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    Rita - our local historical museum is sponsoring a "Flying Saucer Party" on Sept. 17th. This year is the 75th anniversary of Kenneth Arnold's historic sighting of 9 strange objects flying near Mt. Rainier that coined the term FLYING SAUCER! 🛸

    That sighting would have been in 1947. Roswell's little green men had a crash landing July 8, 1947. Or some weather balloon came down or something something. ;)

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State

    Let the Force be with you Lanette! 🤣👽 our Alien Festival the Forth of July weekend celebrated 75 years since the “crash”. Ever time there is a weather balloon above us camper ask “what is it?” And I reply ‘This is Roswell. Your guess is as good as mine!’ It always makes them laugh then stop and think! Lol

    RvRita in Roswell 👽🛸

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    Katla - Sending so much love to you and your DH and to your family. <3<3<3

    Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Last night my husband had a heart attack and stroke. He was taken to a local medical facility and our daughter and I followed the ambulance there. He was taken to a major hospital via helicopter. Today our daughter and I will drive to the hospital. We have notified our family members. This is DH’s second heart attack & stroke. We have been married more than 50 years and I’m praying for more time together.

    Oh Katla, I am so sorry. Praying for your husband and you.

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    Katla - Prayers and healing thoughts to your husband as you go through this.. saving grace is that you are with family close by..
    All workong out so far today except for me being stuffed up again.
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    Katla - I'm so glad you're there with family, my dear. Thinking of all of you, sending all the love in the world, and hopes for a good outcome.
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    Last night my husband had a heart attack and stroke. He was taken to a local medical facility and our daughter and I followed the ambulance there. He was taken to a major hospital via helicopter. Today our daughter and I will drive to the hospital. We have notified our family members. This is DH’s second heart attack & stroke. We have been married more than 50 years and I’m praying for more time together.

    Katla - ((HUGS)) So glad you are with your daughter at this time. Praying for a good outcome. <3

    Lanette B)
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    Katla, Prayers and hugs to your dear husband and you. So glad you have family near.💖🙏
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    Katla, thinking of you and hubby, hoping for the best possible outcome.
    All caught up on reading, but no real time to post, really must get to the gym!
    Hugs for those needing them, congrats to those celebrating and welcome to the newbies!
    Evelyn, on smoky Vancouver Island
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    I am over the moon. A few years ago my brother's guitar, a gift from our parents when he was 11, was stolen out of his apartment while he was in the hospital. It wasn't long after that he was moved to a group home, and he has been in group home ever since. Recently he expressed a longing for another guitar, so I started looking, and I found several that were similar on eBay. One in mint condition came up from a seller in the USA. The bidding ended at 6pm PDT last night, but I had been regularly outbid, so I didn't bother to check on it until just a few minutes ago...and I won the bidding! It's a beautiful guitar, and Gary will be beyond thrilled. I will probably save it for Christmas after he is in a new apartment, if I can stand to wait that long. I am sooooooo excited!!!


    Karen in Virginia

    your brother will be so thrilled to get it- a perfect Christmas gift(and Christmas is only three months away)
    I am bidding on an auction for a guitar now-It is the auction to sell everything, including the house of my former inlaws- she has been in an assisted living place a few years with dementia. He has just moved in to the same place(different wing) just for the extra help. My former hubby is handling the auction. One thing that he didn't realize that was there until after the auctioneer tagged it, was his old guitar that he had bought when he was a teen and had refinished it with one of his brothers(the one that will be at our house tonight). I told him I want to buy it back for him. He paid $13 for it almost 50 yrs ago. He said don't bid over $10 for it, already went past that. I had thought about bidding on a set of 5 rings but it is already at $70 with three days to go plus I am sure they are not my size. I would have bid it wasn't all of them- just would like one.
    Praying the bids on the house go up- 3 bed/2 bath with inground pool is at 100,000 right now- They need the money to pay for the new place Carl is at.
    It is great that they can see each other daily now- he is 87 and she is 85(I think) and have just celebrated 66 yrs married)

    Anyone looking for a house in Huntington, IN- I know a place!!

    Need to get a few things done before Tracy gets here- Amtrak is running 2 hrs behind before the train even left Reno so not sure exactly when he will be here.

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    Machka9 wrote: »

    Ocean waves
    Cat purrs

    I have one of the sound machines and this one lets you upload a sound- mine had cats purring- only thing that helps me fall asleep. It does have the usual preset ones. For me, the ocean is nice but I catch myself just laying there waiting for the next wave to crash.
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    Worked. You know, it’s getting sort-of old to be working 6 days/week. But then again, I do like the money and being able to pay for landscaping that I want, not having to scrimp. Oh well, it certainly could be worse. They’re very flexible and it’s only for 4 or 5 hours/day. Came home and we ordered the chairs for the kitchen. One of the advantages of buying something not real expensive is you question the quality. But then again, it may not last years and years. A person’s likes/dislikes/needs change over time. Also made yogurt and have it in the IP so I can drain it tonight. Ceramics tonight

    What I usually do when a kid is selling something for their school or whatever and it’s something that I really don’t want but I feel bad if I don’t buy from the kid, is I give them a donation. At least they get 100% of the money and not just a percentage. If there’s something that I really want, then I decide how much I’m going to give them, minus how much what I want is, and give them in the form of a donation the difference. At least I don’t have a lot of stuff that I don’t want. Like the Boy Scouts used to sell popcorn. They don’t have any unbuttered (now that I think of it, no one has tried to sell any lately), so I just donate the cost of the popcorn but don’t get any.

    Tracey and Anne – welcome to the “end of day calories burst” group. Happy birthday! Lovely dragon

    Karen – yea you got that guitar!!! doesn’t when you get something like that feel good. Hmmmm….that’s an idea. I’ll look on eBay for the type of bed that I want. I DO NOT want to spend $400 for a new bed that’ll be used only like twice a year. I’ve been looking on Craigslist but haven’t found one. Really, it’s not that urgent so I can keep looking

    Rosemarie – almost all my clothes come from the salvation Army. Just pants (since I need a petite size and they rarely have petites), underwear, bathing suits, shoes. Otherwise, I can’t remember the last time I paid full price. Oh yes, I had to buy a pair of pajamas. I like babydoll pj’s and you very rarely find them at the SA. I think I only found them once in all the years I’ve been going. How I hope the cartaker works out for you!

    Katla – I’m so very very sorry for you and your dh. How horrible! I’ll keep him and you in my prayers. So glad you are near your daughter at this terrible time.

    Michele NC
    who is off to the pool
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    Katla - Prayers continue for all of you.

    Okie in the TX Hill Country
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    Tracey - That dragon is just over-the-moon beautiful... love the saturated colors with the metallic finish. Absolutely gorgeous.
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    Tracey- beautiful dragon- love the colors- Thinking about ordering the rainbow filament for dh to use on his 3D printer and make a dragon. We have seen some that move that are amazing- Think I will order a few different ones and tell him happy anniversary(30yrs next week)-need to figure out something for him. At least that is something he can use.

    Katla-will continue to pray for your husband and you.
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    Katla ~ My heart goes out to you! Prayers that all goes well!

    Carol in GA
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    Katla, Oh! I am so sorry that your husband had another heart attack and stroke, but so very glad your daughter is with you. Much love.

    Karen in Virginia