Women 200lb+, Let's Have A Momentous May!!!



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    Hi everyone, I'm Erin! I posted in this group once or twice when i was pregnant with my 15 month old but am back again looking for motivation and accountability for myself and offer encouragement to you all.

    I feel lately like my motivation for eating healthfully and exercising is AWOL. I'm a sahm of 5 and gosh, i don't like FEELING out of shape but somehow that's not enough to motivate me to get back into shape. I'm 220ish now and I'd love to be back to my *wedding weight* of 160 but I'd be content with 170/80 honestly. I'm going to track everything and try to make it easy, not too much mental work, but really be consistent.

    Please friend me if you'd like some encouragement as well, I'm always good for "liking" my friends updates!

    goals for may:
    *log daily, every bite
    *lights out by 11pm
    *move every day, at least 20 min.

    Starting weight: 218.4
    Current weight: 218.4
    Goal weight: 170

    weekly weights
    5/9: 218.4
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    Starting again weight and date with MFP: 282 10/21
    May starting weight: 205
    AGE: 33
    HEIGHT: 5'11"

    May 2: 203
    May 9: 204
    May 16:
    May 23:
    May 30:
    May 31:

    May Goals:
    => make it to wonderland (under 200)
    => make it to the gym 3 times a week (weight training)
    => tone down the cardio to 2 days a week
    => work on my body image/confidence

    I expected way worse, I consumed A LOT of sodium and alcohol over the weekend. Plus, my biweekly TOM symptoms are in full swing again. I'm not even mad, it was worth it and kind of a celebration considering all of my testing came back awesome. Bloodwork and urinalysis were great, the ultrasound on my thyroid did show two nodules, but the doc says not to be concerned and we will do another ultrasound in 6 months to make sure there are no changes with them. The doc did suggest I increase my calories, especially since I'm increasing weight training and reducing cardio. The 1200 to 1400 was too large of a deficit.

    @CupcakeCrusoe I'm glad you're back to seeing it drop. The dish sounds delicious.
    @justanotherloser007 so, so close to Onederland! :D
    @biohazardinc Thank you, I wish you the best.
    @Cluelessmama1979 I am so close, but remember I was in your shoes not so long ago and I know that feeling.
    @Generic_Excuse I'm glad you enjoyed your girls night and yes, the sodium is a serious issue. Someone needs to open a sodium free restaurant and make millions! :D I also indulged in so much sodium this weekend that my toes felt swollen!
    @KeriA Thank you, I hope I make it this May!
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    danisb1987 wrote: »
    Hi 👋 I'm Danielle also Dani!
    🌷 Go out to the woods for a walk
    🌷 Be kinder to myself

    Hi Danielle!! I love these two goals, they sound absolutely delightful!!
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    I weigh in on Mondays.

    Started 2/5/22
    SW: 288.8
    CW: 269.2
    GW for May: 263

    5/2: 269.2
    5/9: 267.6 (-1.6)

    Goals for May:

    🍎 Keep eating 4-5 fruits and veggie servings per day, at least 5 days a week
    🧘🏼‍♀️ Start Leslie Sansone workouts and work up to 8 minutes at a time by the end of the month (optimistic goal - apparently I can do 4-5 minutes okay)
    💭 Start seeing new therapist -first appt is set for the 23rd
    ⬇️ Lose 6 pounds (but I’ll be happy with any loss)
    🥳 Hopefully get myself some rewards that will help me continue to make healthier changes

    I believe I got 4-5 fruits and veggies every day except yesterday. I did Leslie sansone for 4-5 minutes every day except on the weekend this past week. I ordered a Fitbit watch last night and it says the estimated arrival is Wednesday 🥳 I’m excited. I have had a Fitbit but this is my first Fitbit watch. It’s a great reward to celebrate passing 20 pounds lost this morning (21.2lbs total).
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    JAC581 wrote: »

    The rain has finally stopped here in Pennsylvania....

    I'm from PA too!

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    Good morning everyone!

    Tired. I'm ready to spend a weekend at home, haha. Weight this morning is 188 even! I like that!

    It's so cold here. May, where are you?! I'm ready to go outside without coats again!

    Not much to talk about, yesterday was Tuesday, but today is Tuesday too, etc. :wink: The thumb is taking its sweet time getting better, but it is getting better, so I'm babying it and not doing any weights until it's back. Let's get on with the tag party!

    @rockitwell86 a good flowy dress is a total mood-booster. I love that.

    @kenziestabes I'm glad to hear you're doing better, and that you intend to take it easy for a little longer. :smiley:

    @justanotherloser007 wow, that is a lot. I'm so sorry to hear about the nonstop itchiness as well as the near death experience, I can totally understand why you would be hesitant to get surgery after that. I hope that your doc can come up with a way that makes you feel safe to solve this.

    It's so hard to console and grieve people you love in this scenario. Sending my best wishes.

    @seltzer_lover gonna get that whoosh soon! 7 books already?! that's great!

    @biohazardinc hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii how've you been?

    @JedsMom63 Hi! Welcome to the best thread on MFP (in my humble opinion). The quest for everything in moderation is hard, but good for building those habits you'll need forever. It's not as though you won't be tempted with desserts and diet sun drop after you lose weight. So you just have to find the frequency that works for you to treat yourself to the things you want. Too much denial/restriction is just going to make you want to quit. Welcome!

    @EDTake2 CONGRATULATIONS! Being in overweight BMI is great, well done! I'm a little jealous as a 5'4" girl, haha. I don't get that milestone until 173.

    @danisb1987 Welcome! You're in good hands. Not leaving the house alone for years sounds incredibly stressful. I hope you find time to take that walk in the woods all by yourself this week, you deserve it.

    @PansyLass13 I totally get the "feeling bad at this weight but resistant to change," especially when kids can keep you so busy. I hope you, too, get some time to yourself this week to maybe do some healthy meal prep, or start to research some healthier recipes, or even just to sit in quiet with a coffee (I get up at 4 in the morning just so I can have my coffee in peace, haha). I see you said "make logging easy," and one way to start doing that is to load in some of your favorite recipes in the recipes tab, or log them as normal and save them as meals. That way the food you make the most will already be logged in mfp, you might just have to adjust the portions. Again, welcome!

    @_manny_702 I'm so glad to hear everything came back normal! 🎉:smiley:🎉 That is worthy of celebration, so I'm glad you lived it up a little.

    @bonniemcc4 Congratulations on 20 lbs! And a fitbit watch is a great reward! I think you'll find it really motivating, I remember I did.

    @swimmom_1 it's not a real weight. If you spent a lot of time working out, it's likely water retained by your muscles. :smile:

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    @swimmom_1 oops, I didn't read your last entry properly, glad you got the whoosh!
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    I am trying to tag party, but my legs are literally a red all marked up, totally bruised hive fest. I realize I am totally unfocused and I apologize. I definitely wish to welcome ALL newcomers and ALL come-backers.
    @PansyLass13 "feeling bad at this weight but resistant to change," I feel ya on this, my first year I was so resistant to change I literally lost no weight. I once read a thread about a lady that was 160 lbs (I thought she looked great) she decided to work on her fitness and building muscle. She was literally crying for a month full of workouts!! I mean, we aren't the only ones resistant to change. That is why we are here supporting each other.

    @EDTake2 Grats on the overweight BMI!!

    @swimmom_1What size are you rocking these days?

    @bonniemcc4 You are doing great, and the walking - that is awesome!

    @_manny_702 Glad the bloodwork went great!!
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    @justanotherloser007 and @CupcakeCrusoe I hope you both get the healing you need 💗
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    Late to the party this month…..

    Age: 45yrs young!!! 😉
    Height: 5’3”
    HW: 256 (May 2021)

    Jan - 226.4
    Feb - 225.6
    Mar - 226.8 🤦🏼‍♀️
    Apr - 228.8 🤦🏼‍♀️

    May - 224.8
    - 224.2

    * Walk every day
    * Cycle min’ 2x’s week
    * Log every day
    * Go into June 220lbs

    Not much of a scale change in 4 months!

    I have picked up on my walking and cycling.
    Just need to religiously track….something to work on over the next few weeks.

    Wishing you all happy scale numbers this month! 💪💪
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    edited May 2022
    @justanotherloser007 I can fit in my old low rise bootcut jeans size 6. Can zip them up easily but not wearing them yet as my flabby stomach hangs over. Can't seem to get motivated to do situps and pushups to help that area tone up. So still wearing size 8 jeans. They are a bit loose and I'm sure if I had the same style I would be wearing a 6. I just don't want to buy smaller size things when I have so much in my closet(I have 0-6's) that I will be able to wear soon.I am wearing all the small tops I have. My work scrubs have been smalls since I started wearing them in February. But they are loose. I have some extra smalls in my closet but they aren't the correct color. Where I work for the last 1 1/2 years, the RN's have to wear maroon/wine. Old place I could wear any color!

    @CupcakeCrusoe When I read your first comment I had to go back to check that I put water weight whoosh. I did, of course, and thought, "Oh well." Then I saw your next post. LOL! Easy to make a mistake. We're all human. Especially if your like me and trying to catch up on people's posts late in the evening!