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I've had a list of hikes that I've wanted to do for a long time. I've waited to lose weight, I've waited for friends to get up to the same ability so they could come with me. I waited to come up with more excuses.

This year I decided it was enough and June 1st I changed from focusing on the scale and working to get stronger and healthier. My eating transitioned to eating to fuel my body (most of the time) and I made my list of dream hikes. I also decided it was time to remind myself that I liked to hike alone just as much as with friends and family.

Last week I completed my longest solo hike. It was 20KM long, the equivalent to over 650 flights of stairs and took me just over 7 hours. I was on a high for days and can't wait to do another long one. I've lost 16 pounds since recommitting to my health and fitting back into clothes that had dust forming on them.

The pictures are some of my favourite hikes. They are my inspiration and I've picked out a 32KM one for next year. I still have a ton of winter hikes and snowshoeing planned to make sure I stay focused and excited to keep hiking on.


  • BartBVanBockstaele
    BartBVanBockstaele Posts: 623 Member
    Your pics are breathtaking; just wow!!! I love your story; good for you for finally taking those first steps & not waiting till everything fell into place.

    Hiking is my favorite activity & I too just recently went on my first solo hike; nothing to the extent of yours, but I was happy to finally set my doubts aside & just go for it; it really does leave you with a high!
    Congratulations on your walk. No matter how short or how long, there is always something to see and experience, isn't there?
  • jwhitephoto
    jwhitephoto Posts: 6 Member
    Keep on busting it! Best overall exercise one can do. Works the cardiovascular system, and all of the muscle groups. Best of all, it builds your stamina as nothing else can. When you are 20 miles from the nearest road, and you are packing 30 pounds on your back with your food, water, and shelter, there is no such thing as quitting.
    I am 71 years old and I have been hiking for the past 25 years. That and the right diet keep me fit and trim @148 pounds!
  • lacylucy1935
    lacylucy1935 Posts: 69 Member
    Amazing views, no wonder you are enjoying that!!
  • alteredsteve175
    alteredsteve175 Posts: 2,714 Member
    Thank you for starting this thread, @TamiVsTheTrail. I like to hike, too. I will be checking here when I can and posting some photos from some of my hikes.
  • mjcavey
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    Fantastic! I think it helps a lot when you have a physical activity that you enjoy that can help motivate you to get in and stay in shape...plus doing the activity helping too! I love hiking and that looks like a dream hike to me as well, I can almost smell the mountain air! Keep up the great work!
  • wae2go
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    I can’t get anyone to hike with me either. Anyway, I like to hike the state park trails in the East Texas piney woods. Can’t really afford to travel elsewhere.
    Hiking and fishing are what I live for!
  • BartBVanBockstaele
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    wae2go wrote: »
    I can’t get anyone to hike with me either. Anyway, I like to hike the state park trails in the East Texas piney woods. Can’t really afford to travel elsewhere.
    Hiking and fishing are what I live for!
    One of the things I do, and it is a compromise, not an ideal situation, is to listen to programmes in different languages through my headset while I am walking. Since the temperatures are dropping right now, the headset plays the role of earmuffs while listening to stuff I would otherwise not have time nor patience for.
    Another thing I do, is walk to stores I would normally never go to because they are too far away. For example, today, while listening to an anime series, I went to the only store I know that has frozen sliced okra and my favourite frozen vegetable mix. Even better, that store is cheaper than the one I usually go to in my neighbourhood.
    As a result, I got 13,333 steps, got some extra practice listening to Japanese and I saved about 40 CDN. It is a bit like getting paid for doing some exercise. I like that ^_^
  • ddghike
    ddghike Posts: 3 Member
    edited November 2022
    Love this !!!!! There is a canyon near me, so my dog and I hike it often.
  • What fabulous photos! Good on you for hiking. I live in the southern hemisphere, so summer is fast approaching so going to be doing a lot of walks this summer.
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