Women 200lb+, Let's Remember to Nurture Ourselves This November!!!



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    πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ Hello, ladies! Next month's group has been posted in the Motivation and Support forum:

    ❄️Women 200lb+, Let's Be Determined This December!!!❄️

    Hope to see you there!πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
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    Nov Start: 260
    End of Week 1: 257
    End of Week 2: 255
    End of Week 3: 253
    End of Week 4: 251
    End of Nov: will weigh in tomorrow

    Some Week 5 Goals:
    🍁 Swim 2/2
    🍁 Salad 3/3
    🍁 Log All Food 3/3
    🍁 Stay Within Calorie Range 3/3

    This has been a fantastic month for me. Yes, I've lost weight, but really what I've proven to myself is that I can commit to a workout plan and a healthy food plan. I started the month just going swimming one day a week and for the last three weeks, I've gone four times.

    Eating a protein-filled breakfast and having salads with healthy fats like avocados almost every day for lunch has lessened my sugar/unhealthy cravings and really kept me settled.

    Overall, I feel better both physically and mentally. And that is an awesome feeling, regardless of weight.

    Also, I've decided that every month, regardless of my weight or food choices, if I can make it to the pool 15 times, I'm going to get myself a little gift at the end of the month. For November, I'm going to order myself an anklet!
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    Good morning everyone,

    Weigh-in day here in Ottawa, Canada

    Highest Weight 240 2005

    SW 217
    WK 1 215.8
    WK 2 214.2
    WK 3 217.8

    Sooooo, had a night out with the girls and we ended up eating comfort food( chicken wings). So have press the reset button, again and here we go.

    Also find that I am really hunger in the evening so need to come up with a strategy to handle the evenings.
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    Help! I can't find the December group!! Sorry, I have really tried and just can't find it!!