Women 200lb+, Let's Have A Momentous May!!!



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    @swimmom_1 woo hoo!!!!!!
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    @swimmom_1 woo hoo!!!!!!

    Thank You. Just glad the drop started. Gets you down a bit, when your doing the right thing and no progress to show for it. The drop is encouraging! :-)

    And your pics @justanotherloser007 are amazing. Your a totally different person!!!
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    She orders from restaurants for every meal and never cooks and claims she is eating "1500 calories a day" mmmm nope.
    So many people do this. Under-reporting food is something almost everyone does, and it's one of the main reasons people think it's so hard to lose weight.

    On the app Tubi there's a British show from the early 2010s called "Secret Eaters" and it's filled with people who have no idea why they're not losing weight (and are generally GAINING) on a 1200 calorie (or similar) diet. The subject are all generally oblivious as to (a) the sauces and oils they're cooking with and/or (b) the sheer volume of food they're eating and its caloric impact.

    Some of it is very over the top, but the message is - you're eating more than you claim and that's why you're gaining a stone per year.
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    @tahitig - Congrats on the progress! You can get there!

    @swimmom_1 - those whooshes are the best.

    @JAC581 - Thanks for the info on the book. It was so highly recommended but I just couldn't get into it. I've stopped forcing myself to read things that I don't want to, but I was bummed about that one!

    Busy here this week. Seeing a post-maintenance drop that has me back on track with my goals. Scheduled my next maintenance break for July when I head to Seattle for a long weekend. Planning out my meals for the rest of the week and getting a large Instacart delivery in a little bit. I hope everyone is have a good week!
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    JAC581 wrote: Β»
    I have to admit I struggled yesterday but I prevailed! I wanted to eat all damn day! I am getting my period in 4 days and I become a hungry gal. I ate high protein snacks all day to try to curb it. I had a roasted seaweed package after dinner to try to curb the salt craving. Finally at 8:30 pm I went to bed because I knew if I stayed awake I was going to lose willpower and binge. F*** it was hard. But I prevailed! I am quite proud that I didn't give in

    I feel you. When I get migraines, as long as I'm not nauseous, I want to eat everything in sight, especially sweet foods. I've been dealing with head pain the last three days, and last night I suddenly wanted all the sweets. I had an ice cream sandwich, which tasted divine, but kept wanting to eat the bag of Caramello miniatures I have in addition to that. I ended up going to bed at 8:45 so I wouldn't be tempted.

    YESSS!!! I get this way when I get migraines too!! As soon as the nauseousness goes away I am starving!!! I have no medical or research reason to think this but I feel like its because your brain needs glucose to function and its trying to "heal" from the migraine. Again no scientific proof to back it up but something I think about.

    And of course, I'm feeling like crap so I want to emotionally eat as well. But it feels like a physical drive.
    Gosh I hate migraines! I'm expecting one with my cycle in the next 4 days and I am dreading it.
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    Today I finally did my strength training. It was raining so it seemed a better idea than a walk. I am still in the 240s (high 240s) and staying below my calorie goal so I am hoping that I can avoid any popping up as usual.

    @sbortnick I am glad you have reached a milestone. Hope you also climb that mountain. Nice NSV! I was just wondering what weight I would get to in order to fit 1X.
    @ersilva_77 I started on here before I had any health issues and lost 40 lbs. Then I went back to work full-time and gained it all back. I did stop the gain and started to slowly lose. During the pandemic I was on furlough and I started to lose 20 lbs. Then after being laid off I found a better job and started working fulltime and again started to gain. This time I stopped the gain sooner and again started to slowly lose. Now the good job which was a limited duration job is over and I am trying to lose a bit faster because I have had some health issues in the meantime. So my 1st goal weight is 220 the weight I was when I lost the 40 lbs then 200. Then I will determine what a healthy weight is for me. Glad you joined us.
    @CupcakeCrusoe Hope you thumb heals soon. Glad your weight budged.
    @rockitwell86 yes it is hard to make friends in cities when you are an adult. Then sometimes you make them and they move away.
    @JAC581 thanks for the heads up on The Midnight Library. The Paris Library was good.
    @Cluelessmama1979 I love your chart with the colorfoul weight decades. I am hoping I can cross out one soon. I am hoping to keep going down and not pop back up like usual.
    @tahitig love the flight weight story. Yay!
    @RENAEJAE sounds like you know what to do. Glad you joined us.
    @sandielewis2001 enjoy your family time.
    @nx9j4z5eh It is good to focus on just a few goals and hit them. The point is really our health. Last month I focused on logging so I could figure out a good calorie goal for me this month.
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    @swimmom_1 helloooo 140's! Congratulations! Just be sure you fuel those monster workouts. :wink:

    Thanks. My lowest weight, this time so far, was 147.6 lbs 4/6 & 4/7/22. Hoping to get back to that sooner than later and lower. 145 will finally put me at the far right end of normal BMI. Even though I don't really believe it is that accurate for most people.