Women 200lb+, Let's Have A Momentous May!!!



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    @pamiede - Don't be embarrassed! Many of us have lost and regained, including me! Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and welcome back. :heart:

    @mmdeveau - Way to catch the gain before it gets to be too much. It sounds like you and your family have been through a lot and persevered....I'm sure you can put that same attitude towards your health goals! I'm also a daily weigher but I mitigate some of the fluctuations by using Happy Scale to smooth out the spikes and valleys. Helps me mentally.

    @lmgoff232 - I hope you can see the doctor soon to show off that sweet, sweet progress! Our heights and starting weights are similar so I love to see your progress and what's possible, because I know if you can, I can!

    @KeriA - I hope you're doing well and recovering! Welcome back. We're glad to have you. It's smart you listened to your body on Friday and just said "nope". Sometimes that's what you need to do to take care of you.

    @CupcakeCrusoe - oh my goodness! Hope you're doing ok today. Falling down the stairs is always so scary.

    @rockitwell86 - Figuring out what you can do to change that is sustainable and maintainable is legit 85% of the battle, in my view. Anytime I've gone too restrictive, I've failed and spiraled back into my eating disorder. Now that I'm working with a great RD, I have a plan that is filling, nutritious, AND accommodates my insane sweet tooth. Makes all the difference.

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    @rockitwell86 - Hello fellow Virginian! I just finished Lessons in Chemistry and started Darling Girl last night. I *also* had to force myself to stop reading last night because I would have burned through that all night.

    I'm a member of Book of the Month and my picks lately have all been really good. I also just wrapped up Kaikeyi over Easter and I've been listening to the Jeeves and Wooster series by PG Wodehouse on audio (mostly in the car).

    Evelyn Hugo has been on my radar for awhile and now that I have ANOTHER good review, I might have to bump it up the list! What else have you been reading? Any recent favorites?
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    April was a very busy/stressful month. Good news, I was able to maintain for the month without measuring/counting calories. Back to somewhat normality for the month of may. Hopefully May will not be to bad trying to get back to the routine

    Weigh in on Mondays:

    SW: 230.0 lb
    CW: 191.8 lb
    GW: 150 lb

    5/2: 191.8

    Goal for May: mid 180's (184-186)
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    @KeriA I'm so glad that your breast cancer was diagnosed and treated and that you're getting back to fighting form. I'm sure it was very scary and thank you for sharing. 💓💓💓

    I also had a weird feeling like you did a few months ago. I got to the gym and felt fine and hopped into the pool and swam for less than 5 minutes and my body just rebelled out of nowhere and was like 'stop. you're done. get out of the pool.' It really freaked me out. I waited in the shallow end for a few minutes for the feeling to pass, but it didn't. So I got out and went home. I wasn't sure how I'd feel going back, but it was like nothing happened a few days later. I dont know if my body knew something that I didn't or it was preventing me from an injury or what. But it was really strange.
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    @seltzer_lover - I just finished the Saint View Prison series by Elle Thorpe (woah - spicy). Darling Girl was my BOTM pick. I'm a huge Peter Pan fan (currently working on a side tattoo of Peter Pan). I skipped April, nothing really jumped out at me. I'm also read Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly during lunches at work. It's taking me a while since that's the only time I read it, I get a few chapters in a week. I think next will be The Paris Apartment from March, I haven't started it yet.

    @Cluelessmama1979 - oh goodness, I would go insane with that kind of diet! Hangry wouldn't even begin to describe how I would be. I don't know how you lasted 2 weeks!

    @RavenStCloud - it's so weird how our bodies just KNOW! I had a blood clot a few years ago & as soon as I woke up I just knew. Even before I went to bed the night before I had this weird feeling something wasn't right. I'm not an overly religious person but I remember praying to wake up the next day.
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    SW (Feb 3rd): 220

    Feb: -6lbs
    March: +3lbs
    April: -10.2


    May GW: 201

    May Goals

    Run-jog twice a week
    Some more fasting
    Work on my swimming

    Thanks again Raven!

    Best wishes all with another month. Thanks so much for the support so far.
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    @swimmom_1 - I ditto Cluelessmama1979.

    If I restrict too much I won't lose, and sometimes even gain weight. I am one of those people who HAVE to eat in order to lose weight. And after a while I'll have to change things up to basically "shock" my body into responding again. Weight loss is so frustrating for me because it's a constant guessing game of what is going to work for now. Monitoring/tracking. Making sure I'm eating enough but not too much. Ugh...

    Maybe add back in some of those calories you're exercising off to help jump start things again. Can't hurt, especially if things are kind of stuck.
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    @Cluelessmama1979 special macrofactor post, coming up!

    (Quick note: this is not evangelism, I'm still seeing if this will work for me. I'm writing this so you have an idea of whether you think it would be helpful for you, since it's paid after the free trial period (two weeks instead of the one I did with an offer code you can find if you Google).

    Screenshot heavy post tapped out on my phone, so spoilers for lots of pictures.

    Alright so we start with the dashboard:



    The things I like the most about this dashboard that MFP doesn't do are:

    1. The expenditure number. You can choose to keep that static, or have the algorithm figure that out as you go, given weight and food logging inputs. It's supposed to function like a maintenance calorie number, but until it finds patterns in intake, it can be a little off. I still like it as a function, I just don't put much weight on it right now, while it's still figuring me out.

    2. The weight trend line!!!! I love that this does what I was doing in my spreadsheet automatically.

    3. They have a habit section, which can be motivating for some to log more. I don't care overly.

    4. The calorie and macro counts are judgement neutral. Nothing changes colors if I go over the recommended amount, and the algorithm, on seeing I ate more or less this week, will adjust up or down based on my goals, not to exceed a calorie "floor" you set on starting up with the app.

    5. I also really love that all the food entries are vetted, no random user inputs.

    Okay! Let's dig in, first the weight trend, my favorite function:


    The ghost line is my inputs, which I can also see in the green section from my dashboard.



    I'm unsure about this yet, as they have my expenditure pegged very low, likely because I've been the same weight across a week of low intake, lol (probs ovulation related). An algorithm is only as good as the information it's given, and a future feature they're planning accounts for cycles, which would be rad.

    The straight weight log, which doesn't look exciting right now because, same weight for a week, lol.

    The nutrition section. The rest of the week looks low rn because I prelogged my breakfasts and lunches.


    And the food log: I like that it has a timeline style, and when I go to enter food, it offers things I often eat at that time of day as well as things I just recently logged. (Below my keyboard, you can't see it in this screenshot, apologies.)

    The food database has been vetted, no other entries than verified ones. It is multi-add until you are done logging, which i find makes logging quicker.

    Another thing I love about the food log is that the calorie count is only as big as anything else, again makes it feel like it's not a judgement, which is nice.

    I can also collapse my food to look at macro breakdowns by meal if I want. And it allows me to copy days over, which makes it easy to prelog my breakfasts and lunches.





    On Mondays, the algorithm updates given data from the last week, to update your weekly calorie budget. It just lowered mine, because the algorithm doesn't know me super well yet and I'm in a particularly stagnant weight period. It will adjust.

    On the whole, I like it enough to pay $72 for a year of access. They offer shorter-term, I'm just like this, lol. And the dev team is very responsive, which is a thing I loved given... MFP lately, lol. They have a whole game plan with features they're currently working on as well as future features.


    Do with all this... What you will, lol. Do I recommend it? Yes, for someone with a level head who's not going to blindly follow what the algorithm gives them. For someone who knows that part might not be the most accurate.

    And for someone willing to, yes, pay money, which is not insignificant! I dithered about paying money to log, but I'm willing to see how much better this app can get as I use it.
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    special macrofactor post

    That was very detailed lol, thank you! I'll check it out and use both for awhile to decide if I like it.

    I like the concept of only verified foods, but I get a lot of barcodes which don't even come up on mfp, so I'm worried how macrofactor would handle that lol
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    special macrofactor post

    That was very detailed lol, thank you! I'll check it out and use both for awhile to decide if I like it.

    I like the concept of only verified foods, but I get a lot of barcodes which don't even come up on mfp, so I'm worried how macrofactor would handle that lol

    Curious about this too. This weekend I had ham. There was about 100 different results but all had different calorie amount. I don't know which one is right.