that it was all reasonable, but considering you can't get activity in you probably need to keep your calories very low and nutritional element very high.

    We get slim from the kitchen and strong from the gym is what the top trainers are saying.
    You know me, I am all about the big calorie burn when I take the time for workouts. Perhaps if I ever get to my ideal weight I will do more Pilates and stuff like that. For right now I am still trying to shed fat.

    Interesting stuff on the NEAT - doesn't include breathing, sleeping or eating. Standing instead of sitting looks like the easiest first step. Building muscle is mentioned. It talks about sedentary lifestyle leading to coronary issues and death. Yikes. So our normal everyday activities under NEAT are to be enhanced by tweaking them to burn more calories when doing them.

    Let us know how you do with this and what changes that you are making towards NEAT.
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    I am Dawn.
    I have gained weight the last few 100s
    Time to turn that around

    61 years old, 5'2"
    Highest weight 207
    Ultimate goal weight 110-115
    This is my 9th round on this forum, I joined it at 158.6

    5th Week Goal Weight: 135
    5th Week Actual Weight: 135.8
    Excess calories in the Green on the MFP tracker: 5074 - My usual activity, but less calories in since it is really tough to get more calories when we are eating "clean".

    6th Week Goal Weight: 132
    6th Week Actual Weight: 139.2
    Excess calories in the Green on the MFP tracker: 3642 - Enough to lose a pound, but gained almost 4.

    7th Week Goal Weight: 135
    7th Week Actual Weight: 137.0
    Excess calories in the Green on the MFP tracker: 4791 - more than enough to lose a pound

    8th Week Goal Weight: 135.0
    8th Week Actual Weight: 136.8 (started week at 138.8)
    Excess calories in the Green on the MFP tracker: 4335, enough to lose a pound and I did

    9th Week Goal Weight: 134.2 (ambitious)
    9th Week Actual Weight: 136.2 - Started the week at 137.2, so I'll take it even though I hit 135.2 this week.
    Excess calories in the Green on the MFP tracker: 4448 - enough to lose a pound and I did

    10th Week Goal Weight: 135.0
    10th Week Actual Weight: 135.4. 137.0 was my start to the week.
    Excess calories in the Green on the MFP tracker: 4483 - enough to lose a pound and I did

    Day 71: Sun, 4/10: 136.4. I am okay with the gain when I eat something indulgent, I made nachos last night. 4.5 weeks left!!
    Day 72: Mon, 4/11: 136.8. The last of the nachos? I expect a drop tomorrow morning.
    Day 73: Tues, 4/12:
    Day 74: Wed, 4/13:
    Day 75: Thurs, 4/14:
    Day 76: Fri, 4/15:
    Day 77: Sat, 4/16:

    11th Week Goal Weight: 134.8
    11th Week Actual Weight:
    Excess calories in the Green on the MFP tracker:

    Start weight this 100: 138.4 - Highest start weight for the last 4 100s

    Start weight this 100: 138.4 - Highest start weight for the last 4 100s a
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    Sorry the pics turned out so big. Anyway, it's a U-shaped kitchen area with dining room on other side of counter. The cabinets will be white, the appliances will be stainless steel. Drop in stove on the counter looking toward dining area. Wall ovens on the left with fridge on the other side. Dishwasher on the back wall furthest in pic. New flooring. On the opposite side not shown in pic (dining area) there is painted paneling which is being replaced with drywall. All the ceilings were popcorn and they are being replaced. The area not shown will hold two tall pantry cabinets with swing out shelves. I also have a walk-in pantry which is going toward my bedroom. The footprint is not the greatest in the kitchen, especially once the appliances are in, but there is not room to expand or change it without losing the master bath and that is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN LOL. The bathroom I speak of is now an open full bath with a hallway entry. When that bathroom reno is redone with the master bedroom, the bathroom will change is door location and be slightly enlarged so that it is en suite and no longer public accessible. I already have the other full bath on the same floor (the first reno. I'll send pics of that renovated bathroom when I get a minute.

    My house is 3200 sq feet but typical of 1970's it is a series of smaller to medium sized rooms. My bedroom is a nice 24 feet long but it is only 11 feet deep which poses challenges.

    Goodbye 1970's decor.
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    This was my dining area before I temporarily painted the paneling, took out the gray blue carpet in the diningroom and the red (yes I said red) carpet in the kitchen area and put down a temporary vinyl sheet flooring which will serve as a smooth surface for my new floor to be laid on when the reno is complete.

    This dark paneling that you see is all over the main floor of the house. I have already had much of it removed. Some has been painted temporarily to avoid serious depression. If my walls did not have paneling, they had wallpaper. Ugly outdated smoked up yellowed wallpaper.

    My upstairs has no paneling but it does have an accent wall of outdated wallpaper in each room. The other walls are plastered and the ceilings are also popcorn. Below you will see a pic after I painted the same dining room walls' paneling temporarily a few months ago with some paint I had laying around. It is all ripped down now and part of the kitchen/dining/hall reno.
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    Here is my renovated bathroom. I will get more pics later. What you can't see is a 48" deep shower fully tiled on the left. Also the soaker tube with custom tile insert and ceiling behind the curtain. Again, not real big but I think it was nicely done.
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    Sorry this pic is foggy. This shows where the gray/blue sculptered carpet in the dining room (ugh) just stops at the start of the kitchen and changes to red (ugh). I actually have red kitchen accessories from my last house, but with red wallpaper on the wall, very dark cabinets and it just deciding to stop and turn gray/blue it was horrible. Changing it all!
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    Here is a closeup of that red carpet. It is no longer there and was replaced with the temporary vinyl. The bathroom floor was also replaced with the same temp vinyl. This is the bathroom that is being expanded and turned into the master bath in the next reno.
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    This was the diningroom with the temporary paint and flooring. As you can see, it is much less depressing and much easier to see in when it was lightened up. Now all of that has been demo'd. This pic was taken undecorated in the room as we were emptying it to do the demo.
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    I have a very long livingroom with a front and side glass fireplace and a staircase leading upstairs. The room is narrow because of the fireplace. This is a pic part of the livingroom while the room was getting it's temporary paint. Same gray/blue carpet as the connected dining area. Unfortunately, even though I have already bought the flooring to match kitchen and dining area, this carpet will stay until the full demo is done in the livingroom and that paneling and popcorn ceiling are gone. I don't want to wreck my new floor!
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    This is showing part of my livingroom with the temporary paint completed. It also shows the archway I had formed to turn an ugly supporting beam jutting out of the wall and strait across into an archway and entrance which now does not look like a paneled supporting beam. On the other side of the archway in the livingroom side I had recessed shelves built into the wall. 3 shelves for books and decor. Now I have a small wall in the diningroom to put those two pantries (it was completely open to LR). I also have wall space on the livingroom side for a small piece of furnitures and the new shelves.

    My livingroom has always had orange accents but I had to add some blue in there too so it looks like I actually planned that ugly carpet. I left some orange accents in, but I changed out some artwork on the walls to incorporate the blue and also added blue accents too. I'll show a pic of the wall art later when it shows up in the google cloud.
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    Challenge Starting Weight: 180
    Challenge Goal: 160
    Challenge Ending Weight:
    Total Weight Loss for Challenge:
    Day 1: Sun, 1/30: 180
    Day 2: Mon, 1/31: 180.2
    Day 3: Tues, 2/1: 178
    Day 4: Wed, 2/2: 178.4
    Day 5: Thurs, 2/3: 179.2
    Day 6: Fri, 2/4: 179.6
    Day 7: Sat, 2/5: 179.8
    1st Week Goal Weight: 178.2
    1st Week Actual Weight: 179.8

    Day 8: Sun, 2/6: 178.6
    Day 9: Mon, 2/7: 181.6
    Day 10: Tues, 2/8: 181
    Day 11: Wed, 2/9: 180.4
    Day 12: Thurs, 2/10: 177.8
    Day 13: Fri, 2/11: 178
    Day 14: Sat, 2/12: 176.2
    2nd Week Goal Weight: 178.8
    2nd Week Actual Weight: 176.2

    Day 15: Sun: 2/13: 179.6
    Day 16: Mon: 2/14: 180.4
    Day 17: Tues: 2/15: 181
    Day 18: Wed: 2/16: 180
    Day 19: Thurs: 2/17: 179.8
    Day 20: Fri: 2/18: 180.2
    Day 21: Sat: 2/19: 180.2
    3rd Week Goal Weight: 175.6
    3rd Week Actual Weight: 180.2

    Day 22: Sun: 2/20: 181.6
    Day 23: Mon: 2/21: 180.6
    Day 24: Tues: 2/22: 179.4
    Day 25: Wed: 2/23: 176.4
    Day 26: Thurs: 2/24: 177.2
    Day 27: Fri: 2/25: 176.6
    Day 28: Sat: 2/26: 176
    4th Week Goal Weight: 178.4
    4th Week Actual Weight: 176

    Day 29: Sun: 2/27: 175.8
    Day 30: Mon: 2/28: 177.2
    Day 31: Tues: 3/1: 176.4
    Day 32: Wed: 3/2: 176.2
    Day 33: Thurs: 3/3: 176.4
    Day 34: Fri: 3/4: 173.4
    Day 35: Sat: 3/5: 174
    5th Week Goal Weight: 174.6
    5th Week Actual Weight: 174

    Day 36: Sun: 3/6: 174
    Day 37: Mon: 3/7: 173.2
    Day 38: Tues: 3/8: 172.6
    Day 39: Wed: 3/9: 171.2
    Day 40: Thurs: 3/10: 170.6
    Day 41: Fri: 3/11: 170.8
    Day 42: Sat: 3/12: 169.8
    6th Week Goal Weight: 172.4
    6th Week Actual Weight: 169.8

    Day 43: Sun: 3/13: 170.6
    Day 44: Mon: 3/14: 171.8
    Day 45: Tues: 3/15: 172.4
    Day 46: Wed: 3/16: 173.4
    Day 47: Thurs: 3/17: 172.8
    Day 48: Fri: 3/18: 171.6
    Day 49: Sat: 3/19: 170.6
    7th Week Goal Weight: 168.4
    7th Week Actual Weight: 170.6
    Day 50: Sun, 3/20: 167.4
    Day 51: Mon, 3/21: 167.4
    Day 52: Tues, 3/22: 167.8
    Day 53: Wed, 3/23: 168
    Day 54: Thurs, 3/24: 168.4
    Day 55: Fri, 3/25: 168.2
    Day 56: Sat: 3/26: 166.8
    8th Week Goal Weight: 169.6
    8th Week Actual Weight: 166.8

    Day 57: Sun, 3/27: 168.4
    Day 58: Mon, 3/28: 169.6
    Day 59: Tues, 3/29: 170.6
    Day 60: Wed, 3/30: 169.8
    Day 61: Thurs, 3/31: DNW (travel)
    Day 62: Fri, 4/1: DNW (travel)
    Day 63: Sat, 4/2: DNW (travel)
    9th Week Goal Weight: 166.2
    9th Week Actual Weight: ?

    Day 64: Sun, 4/3: 169
    Day 65: Mon, 4/4: DNW
    Day 66: Tues, 4/5: DNW
    Day 67: Wed, 4/6: DNW
    Day 68: Thurs, 4/7: 171.6
    Day 69: Fri, 4/8: 172.8
    Day 70: Sat, 4/9: 173
    10th Week Goal Weight: 168.4
    10th Week Actual Weight: 173

    Day 71: Sun, 4/10: 172.4
    Day 72: Mon, 4/11: 173.6
    Day 73: Tues, 4/12:
    Day 74: Wed, 4/13:
    Day 75: Thurs, 4/14:
    Day 76: Fri, 4/15:
    Day 77: Sat, 4/16:
    11th Week Goal Weight: 169.8
    11th Week Actual Weight:
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    Thanks for sharing the pics Donna @deepwoodslady

    It's quite the project!!
    KIKITVP Posts: 217 Member
    Here we go!
    SW: 181.8
    GW: 160

    Day 1 8 Mar - 181.8
    Day 2 9 Mar - 181.5
    Day 3 10 Mar - 180.4
    Day 4 11 Mar - 180.2
    Day 5 12 Mar - 180
    Day 6 13 Mar - 179.4
    Day 7 14 Mar - 179.4
    Day 8 15 Mar - 179
    Day 9 16 Mar - 177.4
    Day 10 17 Mar - 177.4
    Day 11 18 Mar - 177.4
    Day 12 19 Mar - 177.4
    Day 13 20 Mar - 177.4
    Day 14 21 Mar - 177.8 focus!
    Day 15 22 Mar - 178.2
    Day 16 24 Mar - 177.6 corrected weight
    Day 17 25 Mar - 177.6
    Day 18 26 Mar - 177.8
    Day 19 27 Mar - 177.4
    Day 20 28 Mar - 177.0
    Day 21 29 Mar - 177.0
    Day 22 30 Mar - 176.8
    Day 23 31 Mar - 176.6
    Day 24 1 Apr - 176.4
    Day 25 2 Apr - 176.4
    Day 26 3 Apr - Am travelling so no scale but under calorie limit!
    Travelled to BCN to help daughter find apartment. No weigh scale and walked on average of 13 Kms per day.
    Back now!
    Day 33 12 Apr - 177 - not bad!
    Day 34 13 Apr
    Day 35 14 Apr
    Day 36 15 Apr
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    @deepwoodslady - Thanks for sharing all the reno pics. It has been a huge part of your life and will be great to get more progress but for now you've done a wonderful job taking the 70s out of the house!
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    @deepwoodslady - First ((HUGS)) regarding being out of breath, scared, and concerned. I think many of the recommendations were great! NEAT! I have one to add. Have you considered very light isometric exercises or physical therapy moves? Ones you can do even when the house is full of people and doesn't require to really exert yourself physically.

    Here is a video of a physical therapy stretching moves I watched that I found interesting and might provide you some new ideas.
    Stretch your limits with Michael Tsang

    Thinking of you and can't help but hope that your doctor visit in June helps you find a resolution to the issues you are facing.

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    100 Days of Weighing In ^^^^^ January 30, 2022 through May 9, 2022
    My Name is Donna, Age 61. I am 5’5” tall & I live in Northern Michigan USA


    Every healthy habit brings me closer to scratching each of these off to NEVER see them again!
    250’s; 240’s; 230’s; 220's; 210's; 200's; 190's; 180’s; 170's; 160's; 150’s

    “We will encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.” ~Maya Angelou

    Starting Weight from End of Last Challenge: : 195.2
    Day 01…..01/30…..197.6…..(Trend weight 194.6)
    Day 02…..01/31…..197.0…..(Trend weight 194.9)
    Day 03…..02/01…..197.0…..(Trend weight 195.1)
    Day 04…..02/02…..197.4…..(Trend weight 195.3)
    Day 05…..02/03…..195.8…..(Trend weight 195.4)
    Day 06…..02/04…..196.4…..(Trend weight 195.5)
    Day 07…..02/05…..196.4…..(Trend weight 195.6
    Day 08…..02/06…..194.6…..(Trend weight 195.5)
    Day 09…..02/07…..195.4…..(Trend weight 195.5)
    Day 10…..02/08…..193.4…..(Trend weight 195.3)
    Day 11…..02/09…..193.4…..(Trend weight 195.1
    Day 12…..02/10…..196.0…..(Trend weight 195.2)
    Day 13…..02/11…..194.8…..(Trend weight 195.1)
    Day 14…..02/12…..197.8…..(Trend weight 195.4)
    Day 15…..02/13…..197.4….(Trend weight 195.6)
    Day 16…..02/14…..197.6…..(Trend weight 195.8)
    Day 17…..02/15…..196.0…..(Trend weight 195.8)
    Day 18…..02/16…..194.4…..(Trend weight 195.7)
    Day 19…..02/17…..196.0…..(Trend weight 195.7)
    Day 20…..02/18…..194.2…..(Trend weight 195.6)
    Day 21…..02/19…..194.4…..(Trend weight 195.4)
    Day 22…..02/20…..196.0…..(Trend weight 195.5)
    Day 23…..02/21…..196.0…..(Trend weight 195.6)
    Day 24…..02/22…..197.6…..(Trend weight 195.8)
    Day 25…..02/23…..196.4…..(Trend weight 195.8)
    Day 26…..02/24…..198.0…..(Trend weight 196.0)
    Day 27…..02/25…..198.0…..(Trend weight 196.2)
    Day 28…..02/26…..196.2…..(Trend weight 196.2)
    Day 29…..02/27…..197.0…..(Trend weight 196.4)
    Day 30…..02/28…..198.2…..(Trend weight 196.5)
    Weight Loss in February:……………….. 1.2 lb gain (all overnight)
    Total Accumulated Weight Loss….. 3.0 lb gain since challenge start

    Day 31…..03/01…..196.6…..(Trend weight 196.5)
    Day 32…..03/02…..197.4…..(Trend weight 196.6)
    Day 33…..03/03…..196.2…..(Trend weight 196.6)
    Day 34…..03/04…..196.0…..(Trend weight 196.5)
    Day 35…..03/05…..198.2…..(Trend weight 196.7)
    Day 36…..03/06…..197.0…..(Trend weight 196.7)
    Day 37…..03/07…..198.0…..(Trend weight 196.8)
    Day 38…..03/08…..197.8…..(Trend weight 196.9)
    Day 39…..03/09…..197.8…..(Trend weight 197.0)
    Day 40…..03/10…..198.0…..(Trend weight 197.1)
    Day 41…..03/11…..198.0…..(Trend weight 197.2)
    Day 42…..03/12…..199.2…..(Trend weight 197.4)
    Day 43…..03/13…..198.6…..(Trend weight 197.5)
    Day 44…..03/14…..198.2…..(Trend weight 197.6)
    Day 45…..03/15…..199.0…..(Trend weight 197.7)
    Day 46…..03/16…..199.8…..(Trend weight 197.9)
    Day 47…..03/17…..199.8…..(Trend weight 198.1)
    Day 48…..03/18…..198.8…..(Trend weight 198.2)
    Day 49…..03/19…..xxxxx…..(Trend weight xxxxx)
    Day 50…..03/20…..198.4…..(Trend weight 198.4)

    Halfway Progress Report: …..Pounds Lost so Far: 2.8 pounds GAINED. I’ve got some serious work to do!

    Day 51…..03/21…..198.0…..(Trend weight 198.3)
    Day 52…..03/22…..199.8…..(Trend weight 198.4)
    Day 53…..03/23…..198.8…..(Trend weight 198.5)
    Day 54…..03/24…..198.8…..(Trend weight 198.6)
    Day 55…..03/25…..199.8…..(Trend weight 198.7)
    Day 56…..03/26…..199.2…..(Trend weight 198.8)


    Day 57…..03/27…..199.6…..(Trend weight 199.0)
    Day 58…..03/28…..199.6…..(Trend weight 199.1)
    Day 59…..03/29…..199.8…..(Trend weight 199.2)
    Day 60…..03/30…..199.6…..(Trend weight 199.2)
    Day 61…..03/31…..199.6…..(Trend weight 199.4)

    Weight Loss in March:……………….. 1.4 lb Gain
    Total Accumulated Weight Loss….. 4.4 lb GAIN

    Day 62…..04/01…..199.8…..(Trend weight 199.4)
    Day 63…..04/02…..198.6…..(Trend weight 199.6)

    WEEK 9 LOSS OR GAIN: 0.6 Loss

    Day 64…..04/03…..199.8…..(Trend weight 199.6) Lunch out with a friend yesterday. ½ for lunch and ½ for dinner. Bouncy-bounce.

    Day 65…..04/04…..198.2…..(Trend weight 199.5) Really no change in behaviors here (though there should be more!) I’m not sure why I go up and down but here it is today. Lowest weight since Mar 14. I’ll take it, shake it and see what I can do with it.

    Day 66…..04/05…..198.8…..(Trend weight 199.4) My daughter brought donuts home last night which was a special treat from out of town. I just wish she had brought ONE. Today I am planning a big pot of soup for dinner and she is inviting her boyfriend to join us. I will keep portions under control and try to make up for yesterday a bit. Cooking is challenging right now. The stove is in the livingroom sitting on a cement board on the carpet. The kitchen is fully gutted down to studs so dishes are in my bedroom and anticipated food items we may need in the next month or two is upstairs on the landing. Pots & pans on the console style entertainment piece under the LR tv. The back & forth for every spoon or glass is giving me extra steps. It all adds up!

    Day 67…..04/06…..199.6…..(Trend weight 199.5) Hello Donuts from 2 days ago. I won’t be sorry to see you go. BTW, if I get time today I may post an extra post to share something I have been hesitant to talk about. However, I've since realized that anyone who chimes in may be a great help. Stay tuned.....

    Day 68…..04/07…..DNW…..(Trend weight xxxxx) Travel.
    Day 69…..04/08…..204.0…..(Trend weight 200.2) OMG! Heavy food day during travel and no movement to speak of. Gotta get this back down or I’ll be spending April hiding under the blankets!

    Day 70…..04/09…..202.0…..(Trend weight 200.4) Probably a water weight loss after the travel meals. It was too big of a jump when I got home so I knew something was up. Now…..to get it back under 200 then get some real fat loss progress going!


    Day 71…..04/10…..199.8…..(Trend weight 200.3) Travel weight/water retention disappearing which is fair. Now down to the nitty gritty.

    Day 72…..04/11…..201.8…..(Trend weight 200.5) Wow, first a big drop, then a big gain. I’m all over the place! I had a light breakfast, out to lunch with a friend for lasagna and garlic toast. I ate half and had the other half for dinner. It didn’t seem like too much food for one day but…..well……pasta!

    Day 73…..04/12…..200.8…..(Trend weight 200.5) Travel today and Friday. I will try to make good choices but it’s never good. The lack of any activity while driving really hurts too. This will be a challenging week.

    Day 74…..04/13…..xxxxx…..(Trend weight xxxxx)
    Day 75…..04/14…..xxxxx…..(Trend weight xxxxx)
    Day 76…..04/15…..xxxxx…..(Trend weight xxxxx)
    Day 77…..04/16…..xxxxx…..(Trend weight xxxxx)

    Day 78…..04/17…..xxxxx…..(Trend weight xxxxx)
    Day 79…..04/18…..xxxxx…..(Trend weight xxxxx)
    Day 80…..04/19…..xxxxx…..(Trend weight xxxxx)
    Day 81…..04/20…..xxxxx…..(Trend weight xxxxx)
    Day 82…..04/21…..xxxxx…..(Trend weight xxxxx)
    Day 83…..04/22…..xxxxx…..(Trend weight xxxxx)
    Day 84…..04/23…..xxxxx…..(Trend weight xxxxx)

    Day 85…..04/24…..xxxxx…..(Trend weight xxxxx)
    Day 86…..04/25…..xxxxx…..(Trend weight xxxxx)
    Day 87…..04/26…..xxxxx…..(Trend weight xxxxx)
    Day 88…..04/27…..xxxxx…..(Trend weight xxxxx)
    Day 89…..04/28…..xxxxx…..(Trend weight xxxxx)
    Day 90…..04/29…..xxxxx…..(Trend weight xxxxx)
    Day 91…..04/30…..xxxxx…..(Trend weight xxxxx)

    Weight Loss in April:……………….. xxxxx
    Total Accumulated Weight Loss…..xxxxx

    Day 92…..05/01…..xxxxx…..(Trend weight xxxxx)
    Day 93…..05/02…..xxxxx…..(Trend weight xxxxx)
    Day 94…..05/03…..xxxxx…..(Trend weight xxxxx)
    Day 95…..05/04…..xxxxx…..(Trend weight xxxxx)
    Day 96…..05/05…..xxxxx…..(Trend weight xxxxx)
    Day 97…..05/06…..xxxxx…..(Trend weight xxxxx)
    Day 98…..05/07…..xxxxx…..(Trend weight xxxxx)

    Day 99…..05/08…..xxxxx…..(Trend weight xxxxx)
    Day 100…..05/09…..(Final Weight In)……xxxxx……(trend weight xxxxx)

    Weight Loss in May (partial month) ……………….. xxxxx
    Total Accumulated Weight Loss…..xxxxx

    CHALLENGE GOAL: 10 pound loss to land at 185.2
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    This is the special soundproofing and fireproofing insulation between floors that I've added.


    Picture makes it look small in the reno'd bathroom but this is a large shower. At least 42" deep with custom tilework.


    This is the tilework done in the bathroom shower combo in the same green reno'd bathroom.


    Two walls of matching custom tilework in the counter area. Counter is small because it leaves the room further down for that extra shower.


    One piece of artwork to incorporate the blue to match that ugly carpet in my livingroom (temporarily). Unfortunately, the pic does not accurately show the blue in the sky background.


    Another piece of wall art which incorporates the orange and the different shades of blue and gray which really works well with the ugly carpet. Bouncing around the room are blue candles, table scarves, throw pillows etc. along with florals that also contain my original orange. It is working for now until it's time for the livingroom reno. Then those popcorn ceilings will go too Yay!