Women 200lb+, Let's Astonish Ourselves This April!!!



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    48 yo 5’3” 6/2013 SW 277 ((in 2021 lost 57 lbs from May 1- Dec 31))
    April goal - lose 1.5 lbs - make it to 159.9 (and be utterly astonished!)
    Enjoy Easter maintenance calories the rest of the month!!

    1/1 172.2
    2/1 172.2
    3/1 165.8 cycle
    4/1 161.4
    4/7 160.8
    4/15 158.6
    4/22 161.4 cycle
    4/29 158.4 - will my cycle ever end?? Can the communists please visit some other garden for two weeks or longer??

    🌷Walk at least 3-5 miles OR or low-impact for 1 hour (+ more if possible), every single day!
    🌷Be patient! Remember that increments are where it is at, and focus on habits.
    🌷Be consistent in logging, exercise, and weighing all food.
    🌷Remember: Total loss of over 115 lbs!!

    Goal attained and I am utterly astonished! Very happy about it. I am toying with the idea of a longer maintenance. But then I am doing so well with the losing. Maybe a 2 lb a month goal, instead of 4 (which has really been 7-8 pounds usually)? Since I am a medium size, and all my bloodwork and blood pressure looks good. Why not? Maybe then I can FINALLY fix a skirt and wear it for longer than a month or two before I have to take it in again! That would be sooooo very very nice!

    Visited my endocrinologist today, who saw me last January 20, and I have lost 20 pounds according to her charts. She said, "Is this right, did you lose weight, 20 pounds??" Me, "Yes, I weigh everything in the kitchen and track my exercise calories." Her, "You have no idea how unusual you are, I literally never see this happen with my clients." ((She has a ton of "lose weight now, ask Chef Radna" etc all over the office, targeted especially towards diabetics I think, not sure)) I was totally chuffed!! So nice to hear, and get a little pat on the back. She wants to see me in 6 months, and says if I lose 10 more pounds she will have to give me an even smaller dose of levothyroxine. I started 277 pounds at 175mcg, then 150mcg for awhile, just started 137mcg in January. While I don't really have goals that look like: x pounds in x time, I guess it is good to know that if I do 10 pounds in 6 months I will need a different dose of levo.

    I found this quote, from a maintainer, and I LOVE the idea so I am throwing it out there with the others who are interested in tweaking this journey with super fun words!

    @PatriceFitnessPal quote “Back to the ‘test kitchen’ and ‘workout lab’ to see what I can improve!”

    Ladies, look at April!! So smashing!! You did good, you hung in there, you reflected, you learned, you ranted and raved!! WAY TO GO!! Keep on keeping on!! Keep on crushing it!! And when you gain 10 lbs of water weight over night, ignore it!! lols, that is all I got on the water weight crap.

    OMG this lifted me up so much to read about your amazing progress! I'm just feeling joyful for what you've achieved!!!
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    Folks I'm loving catching up today, so much gold in here! I should have probably done a tag party like the others but I live and learn :p

    @goal06082021 I so totally agree with you on "There's no One True Way of Eating that works for everyone". OMG how rude of your hubs to not eat! Ah sugar, well you've made amazing progress. Also lol'ing at "ChickenQuest 2022"! My neighbours have two chickens they got recently who are pottering around next doors front garden atm, I promise not to tell about ChickenQuest 2022!!

    @roz0810 That's such amazing progress! WHOOP!

    @AlexandraFindsHerself1971 :D OMG I totally lol'd at that. I don't even "have" cats, but two visit and the kitten was totally in my way trying to get dressed after the scales today.

    @lmgoff232 OMG I have been kicked from posting after writing an essay too many times :s That's great progress this month! Enjoy the bike, weather took a turn here, otherwise I was going to head out.

    @jazzadesigns Good luck with the dermatologist, it's great to find a regime that works for you. I have psoriasis (mostly on my scalp) and I kinda have a decent schedule for managing it.

    @Cluelessmama1979 I find the first day or so fasting is nearly the hardest part, but I'm just relearning about it now and what suits my body. I watched a fantastic video about the benefits of fasting (Title: The INSANE BENEFITS Of Fasting & Foods You Need To STOP EATING! | Dr. Pradip Jamnadas) I don't like the clickbaity title but Dr Chatterjee normally does pretty sensible, good interviews

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    SW (Feb 3rd): 220

    Feb: -6lbs
    March: +3lbs
    April: -10.2 <3

    4/2: 217
    4/8: 212
    4/30: 206.8

    April GW: 212

    🌻 April Goals🌻

    🌻 Keep moving <3
    🌻 Bring in some strength training >:)
    🌻 Some light fasts <3

    SO that was a turnaround of a week! I thought I'd try a mid-week fast, kinda test the waters with work before things get more hectic (we're coming up to a busy period). Well, I'm still going and feel good. I'm not sure if I'll finish the fast in the morning or later tomorrow, going to see how I'm feeling. I know I wouldn't have been able for this if I hadn't already done a few shorter fasts in the past month or so and cleaned up my eating.

    I also managed to get out kayaking 3 times this week (the smaller group of paddlers has helped me feel better about the bs with the larger group), 2 of those sessions were fasted and I had a great time. I even tried an eskimo roll (totally failed!, lol), but I got wet which I wanted to do and then a lovely young guy asked me if I'd like to try his SUP board (I think he felt bad for me!). So I had a quick little paddle around on that and a bit of a swim. My confidence is really growing with the kayaking, looking forward to getting stronger and fitter.

    And I finally went to the local athletics track (I had messaged them on FB to ask about joining, they said to wait until I was fitter but they were super nice about inviting me to use the facilities in the mean time). And I did some more walk-jogging. I'm tracking these sessions on an app to keep myself honest and hopefully see progress.

    Hope you are all well. Oh and I've been home editing this week, I wrangled my tool drawer today, I have 6 Philips head screwdrivers.....well at least I know now! :p
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    @porquenoirl thanks lol... I tend not to feel hungry until I eat, or until I think it's time to eat (skipping breakfast is usually helpful for me too) so the fast day itself isn't really challenging ... more like... boring, lol.

    Which says something I suppose.

    Maybe I tend to use food as entertainment? It's food for thought. Lol I'm punny...
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    @porquenoirl thanks lol... I tend not to feel hungry until I eat, or until I think it's time to eat (skipping breakfast is usually helpful for me too) so the fast day itself isn't really challenging ... more like... boring, lol.

    Which says something I suppose.

    Maybe I tend to use food as entertainment? It's food for thought. Lol I'm punny...

    OMG I totally do that! That's one thing I've been working on is fighting the boredom and keeping myself entertained.

    Also "food for thought"....you are, indeed, punny! :p<3
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    Good afternoon everyone!

    Obligatory meme:


    I'm away from home for my niece's birthday party, which is very exciting and hectic. We drove most of the night last night to get here, and we drive back tomorrow morning. Yikesssss.

    Typing from my phone, so tag party will have to wait, but I've read all your things and I'm very happy for everyone. Y'all are the best.

    Have a great Saturday! See you in May!
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    @porquenoirl i think we posted over each other and i missed your update... sounds like you smashed all your april goals and had a lot of fun! Congrats!!

    @CupcakeCrusoe you said "see you in may" and i thought "wow thats a long birthday"... im slow lol.

    Also... is tagging easier on desktop? I've been chatting from my phone this whole time!! *dramatic sigh*
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    I certainly find it easier to tag folks on desktop @Cluelessmama1979

    And thanks. I didn't do much with strength training, but we got May for that!

    Also love the meme @CupcakeCrusoe <3
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    It took me a little while to recover from my rheumatologist appointment. It was a disappointment in many ways, but I'm able to look at the positives now and hope it will be helpful for me moving forward and hope to find someone who will help me more than he was willing to.

    Time for an April recap.

    April goals from the beginning of the month:
    🍎 Increase daily fruit and veggie servings (currently hitting 2-3/day and aiming to reach 3-4/day minimum)
    🧘🏼‍♀️ Continue exercising 2-3 times a week or more
    💭 Start seeing a therapist for talk therapy
    ⬇️ Lose 7 pounds (but I’ll be happy with any loss)

    I ate 4-5 servings of fruit and veggies at least 5 days out of each week.
    I wasn't able to exercise as much as I hoped, due to joints/pain, but that's okay.
    I made an appointment with a therapist.
    Lost 6.6lbs, which is super close to 7.

    Other than that, I survived a primary care doctor's appointment and the rheumatologist's appointment. I got my taxes done, which stressed me out for far longer than I care to admit. I had many low mental health days the past week and am on day 9 of high pain, but today's is the worst it has been, most likely due to it being the 48 hour soreness after going to my appointment and all that getting out of my apartment entails and a longer walk from the entrance of the building to the actual doctor's office than most places I go.
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    Haha @CupcakeCrusoe I always know when it’s May when I see Justin Timberlake Meme. I love May. I love Mother’s Day even though I have a garbage relationship with my own mom. I love a day to be with my girls. My birthday and anniversary are in May too. My husband over gets overwhelmed. Have a good trip!

    @bonniemcc4 I have a hard time getting veggies in. Not that I hate them I just don’t think about it. I need to increase my intake there.

    @porquenoirl i too eat from boredom!

    Heading to Chicago now! Ate before we left so I don’t get junk there.
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    💜💜💜Hello, ladies!!!

    Next month's group has been posted in the Motivation and Support forum.

    🌷🌷🌷Women 200lb+, Let's Have A Momentous May!!!🌷🌷🌷

    Hope to see you there! 💜💜💜
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    Glad to be back and Thank you @RavenStCloud for this thread. Great support here!
    Mary from Pennsylvania 64, 5'4", Heaviest weight 255 lbs twice. :-(

    UGW-122 lbs. I was there in 2009/10 and kept it off for 5 years then got lazy.

    My goal is to continue with what seems to work for me. 1000-1200 calories, low carb 15 Net +/- 3(My body seems to not do well with carbs. It doesn't know how to burn them and hangs onto them way too much!), minimum 70 + oz of water, 2 meals/day on my days off(3) and 3 meals on my work days(which are long), exercise on my 3 days off. My weigh in day is Sunday.

    9/14/20 SW-255 lbs
    5/3/21-240.5 lbs Emergency Gallbladder surgery
    5/14/21-232.2 lbs started MFP and Low Carb/1000-1200 calorie while recovering
    6/1/21-228.8 lbs
    7/1/21-222.2 lbs
    8/1/21-212.0 lbs
    9/1/21-200.0 lbs
    10/1/21-191.4 lbs
    11/1/21-181.8 lbs
    12/1/21-176.2 lbs
    12/26/21-165.6 lbs
    1/1/22-168 lbs
    2/1/22-157.4 lbs
    3/1/22-155 lbs. Down 100.2 lbs so far!
    4/1/22-156.4 lbs

    Been MIA AGAIN! :-( Will catch up on all your posts!
    4/2/22-154 lbs
    Had to share these daily weight, you'll see why.
    4/3/22-152 lbs NEW LOW!
    4/4/22-150 lbs NEW LOW!
    4/5/22-148.6 lbs NEW LOW!
    4/10/22-151 lbs
    4/17/22-151.8 lbs
    4/23/22-153.8 lbs Going to Oklahoma to see my son, daughter in law and granddaughter.
    4/24/22-DNW I was away and there was no scale.
    4/29/22-156.6 lbs, Not bad with not in my regular routine.
    4/30/22-156.6 lbs