I want to win!!!!

Hey everyone I’m Deb :)

Yesterday I went to the doctor and to my not so surprise when she asked me to step on the scale I almost balled up and cried when the numbers read 232. I couldn’t believe it. THE HEAVIEST I HAVE BEEN.

I tried to justify it by saying that I have had a turmoil of bad, stressful, traumatic events happen to me recently and I haven’t had time to focus on just me but that’s not the case and I know it. So here I am trying again and this time I WANT TO WIN!

I am a single mom to a beautiful 8 year old boy and I just want to be healthy for him so that will be my motivation. I know it’s going to be hard but I’ve dealt with the worst so to do something for myself and to last longer for my son will be top priority now. I hope to join this community to find strength when I’m weak and feel like there is no change and also to make friends in my area or otherwise that maybe are going thru the same thing I’m going thru. Maybe together we can crush our goals…okay bye.


  • CurvyEmmy
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    Yes! I also cried at 230. For me it was hearing the word “obese” from my doctor. So many feelings. Remorse. Anger. Shame. Sadness. I’ve been “overweight” my whole life but somehow that feels more acceptable than “obese”. I hate that word.
  • SailorMom54
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    I am right there with you! Doc appt on Monday and I am dreading it! Feel free to add me, to support each other
  • JBanx256
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    Hey momma! You've got a lot on your plate but you've got a ton of motivation and you're gonna knock it outta the park :)
  • aprilb_1988
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    I would love to be your friend too!! I am using fitness pal to help get back on track with my food intake. I am a depressed eater and gained almost 12 lbs in 2 months due to finding out IVF is our only option and I have to have surgery. Thats in 2 weeks, after that I should have my spin bike and be healed. Sending Love!!!!
  • philfixit
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    While overwhelming at that weight you shed pounds quicker. Little victories are totally doable even when it looks overwhelming. Did you lose a pound or did you lose 5? Both should be celebrated.Set a pace you can do and dont worry about the time. Its about a lifestyle change not a diet. Cutting soda or even milk in your coffee daily for example are easy was to adjust and win. Good luck on your journey and remember to be easy on yourself. Feel free to add if you like.
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    I just weighed in at doctor and was 229. Last year I was 150. I binge eat from stress. Anyway, doc told me to eat 1,500 calories on a low carb autoimmune diet. So I’m starting over.
    I’ll friend you! You can do this.
  • BayBlue22
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    You CAN do it! Winners just get up one more time than being knocked down.
  • Creamtea42
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    I want to win too! 236 lbs is my highest too! FR sent & let’s do thi together!
  • BigMech
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    I had that conversation with my doctor as well last month. Over the last 3 years I had gained back 200lbs of the 260lbs that I had lost about 12 years ago. Work, Stress, Covid. I stopped my healthy eating and exercise routine, and the weight came back quickly.

    Remember your reason for wanting to get healthy, my family was the reason the first time around, and is the reason this time as well. Use that to help you stick with this, and be consistent.

    You've got this!