Newbie for the 100th time 😁

Hello, healthy lifestyle champs! I'm Tee from Georgia! I'm excited to be back on myfitnesspal for community, accountability, motivation, and support. Hopefully I can get it right this time and adopt a fitness plan that can last for a lifetime and make great friends 🤗


  • SimplyKaren32
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    Hi Tee - I’m from GA living in VA now - could use the support of an active member.
  • dunenoret
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    100th time - I know the feeling. Starting on Monday morning - (I’m serious)

    It’s my dads 90th birthday on June 29 2023 - I want to be his most presentable kid among 5.

    Aiming to lose 100lbs by then.

    Good luck to you btw
  • springlering62
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    Hi, Tee. Welcome back from the May’retta Square. 😇

    If you’ve been back so many times, I’m going to challenge you.


    What has worked? Hasn’t worked? What can you do different this time? Where can you improve or what can you tweak, to make this long term). What was totally useless and should be abandoned?

    I’d encourage you to get active here on the boards. You’ll learn so much, and the wonderful users here- all of whom have been the same boat- have valuable experience and insight to share.

    If you happen find yourself up on the Square, be happy to go for a walk, a yoga class, or a (very slow) run with you on the very public (ha! It’s the internet, baby!) M2R Trail. You can “call” me by friending me or putting an @ sign in front of my name in a post, like @springlering62
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    Hi Tee and group. I’m new here AGAIN also! I can sure use some friends!! Ive tried all the diets and can’t stick to them. Maybe this will do it for me. Please say hi!!
  • sidr04
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    Hi Tee, I’m Sid. 😊 I just resigned up this morning and am kind of lost. Lol it’s changed a lot.
  • Dianedoessmiles1
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    HI Tee and @Lmercado441 @Sidr04 ,, I am Diane. I am a leader on the 2022 Fall 5% Challenge, we are taking new and returning members now for our challenge!! WHAT Is the 5% Challenge?
    oin this supportive team and let's have fun as we lose 5% of our weight, make new friends and improve our health! Race to Fascinating Places for 8 Weeks. JOIN us to write your own success story!

    That write your own success story, here's a short version of mine which is successful.

    2010 I weighed 288 lbs, used a power chair 97% of the time. Moving at all was so painful!! I had just been told 3 things that really scared me, hurt my feelings too!! I was a diabetic now, my back Dr told me the pain was MY FAULT because of the weight (OHHHHH IF I COULD OF I WOULD OF SPIT FIRE AT HIM!!( and someone I knew though not well called me a name of a friend saying "WELL YOU BOTH LOOK ALIKE!" I've always cared about my appearance no matter my weight, my friend does not to this day. That's okay different things for different people. Those 3 things hitting me hard,, I decided it was time to lose weight!!

    BUT HOW DO YOU DO THAT???? I had found a site (Now closed, it was Sparkpeople) where I was invited to join the 5% Challenge. It totally helped me by making friends (This was in 2010 . now 12 years later many of these are real friends) , finding the support I needed to go through the emotions this WILL bring up. If it was just "eat the right foods" Would ANY of us be here? I'd NOT BE!! But if you've tried to lose weight before, we know it encompasses so much more.

    During these 12 years, I've broken my feet 7 times, I've had 23 foot surgeries in all (Included a few before 2010) I've lost my Dad, my step Mum and a very very dear friend, I'm now in heart failure, have a bone infection (I may lose my leg) and brain surgery! YO huh? LOL I feel like a CAT!! how MANY lives!! BUT!! During these 12 years, I've found hope, I've found acceptance, I have so much more than I give!!

    Oh and my weight now? 170!! YES GONE 118 lbs!! It's NOT been easy, if it was, I'd not of stayed with the 5% Challenge. BUT I DO for so many reasons, including helping others to hitch your dream upon the 5%. You can be a success case also.

    Interested? At least check us out. I am thrilled i did!

    Here's the link:

    After you hit JOIN, please read
    💡💡Start Here Team Choice - You Must Choose a Team💡💡 and pick a team. There are 8 teams to choose from.

    TY for reading my post.