Pregnant, want to get/stay healthy

Any other currently/recently pregnant people? Last year, I lost about 70 lbs over a year. Felt better, looked better, sleeping better, etc. Doing really well.
Then I got pregnant :)

In the meantime, I'd really like to stay active and keep eating healthier even though I know I will be gaining some weight back.
I'm having some trouble accepting the body/weight changes, so I signed up for MFP hoping that I can stay healthy and mentally motivated despite the necessary body adjustments.
I'm in my late 30s, my firstborn (only) kid just graduated high school and all my friends kids are teenagers or older as well, so I'm feeling a little lonely-on-the-road here. Anybody in a similar boat?


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    Congrats on your weightloss and on your pregnancy! I'm not and have never been pregnant, so I can't personally offer you any insights or advice. But, I am in my late 30s and wanted to let you know that in my real-world circles, being pregnant in your late 30s is VERY common - more so than being pregnant at younger ages. (So. Many. Babies. on my social media feeds in the past couple years!!!) Again - not immediately helpful to you, but since no one has chimed in here and you said you didn't know many pregnant women in the same age range, I wanted let you know that there are a lot of people out there in the same boat. Maybe there are some pregnancy groups/forums out there that can help you find a team? And, even though I'm not pregnant, I'm still rooting for your healthy pregnancy. (And, without being a medical doctor, I know that losing weight must make your pregnancy healthier than it would've been pre-weightloss!)