Slow and Steady Weightloss for lasting results!

Hello, Healthy Lifestyle Champs! This isn't my first time around the sun with trying to incorporate a healthy lifestyle when it comes to dieting and weightloss. I have been successful in the past, but the results were only temporary. Since then, I have gained majority of my weight back...almost double!

Quick tips:

1. Remember that incorporating a healthy lifestyle is a journey not a race.

2. Remember that everyone's body and journey is different.

3. Remain out of your head and give yourself love, light, and grace.

4. Make meal prepping fun and a new hobby. Consider adding it to your schedule.

5. Make small achievable goals and nothing too far fetch.

6. Don't become addicted to watching the scale, it'll only discourage you.

7. Track inches and not numbers on the scale.

8. Turn house chores and family time into a workout.

9. Breathe and make small changes to your diet, attempt eating cleaner meals. Remember that fad/strict diets never last, but a healthy lifestyle does.

10. Join a supportive community or support group.

Accountability keeps us motivated, accountable, and disciplined!