Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 192



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    @deepwoodslady Love your kitties! I hope they enjoy their catio!

    And wow, all the new people! Welcome to a great group!
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    @_JeffreyD_ How about taking some watermelon, berries, fruit for the sweet and something like Skinny Pop White Cheddar popcorn or Kettle Corn (140 calories for 2.5 cups) for the salty. For the fruit, I fill a big bowl full of berries, cut-up apples, etc., and mix a very small amount of honey and lemon juice to taste (preserves the fruit), and stir it into the fruit. It's a very popular item at parties. You can munch (mostly) on your own snacks! :smile:

    Best of luck with the temptations @_JeffreyD_ & what a great idea @RockinRobyn672!

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    UTMom81 wrote: »
    63-year old female; 5’5"
    Highest Weight: 213
    Lowest Weight: 143
    SW: 189.7
    GW: (for now: 165)

    Round 186—EW: 173.6; -.6
    Round 187—EW: 172.2; -1.4
    Round 188—EW: 172.6; +.4
    Round 189—EW: 172.6; even
    Round 190—EW: 173.6; +1 (vacation)
    Round 191—EW: 175; +1.4 (two camping trips)

    7/6 175.2 I’m not exactly sure what is going on here in my body. I’ve been sitting basically still (or a little worse) really for a little over 3 months. I had lost almost 20 pounds over the previous 7 months, but am having trouble finding my groove again. I certainly don’t want to gain that weight back, again, so I have to figure out how to get my act together. I'm going to try to share my weight graph so you can see exactly what I'm talking about (moved it above into a Spoiler). I'm limited in activity by bad knees (see an ortho dr today, actually) but I was during the loss period too, so that is no excuse. I'm not looking for "hugs" but sharing my frustration in hopes of gaining more gumption to do the things I know it takes to get the graph to go down. Thanks for listening. Best wishes to all of us this round!

    7/7 173.6 Progress in more than just the numbers! I drank at least 10 cups of water yesterday and focused on going back to eating the things that helped me lose the weight last year, and of course, tracking them. But I’m a realist and know that I won’t get drops like this very often. Dr. told me I need two knee replacements yesterday, which I kind of suspected, but at 63 I think I’ll buy a little more time with injections for a while if they work. However, that does give me more incentive to lose another 15 pounds or so—to make that recovery easier when the time comes. I also started doing a seated upper body weights workout before bed last night. I’ll need some upper body strength for those surgeries. That felt really good and I felt like I'd added something really good for me when I was done.

    @UTMom81 congrats on the scale & the amazing NSV’s! Gave me a smile. Thanks for sharing.
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    @deepwoodslady LOVE Harriet and Pebbles! Where did you get your catio from? I think my 4 would love something like that.

    @wakegrrl It is actually a 5x10 dog kennel. You can buy them at tractor supply and other places like that. Probably even home depot has the pieces. I found mine on Facebook marketplace for $200.00. I am getting an oversized dog house with flat roof for litter box so rain can't get in. (Flat roof is just another place for them to lay!) I'll add hammocks I can make, perches out of plywood pieces. Lots of color. going for boho. I'll even plant a corner of that weed grass they like to chew on. I'll get some patio cushions (probably from facebook) and maybe an outdoor patio rug I can cut up to line some of that plywood. Lots of ideas!