Women 200lb+, Let's Have A Momentous May!!!



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    Happy last day of May! Since I'm in finance the last day of the month and first of the next month are actually pretty stressful but.... oh well. I hope you all had an excellent long weekend. We mostly went to the pool and watched movies when we came home. Nothing very exciting but plenty of time with our little family and our closest friends. Movie night on Friday was also a blast and we already planned for doing it again next month.

    It's the last week of school of my schedule is all kinds of a disaster. Closed yesterday, a full day today, then 2 half days and off Friday. That wrecks my lunch time walks and other assorted family calendars all out of whack so I'm trying to figure it all out. Once we get to through this week we're surprising our daughter and her friend with a water park trip so the next 7 days are going to be insanely hard to stick to plan.

    I'm trying to schedule my recipe blog so that my next post drops while I'm away next week. I'm always nervous when I do that so hopefully it goes well. I love being able to hit post when I'm actually ready. LOL.

    I'm ready to set up our new summer routine so that walking, Zumba and other exercise can be fit into the crazy. Just one week to go.
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    @seltzer_lover - 10.5 books? What all did you read? Anything you highly recommend?
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    Ooooh yes @rockitwell86 and @seltzer_lover and @JAC581 I'm looking for escapist books- books you start and have a very, very hard time putting down for any reason whatsoever :lol:.

    One of the last books I read that filled that requirement was Circe, which was a couple years ago.
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    @seltzer_lover - 10.5 books? What all did you read? Anything you highly recommend?
    Ooooh yes @rockitwell86 and @seltzer_lover and @JAC581 I'm looking for escapist books- books you start and have a very, very hard time putting down for any reason whatsoever :lol:.

    One of the last books I read that filled that requirement was Circe, which was a couple years ago.

    I ADORED Circe @CupcakeCrusoe !!!! If you liked that mythological retelling vibe, you might like the books of Pat Barker (told about the women who survive the fall of Troy), Ariadne, Elektra, or the books by Natalie Haynes. A modern retelling of mythological characters that was good was Olympus, Texas. (This is a genre I really, really love, can you tell? :lol: )

    I blew through Where the Crawdads Sing (was super late to reading this), Lessons in Chemistry, Darling Girl, and The Four Winds recently, too. I had a hard time putting any of those down and enjoyed them all, despite the way they're all very different.
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    @seltzer_lover - Darling Girl was my BOTM pick last month. I'm into a romance series right now that I want to finish before I start it.

    @CupcakeCrusoe - last book I remember not being able to truly put down was An Unwanted Guest by Shari Lapena. It's a murder mystery who done it type of book. Everyone is snowed in at a B&B. Guests start being murdered. It was a little slow to start, but it took so many twists & turns I couldn't put it down.
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    As to books I have been reading a lot of Kristen Harmel. They are sort of historical fiction meets higher quality romance novel - very fun and enjoyable reads. Not really my usual. I am starting to read a newer series from Philppa Gregory who's historical fiction I usually like. I usually read a lot of mysteries. I love historical mysteries and even genealogical mysteries which usually have a modern and historic mystery mashed together. There is also a series with a forensic archeologist that I was reading a while ago which also had a modern and historical mystery. I am at 34 books this year but not including a bunch of rereads from a series I went back and started from the beginning to the end recently. I read with my phone near by so I can look up things as I go along. I have found some new dishes that way - Lancashire Hotpot and Coronation Chicken. I didn't know the English did hot pots.
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    “While learning can be rushed, changing can’t be…don’t forget why you’re here and what you’re chasing.” Not my words, it’s from the book “Chasing Cupcakes” by Elizabeth Benton.

    47 years old
    Height: 5'6"
    Original SW May 2013: 301.2 lbs.
    SW (5/1/22): 205.4 lbs.

    May SW (5/1/22): 205.4 lbs.
    5/8/22: 202.4 lbs.
    5/15/22: 202.2 lbs.
    5/22/22: 201.0 lbs.
    5/29/22: 198.4 lbs.

    May GW: Under 200 lbs.
    GW: 150 lbs. (then reconsider)

    My goals for May are:
    • To re-achieve a 100-pound weight loss from my recorded original start weight. I am confident I’m down more than 100 pounds from whatever my all-time high was. Have re-achieved the 100-pound loss from my highest weight
    • Return to daily weighing. It’s not for everyone, but to me it is data and helps me. I shifted my workouts to mornings. This forced me to weigh at a more regular time. At the beginning of the month, I was not consistently weighing at the same time each day. I took a slight hit the first few days, but the advantage of weighing at a consistent time is that I’m confident of the number on the scale.
    • Cardio for 45-60 min, 5-6 times a week, 3 of the sessions Couch-to-5K workouts. Switching to mornings has made my workouts more consistent. I also have more energy, so I’ve been performing better.
    • Advance in the Couch-to-5K plan to Week 4 workouts. I plan to repeat each week of workouts 3 or 4 weeks, depending on how my lower-body joints are holding up. Still happily doing the week 3 workouts, running slightly longer than each of the running intervals.
    • Planks 3 times a week – definitely forearm, considering also doing side planks. Getting to do this 2-3 times a week, and I’ve added clamshells, too. Planks are one of the things that improve my running and walking.
    • Take better care of my skin in hopes it will start to regain its shape. If I don’t say it, I won’t do it. Working from home is really taking its toll on this one.

    I planned to do a make-up post last Tuesday. Unfortunately I got a few pieces of news this week that derailed many things. On Tuesday, my brother went to the doctor with severe leg pain which turned out to be a blood clot. His doctor sent him to the ER for a workup, and he had blood clots in his lungs. They told him if he hadn’t gone to his doctor, he probably wouldn’t have made it through the night. He was admitted to the ICU, ended up having a procedure to remove the clots from his lungs. He was discharged yesterday, then went back to the hospital because he thought he was bleeding internally from the blood thinners.

    Also, a coworker who needs a heart transplant was told that he needed to cut back his work to half-time. His twin brother also needed a transplant about five years ago, I’m not sure what condition is affecting their hearts but it’s something genetic. Not life style, this coworker was a one-time police officer and ran so many races that his wife had a huge quilt made of his racing t-shirts.

    In the past this would have been a week that I would have mindlessly increased my intake. And this is why weight loss – or weight management – is a skill. It’s tedious, and I empathize with the people who say they are sick of thinking about food. But to be good at any skill, it needs to be practiced and every time you eat something is a time to think about why you are eating. Because you’re hungry, bored, sad, angry, it tastes good? From this thought work in the past, I know better now – weeks like this I need to slow down, stick to a plan, and really think about the reasons I’m eating.

    I’m also reflecting on one of my exercise goals – advancing to the next week of workouts in the C25K program. I’m not trying to train for a race, so I don’t feel pressure to rush performance gains. I posted a link to another post which I’ve had bookmarked for a long time. I re-read it from time to time because it helps me to focus on the basics. One of the things mentioned is how we should allow for progress. As long as I continue to lose weight sticking with the current C25K workout makes sense. And it will minimize the risk of injury.

    I happy with the progress this month, and I’ve got a lot to improve on in coming months.
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    💜💜💜Hello, ladies!💜💜💜

    Next month's group has been posted in the Motivation and Support forum:

    🌼Women 200lb+, Let's Make June Joyous!!!🌼

    Hope to see you there!!!
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    @mmdeveau congrats on getting back into Onderland
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    Starting again weight and date with MFP: 282 10/21
    May starting weight: 205
    AGE: 33
    HEIGHT: 5'11"

    May 2: 203
    May 9: 204
    May 16: 200.5
    May 23: 197.8
    May 30: 197.3
    May 31: 197.1

    May was a success! Congratulations everyone!
    May Goals:
    => make it to Onderland (under 200)
    => make it to the gym 3 times a week (weight training)
    => tone down the cardio to 2 days a week
    => work on my body image/confidence
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    May stats:

    Started: 222.6
    May 5: 220.4
    May 12: 218.2
    May 19: 216
    May 26: 214.4
    June 1: 212.6

    Most my May goals were a swing and a miss other than weight loss goal. Very disappointing but will roll them all over to June and try again. See y'all in June's thread!
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    @_manny_702 Congrats on making it into Onderland!
    @Generic_Excuse good job with the weight loss. I was just opposite than you I did well on my other goals but lost a little.