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    :p Yesterday I ran across another YouTube channel that has really caught my attention-

    Boy, talk about decluttering and downsizing and cutting down to the basics and essentials. It has renewed fire under me to keep tossing, boxing up, reorganizing. I have no desire to live in a car or camper. :D But it made me look around the house and DH's shop with renewed vigor- if I HAD to downsize to 10% or less of my current possessions, what would I keep? What is really, really necessary?

    It was interesting seeing what people deemed important, how they "made do", and their stories - some had no choice in living as "nomads", others chose this lifestyle intentionally. I love to study people and their motivation, and there's a variety here. Plus, there's practical knowledge about how to heat/shower/cook if a person experiences a disaster such as a windstorm where the electricity is cut off for days.

    Make it a fabulous Sunday!

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State

    From travelling for months on end with a bicycle and a few bags, I know I can live with very little.

    And from living off the grid for a year after a bushfire, I also have some idea how to deal with disaster experiences.

    After reading various conversations here, I'm tempted to write a little article entitled something like:

    What Audax/Randonneuring has taught me about life.

    Audax/Randonneuring is ultra-distance cycling and I've been involved with it since 2001, although to a lesser extent in recent years.

    Some of the things Audax/Randonneuring has taught me include ... knowing how to keep going, knowing when to quit, the things in life that really matter, reading nature and understanding what it's telling you, how to push myself beyond what I ever thought possible, how to prepare for the bigger things, how to enjoy the little things, that some of the best memories come from overcoming adversity, enjoying adventure and challenge, doing things for myself ... and sometimes working as a team, choosing the unusual, living outside my comfort zone ...

    Hmmm ... I might have to develop that a bit more. :)

    Machka in Oz

    - you could write a great story about your experiences :) I would love to read it - go for it. <3

    Lanette B)
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    edited September 2022
    Machka - If DH died tomorrow (I sincerely hope not) I would have a blitz on the house. He has loads of money, just only wants to spend it where he wants to. That's fine. It's his money. I told him, not so long ago, that if I won the lottery, I would have it redone from top to bottom. He actually cried and said I hadn't asked him if that was what he wanted. I found it impossible to understand why someone wouldn't want to do that, and he found it impossible to understand why anyone would want to. Oh well. He is 77 next month and a quiet life is the most important thing to him. No upheavals. He has paid recently for the guttering to be fixed, as that would damage the fabric of the house. We are comfortable. And our life is great. Aesthetic matters are not his thing. As you said, making memories is the most important thing. <3
    I changed the bedroom cushion covers today. Nice. :D My tiny little contribution. And resistance.

    Sent off an article, just before lunch, to Huffpost. No chance of it getting in, but you have to try. ;)

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx

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    Sue, those fires are SO scary! We're getting some eerie sunsets in MN. I can't imagine what y'all are living through so close. Please be safe.

    Thank you for reminding me, Tina! That WILL BE my next line of defense.

    No, Lanette, that was not an option they gave me. According to them, my office was "ready", meaning it was inhabitable, so I was expected to be there! Period.

    Thank Beth. Sometimes some of them "remember". There are a lot of people who do know the value of what I do. Unfortunately, they're not the ones who make the decisions.

    One would think Ginny, but I didn't have room for all that when I moved home, so I left it on my desk at work. It disappeared. I want it back now that I'm back in the office. She doesn't seem to understand that.

    Oh Lisa, I wish it were just the principal! I actually think I might be able to get somewhere with her. No, this is my actual boss, who isn't even in my building. And you're absolutely correct; she's not an evil person, simply oblivious to what's going on. She's basically choosing to ignore me.

    Blessed 911 anniversary. Can't believe it's been 21 years.
    Specifically Remembering Ann Nelson today.

    Love and Blessings, Carla, in MN
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    My every day jeans are getting tight. Time to end this slump and get back on the wagon.

    Annie in Delaware
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    Pip & Machka - this made me think of you.


    That is cute! Gonna show kirby, thx
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    Worked then because it was raining I got to go to the gym. Yea me! And no work tomorrow so the plan is to do the Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout then some yoga. Sometimes life can be so grand. After the gym went to the Salvation Army and found a DVD. Now home

    Sue – your leg and calf under the tractor? I’d be scared out of my wits if that ever happened to me

    Rebecca – did I miss it??? Happy anniversary

    Heather – do you somehow have to “prepare” that duster so that it’ll pick up the dust? If not, what’s the name of it?

    We make a list of what we want for Christmas/birthdays. This way we get what we need and want. Only Denise doesn’t hold to it. She’s so materialistic, not at all like me. I’d much prefer something that someone made with me in mind than something bought at a store. But Denise thinks things that you buy are the greatest.

    Lector at the church tonight.

    Michele NC

    No worries I missed it too. I'm at my sisters so I didn't really acknowledge it. It seemed inconsiderate to do so, with how she's feeling.😢
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    auntiebk wrote: »
    Heather interesting podcast “Cave early” insights about change and learning, as well as about ignoring the body’s hints and whispers. Never thought of quitting as opening the way to more creative, effective pursuits. But that slime mold discussion… eeuuuwwww ! :sick: Will look for the Barb Knows Best podcast on indecision, waffling is this “Barb”’s middle name. Enjoying dusting? No accounting for tastes… ;) Your secret’s safe with us.
    Rori brave gal trying white water rafting on the wild rivers of Montana!
    Suebdew “.. under the riding mower”??? Hope you get it checked out and no permanent damage.
    Karen “Fire moon-over Cedar Mountain” sounds like a drama. Love the grainbinzebo, but might’nt it get hot?
    Ginny glad to hear they’ve taken steps to make the MRI less scary. Prayers for favorable results. Share your pickled Brussels sprouts recipe?
    Rebecca is it your and your Chief’s anniversary week? Ah I see Carol has already wished you happy anniversary. Remind me which date it was?
    Michele I was born in 1950 but sure don’t remember George VI. It’s always been “the Queen” for me.
    Kay thanks I’ll look at aslobcomesclean.com later today or maybe next week . . . ;)
    She sure sounds more like me than any bee who only has to cope with clutter and not dirt, dog hair, spruce needles, grease and and and … “…listen and clean at the same time.” ROTFLMAOWMP but well, maybe… ok saved her youtube 5 steps to my watch later list, will play it and listen Monday while waiting for my PA to call with bloodwork results. Thanks!
    Rosemarie ((hugs))
    Machka no at work snacks AND stair climbing? Well done!
    Debbie stunning sunset AND step count. Bravissima!
    Margaret Your nux vomica sounds like it comes in the same format as some mineral salts my former chiropractor suggested for building up the immune system. Always best to start slowly, especially when we want to hurry up and fix whatever NOW.
    Carol how frustrating! Truth be told, that’s what I do when Joe tries to purge our stuff :devil:
    Lisa love your “deal” suggestion to Carol. 15 lb trimmer would get heavy fast. Was the battery operated one lighter?
    Carla if you don’t have a job on Monday it could be a good thing for your health, and costly for the school district, just sayin’.
    Lanette trust the giver was not offended and was able to return the gift. So with you on consumables vs stuff, especially since many of the things I need to release back to the universe were things I gave Mama…

    Anyone hear from Janetr in OK? Miss her.

    BONG there goes my 30 min timer, but before I sign off just had to share. All you cleaning frenzy, purging de-cluttering organizers are seeping into my consciousness. Found myself rooting through the bathroom drawer yesterday in frustration. Stopped at Dollar Tree yesterday and invested $2.50 in 5 plastic baskets to organize it. The larger baskets didn’t fit, but the smaller ones did. TaDa!!!

    Then the larger one found a home in my most-used kitchen utensil drawer.


    9/9: Move: 2 sets pt, dogs to powerline, stroll chat with T. active mins:271 steps:431
    Fuel: plants (running count for week) so far: 9+9+3+5+5 almonds, apple, artichoke, avocado, beans-black, beans-kidney, cacao 70%, cashews both salted and cheese, cherries, chickpeas-hummus, coffee, cornmeal in Fritos, cucumber, ginger-crystallized, jalapenos, maple syrup, mint jelly, orange-marmalade, peanut-sauce and butter, peas-wasabi, pecans, peppers-sweet-orange, peppers-sweet-red, peppers-sweet-yellow, radish, romaine, scallions, soy-breakfast sausage, tomato sauce, tea, walnuts, wheat-pizza+bread+samosas+scone+Eng muffin. . CI<CO=431
    Live: Joe, readings, BP, called MD billing re BNP coding, voicemailed nurse,
    Wt: 136.7

    Lighter, lovelies!

    Barbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD
    2022: Be still and listen.
    September: Move more, fuel better, live NOW.

    No worries friend. It was the 8th, a day after I left for my sisters. I told my husband to not mention anything on Facebook etc. It just seemed rude to, considering I am at my sisters helping her get thru the days and missing hers.
    Its Sunday now, and a week since I got here. Every morning she journals and cries which I think is helping her, but its hard for me to listen to. The reality of the situation is a hard pill to swallow.
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    1948CWB wrote: »
    For some crazy reason (maybe because Heather was dusting and cleaning) I decided to go through a book shelf full of various clutter and the top half of a hutch cabinet. Filled two garbage bags with the stuff. Then, DH came along and decided he had to go through the garbage bags and take out what he thought we should keep. Will probably not let me get rid of anything.

    Carol in GA

    You described my DH exactly! I have to ‘be sneaky’ when throwing things out.

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    D H's daughter has just rung to say the train strike is cancelled because of the Queen's death, so they can come and go on the train and won't need to stay overnight. We have arranged to meet them at a fish restaurant on the seafront at 1.30. I will be having a fortifying snack at midday! :p Got to keep my strength up.
    I have already made up one bed, got towels out, and partly made the other one. It's fine because the grandchildren will be using them on my birthday. I'm relieved, to be honest.
    I do love the restaurant, though it's mega busy on a Saturday.

    Max has been enjoying his new school so far.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    kevrit wrote: »

    Rita - our local historical museum is sponsoring a "Flying Saucer Party" on Sept. 17th. This year is the 75th anniversary of Kenneth Arnold's historic sighting of 9 strange objects flying near Mt. Rainier that coined the term FLYING SAUCER! 🛸

    That sighting would have been in 1947. Roswell's little green men had a crash landing July 8, 1947. Or some weather balloon came down or something something. ;)

    Lanette B)
    SW WA State

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    Sports outfit!!! :p

    Heather UK xxxxxx

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    Max looks quite smart.. and glad he is enjoying so far..
    Carmine..is going into 3rd week in and is getting used to high school and has made a couple of new friends and adjusting.. the first shop that he is trying is criminal justice.. and of course that sounded real good,but Tracy explained pros and cons... and they take them through different shops to see what they are interested in..
    I hope he picks a good one that will make him happy and will use his talents.
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    Hi Gals;

    Beth – thinking of you.
    Fire danger areas – thinking of you! Please start packing if needed – you can always unpack if you don’t have to evacuate.

    Pip – great job on the ride, the fund raising – and hang in on the meds issues

    Carla – fingers crossed for you. I have been fired for lessor things, one of the reasons I like being my own boss.

    Ginny – I’m with you I love to give gifts and find it hard when asked not too but I do honor others wishes, or just give the item for no reason at a random time.

    Money spent on housing upkeep…. I am still willing and able to do a lot as DYI projects which can stretch a budget, but 10 days between 100 and 111 F (37.8-43.9 C) just brought me to my knees. My home is older, 1961, and while now has good ceiling insulation, double or triple paned windows; the walls and floor are not insulated, and it doesn’t have air conditioning. So I made it with ceiling fans and regular fans, pulling whatever cool air there was at night and closing down during the day, 3 of the days it was above 90 F (32 C) in the house by noon or 1 pm – there are cooling stations and other options for me, but nothing for my dog. So we took a few drives with the air conditioning on in the car; laid on the tile floor in the bathroom and wet ourselves down.
    There is a list of things stopping me from getting air conditioning, as this home would need the electrical system upgraded, a pad poured for a HVAC system, and duct work put in then the system itself and because the home has not had that before after it was installed there would be paint and stucco work inside and out to have it look finished. A rough guess in cost right now in CA is $60,000 usd…. A huge boat load of cash. But I was whining a bit to my DNephew and he reminded me of a home he rented for a short time that had a duct less system and I have googled it and while there is much more to investigate and to determine what parts of the install I could do myself there may be an answer for under $15,000 Still a boat load of cash but a much smaller boat… I think I could write some off on my taxes and I am sure get more for my home when I sell. I feel like it is worth looking into.

    Heather – Max looks so grown up in his uniforms. I have to agree with DH if my spouse won the lottery and wanted to redo our home top to bottom, I would want to be considered and consulted. Granted I don’t have a spouse so don’t really know enough to comment.

    Happy cooler days in N. California
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    Back again so will try to read my notes.
    Kelly- your quilt gift is so beautiful. It is an amazing gift which you truly deserve. I couldn’t believe that Joachin is in kindergarten. I was holding him in the picture I use for my profile. All you grand boys are adorable.
    Pip-you did a great job on the table. I especially love the flowers.
    Heather- I am excited about your cruise because we are suppose to take a cruise to that area in July. Especially interested in what restriction are in place. I guess I was really lucky to not damage my Achilles’ tendon. So I continue to ice.
    Terri- my dgd just enrolled in law school in Boston. Boy, the rest is very high for a small apartment.
    Like some of you, I did the declutter test and I am a Ladybug. So, I went around opening closets and drawers and she is correct. It looks great on the outside but not the closets.
    M in Oz- what you posted about only putting things on your close that fit really hit home with me. I have so many clothes that I may fit into “someday”. So they will be going to a good charity. By the way, I was wondering if you knew if it is possible to get an app that would read the posts of MFP. I use audio books for all my reading and really struggle with the iPad. I can make the letters bigger but would live it if it could read it to me.
    Everyone have a great weekend.
    SueBDew in TX