Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 192



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    I accidentally missed the start date. Is it too late to join this round?

    If it is, it's totally okay! I was asking just in case :)
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    07/07 …..202.0 ….. (Trend weight 203.4) No sleep last night. Feel horrible. No TMI day 2. I did have the water pill yesterday. Some weeks it ends up back to back because I take it every other day, so not today. Zapped of energy. I just want to lay on the couch but two handymen are coming. Cardiologist’s RN called yesterday and said I have 50% ejection fraction. Should be 60-75% so I am what they consider on the borderline for heart failure. That’s on the left ventricle issue. New issue showed up on the rest test. Lower part of my heart has scarring on two of the walls which indicates I’ve had a heart attack. We don’t know when. Good news is that blood is still flowing all around the bottom so no real bad damage at this point. Bad news is that over time the scarring will cause a stiffening that will make it hard for the heart to beat. July 12th is the appointment when we discuss treatment plans if any. Could be much better, could be much worse. All I know is that I absolutely cannot breathe when exerting myself.

    sorry to hear of your health issue. you will be in my prayers.

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    JbeanR0212 wrote: »
    @_JeffreyD_ How about taking some watermelon, berries, fruit for the sweet and something like Skinny Pop White Cheddar popcorn or Kettle Corn (140 calories for 2.5 cups) for the salty. For the fruit, I fill a big bowl full of berries, cut-up apples, etc., and mix a very small amount of honey and lemon juice to taste (preserves the fruit), and stir it into the fruit. It's a very popular item at parties. You can munch (mostly) on your own snacks! :smile:

    Best of luck with the temptations @_JeffreyD_ & what a great idea @RockinRobyn672!

    Thank you @JbeanR0212 and @RockinRobyn672
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    @deepswoodslady – Sorry to hear the results of your tests. Very distressing. When I first found out about my heart issues 6 years ago my ejection fraction was 15% to 20%. So, I really couldn’t do anything. Just walking to the parking garage was a struggle. My ejection fraction is now up to 50% and I feel tons better, so don’t lose hope. You can probably get back to normal with medication etc. I am sorry to hear about the previous heart attack. I don’t have that issue so I don’t know what problems that will cause or anything. In addition to the heart failure, I also have an electrical issue where the electrical signal to beat is blocked from getting to the left ventricle sometimes (LBBB). So, I ended up with a pacemaker/defibrillator that they implanted in my chest. It has really helped me feel better and my heart get better. You probably won’t need all that or they would have told you by now. I freaked out when they told me that I needed the pacemaker/defibrillator. But now it is fine. Just hang in there and things will get better! At least you caught it before the heart failure stage (unlike me)!

    @karilbrandt 15 - 20% is so scary! I am thankful to you and all the others who have shared their prayers, well-wishes and those (like you) who have shared their personal stories with heart failure. It is so so so relieving to know there are medications that can improve the ejection fraction. I also have an electrical problem LBBB so I have to wait and see what will be done about that. I am so afraid to exercise now. I used to dance to burn calories etc. Now, I'm just too afraid. Can you tell me what you do about exercise?