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    Been on MFP before to help maintain weight after a 40 lb loss in 2018/2019. Stopped logging in consistently & have gained 10 lbs back. This is my first time at the 10 day challenge, but it’s great motivation. Small intermediate goals help me to achieve the overall goal without getting overwhelmed. Going on a cruise to Scotland in August so need to release some weight before then.

    66 yrs, F, 5’ 6”
    R190 SW: 159.0
    R190 GW: 157.0
    OGW: 150.0

    6/16 159.0 workout – 1 hour cardio/weight training class.
    6/17 158.6 workout – 4.25 miles in 64:00 on treadmill @ 3% with 3 lb. weights
    6/18 158.6 joined a new workout class – 1 hour boot camp. Trying to drink more water.
    6/19 158.2 went over calories yesterday so surprised at the loss. Maybe I used more calories in class yesterday than MFP calculated. Workout – 4.25 miles in 64:00 on treadmill @ 3% incline, plus 2K on the Concept 2 rower.
    6/20 158.8 looks like the extra calories from Saturday finally caught up with me. Trying to be very mindful of what I eat today. Rest day from exercise.
    6/21 158.2 stayed below calorie goal yesterday. 1 hour cardio/weight training class.
    6/22 157.2 signed up to wear a heart rate monitor in the weight class tomorrow to check actual calories burned. 4.25 miles in 64:00 on treadmill @ 3% incline with 3 lb. weights.
    6/23 157.2 I hour cardio/weight training class. Heart rate monitor said I burned 569 calories which is much better than the 218 calories calculated by MFP. Planned my remaining meals on the food log & should stay well under my goal calories as long as I don’t eat anything extra.
    6/24 157.4 Now I read that heart rate monitors may not give accurate readings for mixed cardio/weight training classes. Maybe I’ll just take the average of the two calculations. Treadmill workout today – 4.25 miles in 64:00 at 3% incline with 3 lb weights.

    Nice workout @britbuzzard! I find myself averaging out the different readings I get too. I’d rather underestimate and be surprised than disappointed that I didn’t do better.
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    Round 190


    ROUND 148 FOR ME.

    “Today….I am choosing Me”


    Highest weight ever (05-10-2016): 253
    Original starting weight on MFP: (01-11-2018) 235.0
    R189 EW= 206.8
    R190 EW= 203.8

    Current New Goals:
    Short Term Goal: To weigh less at the end of this round than I did at the end of the last round.
    Final goal: 145-155. We’ll see how I look & feel when I get there.
    Exercise: Move 30 minutes per day rotating activity.


    COLOR CODE: Fuchsia is a Happy Weight Loss for me. Blue is a sad weight gain.Black is no change.
    R43 through R52 (06/07/18 thru 09/23/18) = …..19.4 LOST (Ending weight 179.0)

    R53 through R62 (09/24/18 thru 01/01/19) = …..4.1 GAINED (Ending weight 183.1
    R63 through R72 (01/02/19 thru 04/11/19) = …..8.1 GAINED (Ending weight 191.2)

    R73 through R82 (04/12/19 thru 07/20/19) = …..5.5 GAINED (Ending weight 196.7)

    R83 through R92 (07/21/19 thru 10/28/19) = …..8.7 LOST (Ending weight 188.0)

    R93 through R102 (10/29/19 thru 02/05/20) = …2.0 GAINED(Ending weight 190.0)

    R103 through 112 (02/06/20 thru 05/06/20) = …..14.9 GAINED (Ending Weight 204.9)

    R113 through 122 (05/07/20 thru 08/23/20) = …..4.7 GAINED (Ending Weight 209.6)

    R 123 thru R132 (08/24 thru 12/02/20) = ……1.5 LOST (Ending Weight 208.1)

    R133 thru R142 (12/03/20 thru 03/01/21) = ……0.7 LOST (Ending Weight 207.4)

    R143 thru 152 (03/02/21 thru 06/10/21) = ……3.6 LOST (Ending Weight 203.8)

    R153 thru R162 (06/11/21 thru 09/18/21) = (b]…..16.2 LOST [/b] (Ending Weight 187.6)

    R163 thru R172 (09/19/21 thru 12/27/21) = (b]…..5.0 GAINED [/b] (Ending Weight 192.6)

    R173 thru R182 (12/28/21 thru 04/06/22) = (b]…..7.0 GAINED [/b] (Ending Weight 199.6)

    R183 (04/07/22 thru 04/16/22) = …..2.2 GAINED (Ending Weight 201.8)

    R184 (04/17/22 thru 04/26/22) = …..0.4 GAINED (Ending Weight 202.2)

    R185 (04/27/22 thru 05/06/22) = …..1.2 GAINED (Ending Weight 203.4)

    R186 (05/07/22 thru 05/16/22) = …..0.0 LOST (Ending Weight 203.4)

    R187 (05/17/22 thru 05/26/22) = …..0.4 LOST (Ending Weight 203.0)

    R188 (05/27/22 thru 06/05/22) = …..1.6 GAINED (Ending Weight 204.6)

    R189 (06/06/22 thru 06/15/22) = …..2.2 GAINED (Ending Weight 206.8)

    R190 (06/16/22 thru 06/25/22) = …..3.0 LOST (Ending Weight 203.8)

    06/15 …..206.8….. ENDING WEIGHT LAST ROUND
    06/16 …..204.2 ….. (Trend weight 205.0)
    06/17 …..203.2 ….. (Trend weight 204.8)
    06/18 …..205.2 ….. (Trend weight 204.8) 06/19 …..203.0 ….. (Trend weight 204.7)
    06/20 …..204.0 ….. (Trend weight 204.6)
    06/21 ……202.2 ….. (Trend weight 204.4) No water pill yesterday so I am happy to see such a nice overnight drop after a day of such restriction. It was a very good day on the diet front, but lousy on the movement front. Today I travel to finish the root canal (if tooth is not cracked down inside). It is expected to hit 100 degrees today, very unusual for northern Michigan. Thank God I will be out of town where there will be A/C in the drs office, the stores, the restaurant and in my car. I am taking my son to a steak house which is a real treat for us. Nothing like that around home! I will try to order something small but I’m not gonna lie, I know I will enjoy the sides. I will not be bring donuts home! The city I go to has the best…… oh, never mind!

    06/22 ……205.2 ….. (Trend weight 204.5) WTH? 3 pounds overnight? Can’t be! I traveled yesterday and had my root canal completed by an endodentist. It feels so much better. I did eat one meal out but I thought it was very reasonable at the steak house. I even brought part of it home for son’s lunch today. The only contributing factors I can think of is that I have not taken the prescribed water pill for the two days prior, and I did not get any sleep last night (3 hours). I know my calories and carbs were over, but that is ridiculous. Today will be a very careful day.

    06/23 ……203.0 ….. (Trend weight 204.3) Counted the calories and carbs all day but ended up with a shaky glucose drop around 7:00 pm. I carefully chose a snack but it did put me over calorie and carb count and more into the maint. Range. I did a nice 24 minute workout session with my son last night dancing to some great classic songs. I did take my water pill yesterday so I am wondering about the puff-up yesterday (no pill day before) and the drop today (after pill yesterday). It sure is hard to track what is really going on with that in the mix. I will just have to trust the process that if I am complying then I am progressing on this journey. And I’ll still watch all the numbers from food, to exercise, to weight. It just will not be an exact science at this point. Watching my trend weight will help too. Come on Onderland!

    06/24 ……203.2 ….. (Trend weight 203.2) A small fluctuation I’m sure. I like that my trend weight is still going down. My dining room bay window went in yesterday. Today they work outside on the little roof over it and more supports. The drywall inside is tore all to Haites, but they are trying to work on projects that involve the outdoors on non-rainy days. So drywall will be some other day. In a week or two maybe. The window already looks lovely. It will help keep the birds from bamming into the window now because this one has grids, and will bring much needed air into the room as it has two windows and the other window had zero. Triple win!

    06/25 ……203.8 ….. (Trend weight 203.2) Up a bit from some unexpected travel to buy a industrial paint sprayer. Stopped for Mexican food and ate about half. I didn’t bother to take the rest home. Hopefully this is it and more won’t show up later, as it sometimes does. I lost a solid 3 pounds this round which is the best I’ve done in awhile. My resolve is still good. Congrats to all the various types of goals that have been met this round for so many. See you in the next one!

    Every healthy habit brings me closer to scratching each of these off to NEVER see them again!
    250’s; 240’s; 230’s; 220's; 210's; 200's; 190's; 180’s; 170's; 160's; 150’s


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    ROUND 188
    SW: 179.2

    starting a little late: weighing every day will be difficult, i usually only weigh in on sunday. i've been bouncing back and forth with my weight, a tiny gain, a tiny loss. think i will add a little exercise to the dieting plan.

    👍👍This is NOT A DIET. It’s a LIFESTYLE👍👍

    SW: 179.2
    5/29: 179.2 30 minute walk @2.5mph 1691 calories
    5/30: 178.6 1193 calories
    5/31: 176.6 30 minute walk @ 2.5 mph 1254 calories
    6/1 : 178 1100 calories (and there is the bounce. not letting it bother me, 'cause my normal weigh in is sunday. when i report my weight on sunday i'll still have lost some). not sure if i'll be walking for a little while. i have arthritis in the hips. the walk yesterday i wasn't sure if i would make it home. healthy weight must come with a healthy body.

    6/2 : 178, 1538 calories. going to have to do better. i caught myself "boredom" eating. i will be sure to set higher standards of myself tomorrow.

    6/3 : 178.2, 1224 calories not a bad day. disappointed with my sandwiches. i used to make them with joseph's flax, oat bran, wheat lavish bread. the grocery store didn't have that when i went shopping. decided to buy pepperidge farm very thin whole wheat. it'll be excellent for toast, but for sandwich? naaah. making a mental note to buy extra joseph's when they're back... i'll freeze it.

    6/4 : 178.6 1609 calories. was my calorie intake poor choices? i don't think so. it's disappointing to see my weight continue to go up.... but there's other things to consider. i haven't been able to walk for several days, and my quitting smoking has been going very well. i am still using the step 2 patch, but sometimes i forget to replace it, and when stress triggers the "i NEED a cigarette" i'm able to fight past the urge. maybe i'm seeing things right/wrong. i've consumed 350 less calories this week than needed to "maintain" without the exercise, so my weight is probably right where it should be.

    6/5 : 180.2 1037 calories. hmmmm. not really understanding how the app keeps telling me i'll weigh less in 5 weeks, but my weight keeps going up. it's proving to be quite the disappointment.
    ROUND 189
    SW: 180.2


    6/6: 179, my eating was a mess today, macro's messed up, calories exceeded. i did get a good 2mi. walk in @3.0mph. i have also graduated to step 3 with the nicotine patch, that was a difficult experience also (yay me.... i didn't give in!) i'd like to go for another walk tonight, but worry about the arthritis. maybe a nice slow stroll around the community.

    6/7: 178.8 my eating is still a mess, macro's still messed up, now i have seriously lagged in calories. it was too hot to sleep last night, so when i finally got to sleep i ended up waking up too late to take a walk. heat and humidity do not agree with me. i'd like to go out now to walk, but sometime tonight the county is spraying for mosquito's (not even sure if my area is being sprayed, just don't want to get caught in it if it is). every thing seems disappointing today, but i do have a beautiful cucumber in my garden that i will pick tomorrow morning!

    6/8: 178.2 that's not a true weight loss. previously, i have been weighing myself at all different times of the day, so my weight would vary. i think i have found the perfect time in the morning to get on that scale. hopefully, i can continue to hit the scale about the same time in the morning to get an accurate weight gain/loss. calories today were pretty good. macros still terrible. took a 1.5mi walk @3.0mph, so i'm feeling good that i got that in. cigarette cravings are still high, and a couple times today i replaced smoking with food.... not good.

    6/9: 178.2 way over in my fats, way under in my carbs, protein just about perfect. bacon is one of my weaknesses... i just couldn't resist those 2 extra pieces this morning. i had planned on just one. today was a hectic day inside the house. the AC needs replacing ($$$), and i was bouncing back in forth between chores to stay out of the tech's way. it's my off day from walking which i am glad of. surprisingly, it's not arthritis that's giving me trouble, it's pain in the arch of my foot (i believe it to be plantar fasciitis, but have never had it diagnosed). have it wrapped with ace bandage so pressure is applied. maybe tomorrow i will get out and purchase duct tape to wrap it in (believe it or not, it works!)

    6/10: 178 today... craving comfort food. went over in calories and waaay over in sodium. dreading my weight in tomorrow, but that's the price i pay.

    6/11: 178...no loss, no gain which i am feeling grateful of. again today i exceeded calories. i did get to go for a walk though, 1.5mi @3.0mph. i've got my ear buds charging (maybe i'll go out late tonight and dance around). tomorrow i am going to "the sons of italy" lodge to make my membership official. no, i'm not italian (although the way i eat some pasta, you might think so). I live in a gated community, and have only met people at least 20 yrs. older or at least 20 yrs younger than myself. i'm hoping i can meet some people at the lodge with similar likes as myself so i can get out and do more.

    6/12: 179... and there is (some?) of the weight i've been expecting to see. i am hoping to be more mindful of my sodium intake (it is a little difficult, as i have italian cured meats (sopressata and prosciutto which i must be sure NEVER to purchase again) in the fridge. the person i live with had said he wanted tuna mixed up for sandwiches. i made it for him, and now after drinking too much and not feeling well after eating the sandwich, he has decided he doesn't want to eat any more of it. sometimes i wonder if he's trying to sabotage me, knowing that i will not throw food away. i try eating it in moderation before it spoils, but obviously that hasn't worked out so well for me.

    6/13: 180.8 hopefully this is all that will show up! i mean honestly.... i didn't exceed my calories by THAT much, and my walks aren't figured into my calorie allowance. is it the salt? well, i made a decision to plan all those cured meats into my meals immediately, so i'm not dragging out the high sodium. making to to at least drink 8 cups water (hopefully to flush some out of my system). i did get to walk 2mi @3.0mph. i had the ear buds in, and i didn't want to stop. it was after 11pm, so figured i should before neighbors thought i was someone snooping around looking to commit a burglary.

    6/14: 178.2 well, originally the scale said 177.8 and i didn't believe it so went back and did it again. came up with the 178.2 i like that number, so i'm going to keep it and not go back again. (i lied, i went back again this time it said 177.6 stupid battery operated digital scale!) the HVAC people were here yesterday putting in the new AC from 9am to 7:30pm. no AC hot, humid, and miserable in the house all day, and they still have to come back today to finish. at least the AC is back on. i hope they don't have to turn it off again. calories and macros have been good the past couple days, and that cured meat is gone (there was only a total of 6oz), so sodium should start to be at a reasonable level. i have also been measuring my inches, just the 3 that originally show up in the MFP app., neck, waist, and hips. i do only 1 on a rotating basis so it takes 3 weeks of MFP before the area gets a new measurement. i have been doing this for 9 weeks. this past sunday was "hip" day which is the only measurement which has ever showed any loss. i went down 1 inch.

    6/15: 178.2 well, it looks like i picked the correct weight to list yesterday. i will be leaving this afternoon to visit with my father up north. i'm expecting a terrible diet, and weight gain. it's OK though, it's a small price to pay to visit your dad when they're in their mid 80's. i'm wishing you all the best of luck in the next week, and i will be back posting probably for the last couple days in round 190

    ROUND 190
    SW: ?

    6/24 176.6 back from vacation. was i stressing over gaining weight so i didn't eat as much, or was i not stress eating? kinda like that old tootsie pop commercial, "the world may never know".

    6/25 175.8 don't believe everything you see. it HAS to be my scale messing with me again because everyone knows i don't lose almost a pound overnight. someday i will invest in a better scale. until then....i'm enjoying the tiny fibs it tells me every once in a while.
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    Thanks quiltingjaine for another round! This is #2 for me. I’m a 40 year old single mom with sole custody of my two younger children (oldest is grown). I let stress & depression take control of me years ago and when the pandemic hit that surely didn’t help. Once upon a time I was a fitness buff. Now I’m trying to shed my biggest gain ever (more than any pregnancy) and rebuild muscle. Still battling some long CoVID symptoms but determined to get back into shape & do the things I love. Started this journey 4/4/22 at 180lbs.

    R189: SW - 171.5 / EW - 170.0 (-1.5)
    6/16 - 169.3 (-.7) - Took an easy day yesterday because of the DOM’s. I was under my calories in the evening but noticed I ate past being full. Breaking that no waste habit is hard. Scale didn’t go up this morning so that’s good, might show tomorrow. I owe a friend a celebratory dance & I’m trying to finish work early (self employed) so I can hit the lake this afternoon. 💧 160 oz. (over), 👟10,795 (met), 💪 30 min. light rowing, ⛑ +19 (211).
    "It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” - Mahatma Gandhi

    6/17 - 169.9 (+.6) - There’s that uptick I was expecting. Got in my water time swimming & kayaking. Easily under my calories and that included beer and a cookie, felt full all day. I still owe that dance. 💧132 oz. (over), 👟10,438 (met), 💪 118 min. continuous paddling ⛑ +29 (215).
    “Doing what you love is freedom. Loving what you do is happiness” - Lana Del Ray

    6/18 - 170.1 (+.2) - Caught up with some old friends and that put me on a carb high but I made use of the energy and slept like a baby. I’m making some great progress fitness wise & am tempted to hike my first 14-er in nearly 20 years. We’ll see how I train the next 30 days before I attempt it (main concern - CoVID recovering lungs).💧160 oz. (over), 🥗 under, 👟11,032 (met), 💪 80 min. Rowing, strength training, 9 min. Dancing & 15 min. Tai Chi,⛑ +61 (231).

    6/19 - 169.5 (-.6) - PTSD triggered again yesterday evening when fireworks startled me while watering the lawn. Needless to say, Mental satiety took priority at that point. Treating my Pops today so it will be challenging stay within my calorie goal. 💧144 oz. (over), 🥗 easily under w/ great macros, 💪 100 min. Rowing + strength training 👟6,462 (under), ⛑ +23 (236).
    “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you
    must keep moving.” - Albert Einstein

    6/20 - 169.2 (-.3) - Just about where I was at the start of this challenge but I’m sure weight will rise again. 🥗 over by 313 but I already knew that was going to happen & I’m okay with it. 💧132 oz. (over) 💪 15 min. rowing + half the day putting in a new fence at my parents farm 👟 11,145 (met), ⛑ +37 (251).
    “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” - Colin Powell

    6/21 - 169.4 (+.2) - 💧132 oz. (over), 🥗 under, 💪 2.5hrs. Stand up paddle boarding. Would have been more but relentless winds kicked up. 👟 8,837 (shy) maybe I shouldn’t have sat around on the beach so long hoping to get back on the water ⛑ +28 (268).
    “Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.” - Napoleon Hill

    6/22 - 168.2 (-1.4) - 💧176 oz. (over) 🥗 under, 💪 20 min. Rowing + 30 min. Zumba 👟11,846 ⛑ +32 (282). Got ahead with work so hoping to escape to lake again to continue practicing freestyle SUP tricks.
    “You never fail until you stop trying.” - Albert Einstein

    6/23 - 166.7 (-1.5) - 132 oz. (met), 🥗 under, 💪 35 min. dancing + 90 min. SUP 👟10,203, ⛑ +23 (286) - celebrated several folks progress busting some moves & got in a little bit more lake fun before storm clouds came over the water.
    "When we choose to trust the journey and embrace love and joy, we are free to fly.” - Annicken R. Day

    6/24 - 167.1 (+.5) - This is expected & not a real gain, heavy food & inflamed muscles.💧160 oz. (over) 🥗 Over (by 80) & not gonna sweat it 💪 14 min. Dancing, strength training, 1hr. Hatha Yoga + 30 min. moderate Rowing 👟 8,589 ⛑ +21 (280) Put in 13hrs. at work but took intermittent breaks to exercise and made sure to make up for it before bed. Will be driving much of today so I’ll use it as an R&R. My Mom lives rural and I need to take her downtown for several doctors appointments. Going to squeeze in a matinee to see Elvis.
    “If you listen to your body when it whispers, you will never have to listen to it scream." - Ujjwal Sharan

    6/25 - 167.7 (+.6) still expected - 💧160 oz. 🥗 Under💪 30 min. moderate Rowing 👟 5,504 ⛑ +14 (252). Oh it was a long day! Have pledged for an intense calorie burn challenge this weekend & expect to see weight rise more for several days before dropping as a result. See you all next round.
    “You have more potential than you think but you will never know your full potential unless you keep challenging yourself and pushing beyond your own self imposed limits.” - Roy T. Bennett
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    HSW - 218.2 (Feb. 2015)
    UGW - 135
    2022 Goals — 150; move more; eat mostly healthfully, no extremes; walk lots.

    📆 History

    R172 12/27/21: end weight 180.2. Moving Ave 181.1 (-.2). Ave calories 1721.
    R173 1/06/22: end weight 177.8. Moving Ave 177.9 (-3.3). Ave calories 1376.
    R174 1/16/22: end weight 178. Moving Ave 178 (+.1). Ave calories 1469.
    R175 1/26/22: end weight 179. Moving Ave 178.4 (+.4). Ave calories 1580.
    R176 2/05/22: end weight 179.8. Moving Ave 179.7 (+1.3). Ave calories 1594.
    R177 2/15/22: end weight 178.4. Moving Ave 178.3 (-1.4). Ave calories 1473.
    R178 2/25/22: end weight 178.8. Moving Ave 178.8 (+.5). Ave calories 1714.
    R179 3/07/22: end weight 178.2. Moving Ave 177.9 (-.9). Ave calories 1646.
    R180 3/17/22: end weight 180.2. Moving Ave 179.9 (+2). Ave calories 1823.
    R181 3/27/22: end weight 180.2. Moving Ave 180.5 (+.6). Ave calories 1762 (goal <1400).
    R182 4/06/22: end weight 180. Moving Ave 179.8 (-.7). Ave calories 1489 (goal <1400).
    R183 4/16/22: end weight 179.2. Moving Ave 179.3 (-.5). Ave calories 1482 (goal <1400).
    R184 4/26/22: end weight 180.4. Moving average 180 (+.7). Ave calories 1588. (goal <1400)
    R185 5/06/22: end weight 179.6. Moving average 180 (+/-0). Ave calories 1820. (goal <1400).
    R186 5/16/22: end weight 181.6. Moving average 181.4 (+1.4). Ave calories 1744. (Goal <1400).
    R187 5/26/22: end weight 180.2. Moving Ave 180.4 (-1). Ave calories 1859. (Goal <1400).
    R188 6/05/22: end weight 181. Moving ave 182.2 (+1.8). Ave calories 1835. (Goal <1600).
    Feb. 2015: highest weight 218.2
    2015: end weight running average 178.2
    2016: end weight running average 147.7
    2017: end weight running average 148
    2018: end weight running average 137.2.
    Extreme elimination diet (doctor prescribed) for diagnostic reasons, very low calories, then boom! Gained 40 pounds.
    2019: end weight running average 176.1
    2020: end weight running average 183.8.
    2021: end weight running average 179.4.
    2022: goal weight 150. UGW 135.

    R189 6/15/22: end weight 179.8. Moving Ave 180.7 (-1.5). Ave calories 1559. (Goal <1600).
    R190 6/25/22: end weight 179 (goal!). Moving Ave 179.6 (-1.1). Ave calories 1814 (Goal <1600).


    6/16 - 179.6
    One good thing about very hot weather—I don’t feel like eating much, and I crave light salads rather than fat. 😁

    6/17 - 179.6
    Tonight is our obedience club’s awards banquet, but I’ll try to behave myself. At least it isn’t a pitch in with a tableful of luscious desserts. Happy Friday, all!

    6/18 - 181.8
    Well, I tried, but not hard enough. I ate a crazy number of calories last night. Oh, well, moving right along…. I did not gain 2 pounds of fat overnight, so lots of water and and “normal” eating should put me back on track. The banquet was lots of fun, celebrating some outstanding achievements by dogs and their people.

    6/19 - 180.2
    Ok, better.

    6/20 - 180.6
    I got so busy this morning, I forgot to check in. Duh!

    6/21 - 180.6
    Gonna be a scorcher—98F forecast. I’m off to doggy school now. Have a good day, all!

    6/22 - 180.6
    Has anyone else tried GenoPalate! They use DNA to make nutritional recommendations. I just got my results and haven’t had time to go through the whole report, but I find the macros portion interesting. For me, they recommend 18-24% protein, 57-65% carbs, mostly complex, and 24-32% fats, with no more that 9% saturated. I’ve been eating MUCH more fat/sat fat than that, and not as much protein or carbs, but the recommended balance makes perfect sense to me when I think of times when I felt great and lost weight or maintained at a good weight. I’m going to strive to eat within their recommendations for a while and see what happens. The big challenge will be cutting back on cheese. 😁 I just wondered whether anyone else here has tried GenoPalate.

    6/23 - 179
    Finally! But switching my macros around is a challenge, since I’ve been eating pretty high fat for months. Slowly, slowly! And for fun stuff, my pup Rory earned his Intermediate Trick Dog title on Monday. Now we’re off to do some tracking before it gets too hot. Woof!

    6/24 - 178.4
    Last night I successfully fought off the snack monster. Yay! I feel a shift in attitude. I’m still trying to lower my fat macro numbers, but am making a little progress. Bit by bit. Happy to see the scale cooperating! Happy Friday, all!

    6/25 - 179
    A little time lag bump up from a couple of high-calories days earlier in the round. No problem. I’m optimistic about R191. See you there!
    Goal for 2022-2023 Progress

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    KayHBE wrote: »
    @JbeanR0212 ... Choosing "Island in the Sun" by Weezer as it's a song my Litttles and I used to dance to in the kitchen many years ago. Great times great memories, enjoy!!

    Thanks, @JbeanR0212 ! How about I Can See Clearly Now by Johnny Nash or Walking on Sunshine by Katrina &the Waves! (Am I showing my age?) Or for pure sexy, Bailamos by Enrique Iglesias!